Shark NV100 Review: a small lightweight upright vacuum with washable filters

Shark Navigator Light NV100
The Shark Navigator NV100 is a good option for people who are looking for a small, lightweight, quiet, easy to navigate bagless upright vacuum with good suction. Perfect for small homes, condo, office, etc. It is the lightest model of all the corded Shark Navigator upright vacuum cleaners, lightweight enough to carry up and down the stairs. For people who like reusable and washable filters, its filters meet your needs, all rinsable.

    Here are some things you might be interested in reading about this Shark Navigator Light NV100:

    ** Its title says it is lightweight, so what is the weight of the NV100?
    It weighs approximately 10.6 pounds.

    ** It includes a pre motor foam filter, a pre motor felt filter, and a post motor filter. These filters are rinsable. But there is no HEPA filter.

    ** It has motorized brushroll for cleaning carpeted surfaces, also has brushroll ON/OFF control. You can shut the brush off while cleaning bare floors.

    ** It features Shark’s patented Never Loses Suction technology that spins the air fast to stop the filters from clogging.

    ** What accessories does it comes with?
    It comes with a specialized pet upholstery tool for removing pet hair from upholstery or carpeting stairs. And a combo tool which combines dusting brush and crevice tool in one.

    ** This upright vacuum cleaner is bagless, it has a transparent dirt cup.

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    Pros of NV100:

  • Light but powerful for its size.
  • It is compact, smaller than most upright.
  • Good maneuverability, easy to push and moves around furniture.
  • Has washable filters.
  • Vacuum with beater bar shut off, thus you won’t worry about the rotating brush does damage to surfaces that are being cleaned.
  • Easy to empty, press the button to release the dust cup, then dump the content.
  • Picks up dirt, dust, hair, cheerios, etc.
    Cons of NV100:

  • Because it is compact, its dust cup is also small, it holds 0.8 dry quarts to the fill line and 1.8 dry quarts of real usable capacity, fills up fast and requires frequent emptying, if not, this can cause blockages.
  • Its cleaning path is also narrow, about 9.25″ width.
  • Hose is short.
  • No manual height adjustment.
  • No suction control.
  • 25 ft cord could be longer.
  • Ability of cleaning edge is weak.

More info:

Its dimensions are: 45.2″ x 13.5″ x 11.3″ ( high x wide x deep )

Shark Navigator NV100 manual download link from Shark official site:

Overall, a good vacuum for small spaces, not for large houses with lots of carpet.

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