Compare iLife V7S vs V5S what’s the difference?

Below we’ll list some difference between iLife V5S and V7S to help you make an informed buying choice.

Side Brushes
One of the obvious difference between them is the amount of side brushes.
The V7S is equipped with 1 side brush whereas the V5S has 2 side brushes.

Turbo Brush
The V7S has a turbo brush whereas the V5S does not have.

Both of them use 2 filters, however, the V5S uses a HEPA filter whereas the V7S does not have a HEPA filter.

Tank Capacity
The V7S uses larger dust bin and water tank. Its capacity is 450ml versus 300ml on the V5S.

Mopping Pad
This is another difference you can easily find.
The V7S uses a larger mopping pad.

The V7S is larger and taller, its diameter is about 1.5 inches wider than the V5S and about 0.4 inches taller.
And the V7S is also heavier.

You can download manuals to learn more.
iLife V5S manual –
iLife V7S manual –

If you know other differences between these 2 iLife 2-in-1 cleaning robot, please share your opinion below.

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