Miele S7280 vs S7580 what’s the difference?

Miele S7280 vs S7580

We will list the difference between Miele S7280 and S7580 below.

Number of Power Settings:
The S7280 has 4 settings while the S7580 has 6 settings.

Ways to Control Suction:
The S7280 uses rotary dial for you to control suction manually, while the S7580 uses +/- control buttons to adjust suction power.
And the S7580 also features automatic suction adjustment that will adjust the suction to the optimal level depending on what surface type you are cleaning, while the S7280 does not have the automatic suction adjustment.

Filter Replacement Indicator:
The S7580 features filter replacement indicator light that tells you when to change the HEPA filter, while the S7280 does not feature.

The S7280 is in Canary Yellow, while the S7580 Swing is in Steel Blue Metallic and S7580 AutoEco is in Obsidian Black.

Price: S7280 is cheaper.
at http://mielestore.com (2013-04-29), the s7280 is priced at $549 whiel S7580 AutoEco is priced at $749 and S7580 Swing is priced at $849.00.

Microset and Flexible Crevice Tool:
The S7580 Swing comes with a SFD20 Flexible Crevice Tool and Microset for thorough cleaning, while the S7580 AutoEco and S7280 do not include.

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