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Shark NV801,NV803 vs NV501,NV502,NV500 what’s the difference?

Brush System
This is a major difference between the DuoClean Speed and Rotator lift away, the DuoClean Speed has dual brushrolls – one bristle brushroll and one soft roller. While the Rotator has only bristle brush.

Lift Away Design
Though both of them have lift away design, the DuoClean Speed has Powered Lift Away function that allows you to use Powered tools including the motorized nozzle when in lift away mode, whereas the Rotator only allows you to use air driven tools.

Surface Selector vs Brush On/Off + Suction Control
The DuoClean Speed has surface selector that allows you to choose between Hard floor, Carpet&Low Pile, Thick Carpet&Area Rug. It has NO button to turn off the brushrolls, and no suction control. However, the brushroll speeds and suction power vary according to your surface setting.
Whereas the Rotator has Brushroll On/Off control as well as a separate suction control collar, so you can clean floors with suction only or suction with brushroll, and adjust the suction power to meet your cleaning needs such as vacuum delicate things with weak suction.

Dust Cup Size
The Rotator has larger dust cup which holds 1.3 dry quarts to the fill line versus 0.9 dry quarts on the DuoClean Speed.

Power Specifications
The DuoClean Speed power specifications are 120v,60hz,1150w,9.5a versus 120v,60hz,1200w,10a on the Rotator.

The DuoClean Speed has a 7 year limited warranty versus 5 year limited warranty on the Rotator.

Learn more by reading manuals:
Rotator Lift Away NV500 Series Manual –
DuoClean Powered Lift Away NV800 Series Manual –

Shark NV801 vs NV681 what’s the difference?

Both of the Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away Speed NV681,NV680,NV682,NV683 and Shark DuoClean Powered Lift Away Speed series nv800,nv800w,nv801,nv803,nv801q,uv810 are compact Shark upright models, they are lighter than the full size and have a smaller dust container. These 2 series have similar things such as the Powered Lift Away mode that allows you to lift away the vacuum pod and use the Powered nozzle to clean floor in the meantime. And both have LED headlights, swivel steering, HEPA filter. But what is the difference between them that might influence your purchasing decision?

Below we will discuss the main difference between them.
Brush System
The DuoClean Speed features Shark’s DuoClean technology which combines a bristle brush roller and a soft roller to clean both carpet and hard floors.
Whereas the Rotator Powered Lift Away Speed has only the bristle brushroll.

Floor Setting
The DuoClean has 3 surface settings – Hard Floor, Carpet&Low Pile, Thick Carpet&Area Rug, and the brushrolls are spinning in all of the 3 modes, however, the spinning speed is not the same, when in Hard Floor mode, the brushrolls spin slowly.
Whereas the Rotator has 2 settings – Hard Floor and Carpet. And the brushroll does not spin in Hard Floor mode.

Suction Control
The Rotator has a suction control slider on the handle that allows you to release suction to get variable suction power to meet different cleaning needs.
Whereas the DuoClean has no separate suction control, it seems that 3 preset cleaning modes provide different level of suction power. Hard Floor has the highest suction power.

Cleaning Path Width
According to Shark product specification, the DuoClean Speed clean path width is 8.5-inch versus 10.5-inch on the Rotator Powered Lift Away Speed.

Power Specifications
The technical specifications of the DuoClean Speed is 120V, 60Hz, 1150W, 9.5A versus 120V, 60Hz, 800W, 6.7A on the Rotator Powered Lift Away Speed.

The Shark nv800,nv800w,nv801,nv803,uv810,nv801q are the same except for the color and accessories.
The Shark NV680, NV681, NV683 are the same as NV682 except for the color and the tools they come with.
If you want to learn more about these Shark upright vacuum models, you can read the manuals.

Shark NV681 Manual –
Shark NV800 Series Manual –

Compare Shark AX950,AX951,AX952 vs NV752,NV750,NV750W,NV751,NV753

The Shark AX950,AX951,AX952 belong to the APEX DuoClean Powered Lift-Away series (Shark APEX DuoClean Powered Lift-Away models comparison), while the NV752,NV750,NV750W,NV751 belong to Rotator Powered Lift Away series (Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away models comparison),

The APEX DuoClean is a newer model and have some more advanced features that the Rotator Powered Lift Away does not have, such as the noise reduction and DuoClean technology. Below we will discuss the main difference between these two Shark vacuum series.

