Compare iLife V5S and V5S Pro what’s the difference?

The major difference between iLife V5S Pro and V5S are as follows.

1, The V5S Pro has larger wheels with self-rescue technology, the diameter is 65mm versus 58mm on the V5S.

2, The V5S Pro equipped with enhanced fade free battery that extends the working time, its cleaning time is 120-140 minutes while the V5S runs 90-110 minutes.

3, The V5S Pro features i-dropping technology that apply water precisely when wet mopping whereas the V5S does not have this feature. According to iLife, this technology helps balance the water consumption and stop the robot from damaging by over watering.

2 in 1 robot. Both of them can dry vacuum and wet mop.
Self Charging. They can automatically go back to the charging base to recharge, and then resume cleaning.
4 cleaning modes. Both have Auto Cleaning mode, Edge Cleaning mode, Spot Cleaning mode and Schedule Cleaning mode.
Max mode for greater suction power.
Cliff detecting sensors for anti dropping off and collision.
Obstacle sensors with Tpu bumper to protect your furniture.
300ml water tank.
Equipped with HEPA filter.
Support remote control.

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