Compare DeWalt DCV580 vs DCV581H difference

DeWalt DCV580 vs DCV581H

The difference between DeWalt DCV580 and DCV581H is the Power Source and Filter.

Aboout the Power Source.
DCV580 is just battery driven whereas the DCV581H has a 5 ft. power cord, it can be battery powered or outlet powered.
(The DCV581H is a bit heavier. Maybe this is because of the extra power feature, some extra stuff added to the unit so that it can support both AC and DC)

About the Filter.
The DCV581H comes with a HEPA Filter that traps dust with 99.97% efficiency at 1 micron whereas the DCV580 has a standard high efficiency filter. However, it seems that the filters are interchangeable.

The similarities.
They are wet/dry vacuum.
Both can use DeWalt 18V NiCd/NiHiD/Li-Ion battery pack, 20V Max Li-Ion battery pack.
The side exhaust port can be used as blower port, thus it can be used as a blower.
Filters are washable/reusable.
Come with a 5-foot hose, wide nozzle tool and crevice tool. And these accessories can be stored onboard.
2-gallon tank capacity.
Noise level for the DCV580 and DCB581H is 27 decibel.
Carry 3 year limited warranty, 1 year free service contract, 90 day money back guarantee.
Please note that the Battery pack and charger are sold separately.

If you know other difference between them, please share below.

You can learn more by reading the manuals.
DeWalt DCV581H manual –
DeWalt DCV580 manual –
direct download –,DCV580.pdf
or find download link here

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