Dyson DC25 VS DC14 (animal)

What is the difference between DC25 and DC14, which one is better to buy?
In this post, DC25 refers to DC25 Animal, DC14 refers to DC14 Animal.

Dyson DC14 VS DC25 Compare

Suction Power
DC14 has a suction power of 250 airwatts while DC25 has 220 airwatts.

Movement Type
DC14 uses fixed wheel while DC25 features the Ball technology. Some customers said that the vacuum with Ball technology is easier to maneuver while others said the fixed wheel is better.

Bin Capacity
DC14 has a bigger bin.
The bin capacity of DC14 is 0.71 gallons while DC25 has a 0.31 gallon bin.

DC14 is heavier.
DC25 weighs 16.12 lbs while DC14 weighs 18.6 lbs.

Cord Length
DC14 has a longer cord.
DC14 has a 35.4 ft cord whereas DC25 has a cord length of 24.6 feet.

DC14 comes with a low reach floor tool, mini turbine head, and carpet care kit; whereas DC25 has a mini turbine head, stair tool and combination accessory tool.

The dimensions of DC14 are 44.9″ x 14″ x 13.4″ while the dimensions of DC25 are 42.4″ x 12.2″ x 15.4″ (HxWxD).

Remove Blockage from Brushbar
It is easier to remove blockage from the brush bar of DC25 than the DC14.
Because you can remove the brushbar to unblock DC25 while the beater bar of DC24 is not removable.

Both of these Dyson upright pet vacuum cleaners are bagless and certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly; they feature Root Cyclone technology; come with lifetime washable HEPA filters, telescope reach wand, and carry 5 years warranty.

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