Shark NV22 VS NV22L what is the difference?

Shark NV22L
Shark navigator series include a few models, and some of their titles are very similar, these may confuse consumers. Generally speaking, the similar titles indicate that there is no big difference between them. The last letter/letters in the name indicate they are made for different merchants such as Amazon and Walmart, however, these units usually are the same machine except for few tiny difference such as attachments they comes with and their colors.

So, what is the difference between Shark NV22 and NV22L?

For the first thing, the attachments they come with might be different, I think it depends on where you buy the vacuum cleaner.
On Shark official site it states the NV22 have the 24″ Crevice Tool and Premium Pet Power Brush, but at the NV22 does not have these 2 tools. It just includes a smaller Crevice Tool and a smaller Dusting Brush.
The Shark NV22L might come with a 5.5″ Crevice Tool, Premium Pet Power Brush, dusting brush; or all of the tools mentioned above: 5.5″ Crevice Tool, 24″ Crevice Tool, Premium Pet Power Brush, dusting brush. Depends on where you buy.

Secondly, about the color.
You can find that the NV22 is blue at, but at, it is lavender.
While the NV22L is lavender. So, I think the “L” in the title means Lavender.

Except for the above mentioned points, they are the same unit.

Things you might be interesting in reading about these 2 Shark Navigator bagless upright vacuum cleaners:

They have 2 motors, one for carpet cleaning and one for bare floor cleaning.

Can the motorized beater brush can be turned off?

Do the NV22,NV22L have carpet height settings?
No manual control, it adjusts by its own.

Are they corded or cordless?
Corded. They have a cord length of 30 ft, the cord requires manual winding.

Are the NV22/NV22L Bagged or bagless?
They are bagless, have a dust cup that holds up to 2.4 dry quarts.

How heavy are they?
They weighs 15 pounds, as a upright, it’s on the light side.

How long is the warranty?
They both carry a 5 year limited warranty.

What is the amps?
They are 10 amp vacuum cleaners.

Do they feature swivel feature?
No, they do not have the swivel steering feature.

Do they have the lift away canister?

Do the NV22 and NV22L come with HEPA filter?

How wide is the cleaning width?
about 11 inches.

Do the NV22/NV22L have suction control?
No, they don’t have.

What other tools do they come with except for the crevice tool, pet power brush and dusting brush?
They also have 10 foot stretch hose and an extra wand attachment to extend the cleaning reach.

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