iRobot Roomba 655 vs 880 what’s the difference?

The iRobot Roomba 880 is the latest model of the Roomba vacuum cleaning robot, it has so many new redesign compared to previous Roomba 600 models.
Below are some difference between Roomba 880 and 655.
Roomba 880 vs 655

Well, the cost may be something that many people will take into consideration. The Roomba 880 costs twice as much as the 655, its retail price is $699.99 whereas the Roomba 655 is sold at $349.99 on

Cleaning System
The cleaning systems on these 2 models are very different.
The 880 features the AeroForce Performance Cleaning System while the 655 uses AeroVac Series I cleaning system.
One of the biggest difference is the rotating beater design. The 880 uses Dual Brushless counter-rotating AeroForce Extractors to break down debris and lift dirt whereas the 655 uses 1 Bristle Brush and 1 Rubber Brush.
According to iRobot, the 880 extractor design can eliminate tangled hair, thus it requires less maintenance, and the new cleaning system has better suction power.

Room to Room Cleaning
The Roomba 880 is compatible with Virtual Wall Lighthouse which guides Roomba to clean from room to room efficiently whereas the 655 does not support the Lighthouse.

The Roomba 880 employs a HEPA filter to keep your air clean while the 655 uses AeroVac Filter.

Dirt Detect
The Roomba 880 features Dirt Detect Series 2 whereas the 655 uses Dirt Detect Series 1.
The major difference between Dirt Detect Series 2 and 1 is that the Series 2 uses both acoustic and optical sensors to find dirt and perform concentrated cleaning whereas the Series 1 employs only acoustic sensors.

Persistent Pass Cleaning
The Roomba 880 features Persistent Pass Cleaning which the 655 does not have.
The Persistent Pass Cleaning uses a back-and-forth cleaning pattern to spend more time cleaning the spots that has more dirt.

Remote Control
The 880 includes a remote control that allows you to control the Roomba’s functions conveniently.
Whereas the 655 does not has the remote control.

Full Bin Indicator
The 880 features Full Bin Indicator whereas the 655 does not have this function.

The 880 is larger, its diameter is 13.9 inches whereas the 655 has a 13.39 diameter.

The 880 weighs 8.4 pounds versus 7.9 pounds on the 655.

Virtual Wall / Virtual Wall Lighthouse
The 880 comes with 2 Virtual Wall Lighthouses while the 655 comes with 1 Virtual Wall.

As you can see from the product images, these 2 robotic vacuum cleaners have different faceplate design, the 880 looks cooler.

Noise Level
According to user reviews, the 880 is quieter than the 655.

If you know other difference between iRobot Roomba 655 and 880, please share below to help others buy the right robot.

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      A lighthouse is something that ships use to navigate near shorelines. So it’s important to see the lighthouse. A virtual lighthouse is invisible. So undetectable by ships. So not much good for the shipping industry. Hope that helps.


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