Miele S7210 vs S7280 what’s the difference?

Miele S7 Jazz vs Twist

Below we will show you the difference between Miele S7210 Twist and S7280 Jazz:

LED Headlight:
The S7280 Jazz has a row of LED headlight to illuminate dark areas, while the S7210 Twist does not come with the headlamp.

Included Filter:
The S7210 Twist includes the Air Clean Filter while the S7280 Jazz includes Active HEPA Filter.

The S7210 is in Sprint Blue while the S7280 is in Canary Yellow.

Price: S7210 twist is over $100 cheaper.
The s7210 is priced at $429 at http://mielestore.com, while S7280 Jazz is priced at $549.

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