This is the biggest difference between these 2 models. The APEX DuoClean Equipped with DuoClean Technology – it is a 2 brush system which has a bristle brush to clean carpets, and an additionally soft brushroll to clean hard floors. While the Rotator has only the bristle brushroll.
The brushrolls on the APEX DuoClean will always spin when cleaning carpets as well as hard floors, there is no brush off setting. While the Rotator brushroll will stop spin when you set to Hard Floor cleaning mode.

As for the power specs, the Apex DuoClean is more powerful, it has 11.3 amps and 1350 watts versus 9.5 amps and 1150 watts on the Rotator.

Noise Reduction Technology
The APEX DuoClean features Noise Reduction Technology which help reduce noise level – “expertly tuned to reduce noise and soften pitch”. While the Rotator does not feature.

Active Glide Technology
The APEX DuoClean features Active-Glide Technology which “provides smooth maneuverability on floors and carpets while maintaining powerful suction”. While the Rotato Powered Lift Away does not features this technology.

Anti Allergen Technology
The APEX DuoClean features Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology incorporated into the HEPA filter, the vacuum emits 10x fewer particles than HEPA standards require.
While the Rotator features Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology incorporated into the HEPA filter, the vacuum captures and holds over 99.99 percent of dust and allergens”.

If you know other differences between them, please share below.

Compare Shark AX952 vs AX912 what’s the difference?

The Shark APEX DuoClean Powered Lift-away AX952 and Shark APEX DuoClean Powered Speed AX912 are similar items. The main difference between them is the size including the canister and the power.
The APED Speed AX912 is more compact, it has a smaller canister that holds up to 0.9 dry quarts versus 1.5 dry quarts on the APEX AX952.
The AX912 power specs are 120V,60Hz,900W,7.5A, while the AX952 are 120V,60Hz,1350W,7.5A.

The weight. Since the AX912 has a smaller size, it’s lighter, weighs about 14.8 lbs versus 16.3 lbs on the AX952

Another difference is that the AX912 has LED lights on the nozzle only while the AX952 has LED lights on the nozzle and also the wand handle.

One more difference is the power control button location. The AX912 has the control on the top of the vacuum pod while the AX952 has the control on the handle for easier reach.

Included tools.
The AX912 comes with a MultiFLEX Under-Appliance Wand, Anti-Allergen Dusting Brush, Pet Multi-Tool, and a Duster Crevice Tool.
While the AX952 comes with an Anti-Allergen Dust Brush,Pet Multi-Tool, Duster Crevice, On-Board Deep Cleaning Motorized Pet Tool, and an Accessory Bag.

The AX912 is terracotta while the AX952 is in dark cyan.

Any other difference you know? Please share below.

Compare Bissell Powerfresh vs Powerfresh Deluxe

Below we will discuss the difference between Bissell Powerfresh and Powerfresh Deluxe.
If you are deciding between the Bissell Powerfresh (such as the model 1940, 1940a and 1940w) and Powerfresh Deluxe such as model 1806, the info should be useful to you.

Both of these 2 machines are designed mainly for cleaning hard floors. They are similar but not identical to each other.
The Bissell Powerfresh, such as the model 1940, 1940a and 1940w, is the original basic model.
While the Bissell Powerfresh Deluxe such as the model 1806 is a newer model, it has some new features.
Here are the main differences between them.

Water Tank design.
Their tank design are different. The Powerfresh 1940 models has a removable water tank whereas the Deluxe 1806 has a built in water tank. So, with the Powerfresh, you can remove the tank to fill and empty, while the Deluxe comes with a measuring water cup for filling.
The Deluxe has larger tank capacity which is 19 oz. versus 15 oz. on the Powerfresh.

Scrubbing Brush.
The scrubbing brush design is another big difference between them.
The Powerfresh has a brush on the back of the nozzle, you can flip it down to use it with the mop pad to clean grout, crevice, and sticky messes.
While the Deluxe has a totally different, redesigned spot scrubbing brush which is located on the bottom, but above the nozzle, when cleaning tough spots, you detach the nozzle to expose this SpotBoost brush, then use the machine with this brush (without the mopping pad) to scrub the touch spots.

Steam Levels.
The Powerfresh has 3 steam levels (low, medium, high) while the Deluxe has 2 levels (high, low).

Scent Disc Holder design.
The Powerfresh has a pocket inside the mop pad, you can insert the scent disc into that pocket while the Deluxe has a separate scent disc holder on the front of the nozzle.

Cord Length.
The Powerfresh has a cord length of 23 feet versus 25 feet on the Deluxe.

Both of them have swivel feature, backed by a 2 year limited warranty, and they have optional carpet glider attachment to enable them to work as a carpet refresher/deodorizer.