Difference Between Roomba 960 and 880

The iRobot Roomba 960 is a model between the 980 and 880. It is similar to the 980, such as supporting WiFi connection and having visual navigation and resume cleaning, but equipped with the Gen 2 motor that are used on the 880.
Below we will compare Roomba 960 and 880, and list some differences and similarities between them.


Cleaning Pattern
This is a big change and the biggest difference.
The iRobot Roomba 880 uses a random cleaning pattern like other older roomba models whereas the 960 cleans in a systematic way like the 980. The 880 might go over the same area again and again, and miss some other place. The 960 is “smarter”.

Mapping and Navigation
With a camera and new sensors, the 960 can continually create and update its map of the cleaning enironment and keep tracking its location.
Whereas the 880 do not feature these.

Resume Cleaning
The 960 can resume cleaning where it has not cleaned after self charging whereas the 880 does not feature the resume cleaning, it just automatically docks and recharges.

Entire Level Cleaning
With the new mapping, visual localization, and resume features, the 960 can clean an entire level automatically. Whereas the 880 needs the help of Virtual Wall Lighthouse Devices to clean multiple rooms (up to 3 rooms) with a 25 minute limit each room, it can not resume cleaning.

Home App
The Roomba 960 is WiFi connected robotic vacuum. iRobot offers a Home App, compatible with Android and iOS, lets you control the 960 via your smart phone.
Whereas the 880 does not support WiFi connection. BTW, it comes with a remote control.

Control Button
There is also design difference on the control buttons.
The Roomba 880 has 5 buttons on the control panel, they are in 2 lines. Whereas the 960 has only 3 control buttons – Clean, Home, and Spot. And they are in a line. Functions like the schedule cleaning are controlled via the Home App now.

The 960 comes with a 2130mah lithium ion battery. According to iRobot, it runs up to 75 minutes per charge.
Whereas the 880 comes with a 3000mah XLife advanced Ni-MH battery. The running time is near to the 960.

They are in round shape.
Feature Aero Force 3 stage cleaning system.
They use the same Gen 2 motor that provides 5x the air power compared to Roomba 600 and 700 series AeroVac systems.
Have 2 main dual counter rotating brushless extractors incorporate a rubber tread, 1 spinning side brush, dirt detection and spot cleaning function.
Integrated Home Base (100-240V/50HZ-60HZ).

To learn more about the Roomba 960, you can download the manual from iRobot official website.
Here is the link – https://homesupport.irobot.com/euf/assets/images/faqs/roomba/960/manual/en-US.pdf
800 manual – https://homesupport.irobot.com/euf/assets/images/faqs/roomba/800/manual/en-US.pdf
If you know other difference between Roomba 960 and Roomba 880, please share below by commenting below.

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