Oreck Magnesium vs Graphite which is better to suit your needs?

All of these Oreck bagged upright vacuum cleaners are lightweight, they have motorized brush roller, but the brush roller cannot be shut off, and all of them come with NO attachments.
They also have some difference.
The On/Off design is different as well as the the locations. The Magnesium RS and Graphite have the control on the handle, while the Magnesium SP has the control button on the back.
The Magnesium RS has the swivel design that the Magnesium SP and Graphite do not feature.
The wheels on the Magnesium is larger than the ones on the Graphite.
The Magnesium RS is the most expensive one while the Magnesium SP is the cheapest one.
And there are also some difference on the color, weight, dimension, handle design, warranty, and tuneup. Read the table below to get more details, then buy the one that better suits your needs.

Compare Oreck Magnesium RS, SP with Graphite U4300H2BS

 Oreck Magnesium SP LW100 Bagged Upright Vacuum CleanerOreck Magnesium RS LW1500RS Bagged Upright Vacuum CleanerOreck Graphite U4300H2BS Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Dirt CollectionBagBagBag
Full IndicatorNoNoNo
On/Off Switch Locationon the back of the vacuumon the handleon the handle
Power SourceCordedCordedCorded
Cord Length30 feet30 feet30 feet
Auto Cord RewindNoNoNo
Motorized BrushrollYesYesYes
Brushroll ShutoffNoNoNo
Speed Settings222
Roller Speed7,000 revolutions per minute on high speed7,000 revolutions per minute on high speed5,600 revolutions per minute on high speed
Weightabout 7.7 pounds without cordabout 7.7 pounds without cordabout 9 pounds without cord
Height Adjustmentno manual settingno manual settingno manual setting
Nozzle Widthabout 12'' about 12''about 12.5"
HEPA FiltrationYesYesYes
Edge BrushNoYesYes
HandleEasy-fit Handle Easy-fit Handle Helping Hand Handle
Swivel SteeringNoYesNo
Suction ControlNoNoNo
ColorBlack with BlueBlack with BlueBlack with Silver
Dimensions47.5'' H x 12'' W x 10.5'' D 47.75'' H x 12'' W x 10.5'' D47'' H x 12.5'' W x 9'' D
ManualManual Download Link from Official SiteManual Download Link from Official SiteUser Guide
Tuneups3 tune-ups 5 tune-ups 1 tune-ups
Warranty7-year limited warranty7-year limited warranty6 year limited warranty
CRI Seal of ApprovalGold LevelSilver LevelSilver Level

Please reply below to share your reviews on Oreck Graphite, Magnesium RS, SP if you own these vacuum cleaners or know other difference between them.

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