Cat Urine Odor Remover – Remove Cat Urine Odors & Stains from Carpet, Laundry and more

It is common that cats and dogs have a few accidents on mattress, stair carpets, sofa, area rugs, and elsewhere. This is an annoying thing, because they leave odors as well as stains. Sometimes, even you use a steam cleaner to clean those areas, you still cannot get rid of the odors.

If you are facing such problem and looking for pet urine odor remover to eliminate those odors and stains from carpets, fabrics, mattress, and other things, then you can have a look Anti Icky Poo. It utilize a live microbes to do away with the organic bacteria and remove the odor. It is non toxic, so it will not hurt your cats or dogs. It is also safe to human. It can help remove (NOT MASK) almost all vomit and urine stains & odors including dog and cat urine smell, skunk odor, feces, and some decaying organic things.

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