Shark NV42 vs NV70 what’s the difference?

Here are some key difference between Shark NV42 and NV70 that you may want to know before buying.
Shark Navigator NV70 DLX Vacuum Cleaner
Swivel Steering
The Shark NV70 features swivel steering that allows you to maneuver around obstacles easily while the NV42 does not have the swivel steering.

Dust Cup Capacity
The dust cup on the NV70 is larger, it is 3 times that of the original Navigator while the NV42 twice the capacity of the original Navigator.

The Shark NV70 features Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology with HEPA Filter that is able to captures and hold up to 99.9% of dust and other allergens inside the vacuum, not back into the air you breathe, good for allergy sufferers and homes with pets, while the NV42 features Electrete Filters.

Included Tools
They both come with the Pet Hair Power Brush, however, the 2 power brushes are different.
According to the info on product pages, the NV70 has a 16″ crevice tool while the NV42 has a longer crevice tool that is 24″.

Some similarities:
Power specs: 1200 Watts, 10 amps
Cleaning Path: 9.25″
Brush roller with brush On/Off settings for cleaning carpets and hard flooring
Clear Bottom Empty Dust Cup

Please share your experience on Shark NV42 or NV70 below if you own these Shark vacuum cleaners.

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3 Answers to Shark NV42 vs NV70 what’s the difference?

  1. G. Anthony says:

    Thank you for your concise, yet thorough, comparison of the NV42 & the NV70. It helped me decide between the two.

  2. Lorrie says:

    Are both models good on hardwood floors? Thanks

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