Shark NV502 vs NV352 what’s the difference?

Below we will discuss the similarities and difference between Shark Rotator Lift Away Professional NV502 and Shark Navigator Lift Away NV352.
Shark NV352 vs NV502

The NV502 features headlights to illuminate debris in dark spots whereas the NV352 has NO headlights.

Power and Brushroll Control
The NV502 uses 2 buttons, a Power button for suction only and a Brushroll button to engage the motorized brush.
Whereas the NV352 uses On/Off Switch that you can switch to suction only mode or brush roll mode for cleaning different surfaces.


Canister Caddy
Both of these 2 Shark upright vacuum cleaners have a Portable Lift-Away Canister, the NV502 however, also includes a Canister Caddy that allows you to use it like a canister vacuum cleaner whereas the NV352 does not come with.

* Floor Tool
The NV502 comes with a Straight Suction Nozzle for removing debris from bare floor and area rugs whereas the NV352 does not include.

* Crevice Tool
The NV502 comes with a 12″ crevice tool or a 18″ crevice tool while the NV352 comes with a 5.5″ Crevice Tool and a 24″ Crevice Tool.

* Other Attachments
The NV502 comes with Home and Car Detail Kit that the NV352 does not includes.

Cord Length
The NV502 has a 30 feet power cord while the NV352 has a 25 feet cord.

The NV502 is a little heavier, the full upright weighs 15.5 pounds, the lift away pod weighs 8.4 pounds, while the NV352 full unit weighs 12.5 pounds, its pod weighs 7.5 pounds.

NV502: 45.7″ x 13.4″ x 12.2″ (H x W x D)
NV352: 45.2″ x 11.4″ x 12.4″ (H x W x D)

Cleaning Path
The NV502 has a wider cleaning path.

The NV502 is in White with Red while the NV352 comes in lavender.

Dust Cup Capacity
The NV502 has a larger bin, it holds 1.3 dry quarts to the fill line and 3.1 dry quarts of real usable capacity whereas the bin on NV352 holds 1.2 dry quarts to the fill line and 3.0 dry quarts real usable capacity.

The NV502 is more expensive than the NV352.

feature Portable Lift-Away Canister;
have Swivel Steering;
Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology;
Comes with Dusting Brush, Turbo Brush;
Automatic height adjustment, no manual settings.
Never Loses Suction Technology;
HEPA filtration.
Have Suction Release Collar to adjust the suction power.

If you know other difference between Shark NV502 and NV352, please share below to help people make a right purchasing decision.

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