Miele S7260 vs Dyson DC41 Animal which is better for your needs?

Miele S7260 vs Dyson DC41 Animal
Let’s compare Miele S7260 and Dyson Animal, take Dyson DC41 Animal for example, and see what is the difference bettween them, and which one is better for your needs?

Suction Control:
Dyson DC41 Animal has only one suction.
Miele S7260 has 4 variable suction settings which can be adjusted by the rotary dial. With more suction levels, it has the ability of dealing with different stuff better such as cleaning curtains without sucking them up.

This is one of the major factors that most customers will consider.
Miele S7260 Cat & Dog upright vacuum cleaner is priced at $649 at mielestore.com, while the Dyson DC41 Animal upright vacuum cleaner is priced at $479.99 at dyson.com So, the Dyson DC41 Animal is cheaper.

Bagged or Bagless:
tHE Miele S7 bagged while the Dyson animal is bagless.
As we know, bagless vacuum is messier to empty while bagged vacuum cleaner will cost you additional money to keep buying dust bags.

Dyson DC41 animal has no headlight while the Miele S7260 has a LED headlamp for cleaning dark spots.

Weight: Miele S7 is heavier.
Dyson DC41 animal weighs 17.1 lbs while the Miele S7260 weighs about 22 pounds.

Cord Length:
Cord length of DC41 animal is 35 ft, while Miele S7 has a 39 ft cord.

Hose Length:
Dyson DC41 Animal – 15.4 ft
Miele S7260 – 12 ft

On/Off, Brush On/off Switch Location:
The On/Off button and Brush On/Off button of the Miele S7260 are on the handle. While these buttons of Dyson DC41 Animal are not located at the place that provides convenient fingertip control.

For some other compare info, you can read this review that compares S7210 and DC41 Animal.
( p.s. the S7210 is one of the Miele S7 serials vacuum cleaners like the S7260, these 2 Miele upright vacuum cleaner are almost the same except for some minor difference, like the included filter, led headlight, and included attachment. )

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