iRobot Roomba 980 vs 880 what’s the difference?

iRobot just lanched the Roomba 980 on September 2015. This new Roomba model adds some new features, such as visual navination and resume cleaning, and also retains some old ones like 3 stage cleaing system.
Let’s compare Roomba 980 and 880 below to find the differences and similarities between them.

Roomba 880 vs 980


Cleaning Pattern
Before Roomba 980, all iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner models, including 880, use a random cleaning style, but now, the 980 utilized a systematic cleaning pattern.

Mapping and Navigation
The 980 adds a camera and new sensors that enable it to create a map of the cleaning enrionment and keep tracking its location. Whereas the 880 and other older Roomba models do not have these things.

Auto Recharge and Resume
The 980 is able to recharge itself automatically when it is short of battery power and resume cleaning where it has not cleaned. While the 880 does not have the resume cleaning feature.

Entire Level Cleaning
With the new mapping, visual navigation, auto recharge & resume features,the 980 can clean an entire level automatically. Whereas the 880 only supports multi-room cleaning (up to 3 rooms) with a 25 minute limit per room, when it runs out of battery, it does not resume cleaning.

Home App
The Roomba 980 has wi-fi connectivity. iRobot offers a Home App that allows you to control the 980 via your smart phone, it supports both Android and iOS.

Control Button
iRobot reduce the amount of control buttons on the 980, it now has only 3 buttons – Clean, Home, Spot. Some functions that were controlled via buttons on the Roomba 880, such as schedule cleaning, are now controlled by the Home App.

The 980 use Lithium ion battery to replace the Nickel Metal Hydride battery on the 880. The lithium ion has longer running time. According to iRobot, it runs up to 2 hours per charge. This depends on the flooring types.

Carpet Boost
The 980 features a Carpet Boost function that enables it to increase the cleaning power when it detects carpeted surfaces whereas the older models do not have this feature.

According to user reviews, there is almost no improvement, some even say that the 880 cleans better.


The 980 is priced at $899.99 that is $200 more expensive than the Roomba 880.

Color choice is just a personal preference, so, not an important one for a cleaning robot.
The Roomba 980 is in black with brown and grey while the 880 is in black with silver.

The 980 is a bit heavier, it weighs 8.7 lbs whereas the 880 weighs 8.4 lbs.

The 980 keeps many features on the 880 model like the round shape, Aero Force 3 stage cleaning system, 2 main brushless rotating extractors, 1 side brush, spot cleaning, dirt detection, dirt bin.

To learn more about the new Roomba 980, you can download the manual from iRobot official website.
Here is the link –

If you know other similarities and difference between Roomba 880 and 980, please share below. You can also discuss anything about Roomba 980 and 880 by leaving a comment.

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