Dyson DC39 vs dc23, what’s the difference?

We will compare Dyson DC39 multi floor and Dyson DC23 TurbineHead Canister Vacuum in this article.

DC39 vs DC23

Difference between Dyson DC39 and DC23:

Suction Power: DC39 has more suction.
DC39 has a suction power of 275 airwatts while DC23 has 220 airwatts.

Brush Bar Control:
The brushbar switch is located on the head, so you have to bend down to control; while DC39 features fingertip control, so no bending down is required to turn ON/OFF the brushbar.

Movement Type:
DC39 features Dyson’s Ball technology while DC23 uses fixed wheel.

Bin Capacity: DC39 has a bit larger dirt cup.
The bin capacity of DC39 is 0.53 gallons while DC23 has a bin with 0.44 gallon capacity.

Weight: DC23 is lighter.
DC39 weighs 22.9 lbs while DC23 weighs 19.5 lbs.

Patented Cyclone Technology:
DC23 features Level 3 Root Cyclone technology while DC39 features Dyson’s latest Radial Root Cyclone technology that remodel the airflow to improve suction power.

The dimensions of DC39 are 14.2″ x 19.5″ x 10.2″ (H x W x D) while the dimensions of DC23 are 13.9″ x 19.3″ x 11.9″ (H x W x D).

Cord Length:
DC39 has a 21.3 ft cord while the power cord length of DC23 is 21.6 ft.

When we write this post, DC39 price at Dyson.com is $449.99 while DC23 seems discontinued.

Motor Amperage:
DC39 is 11 amps while DC23 is 12 amps.

Cleaner Head:
DC39 comes with the Triggerhead tool while DC23 comes with the TurbineHead, both are air driven.

DC39 is yellow while DC23 is blue.

DC39 has 2 filters while DC23 has only one.

Similarities between Dyson DC39 and DC23:
Design: Both are canister vacuum cleaner.
Cleaner head: both are air driven, not motorized.
Adjustable height setting for carpet: NO
Tools: Comes with a stair tool and combination crevice/brush tool.
Warranty: 5 year
Retractable cord: Yes, both features auto cord rewind system.
Surface Type: all floor types
Bagged or Bagless: Bagless
Suction Control: NO
Filter: HEPA filter, washable
Bin: Clear Bin

In short, DC39 is more convenient to control and more powerful. The DC23 TurbineHead seems discontinued, you cannot find it on Dyson.com right now, but you can still buy it at online stores like amazon.com .

Please share your review on Dyson DC39 or DC23 below to help others buy the right one.

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