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iRobot Roomba 630 Review: automatic vacuum cleaner for dog hair,carpet,hardwood floors,and more

iRobot Roomba 630 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Carpet, Pet Hair, Hardwood Floors

This iRobot Roomba 630 is a robotic vacuum cleaner that can save you time on doing light daily cleaning, you can get your carpets, area rugs, wood floors, linoleum, tile, and other floors vacuumed without any effort. For more info, you can read the iRobot Roomba 630 review below.

    Pros of iRobot Roomba 630 Vacuum Cleaning Robot:

  • It can vacuum both carpets and hard floors.
  • It can clean along edges, around furniture legs.
  • It can get to areas where a regular vacuum hard to reach such as under cabinets.
  • Seems quieter than previous models.
  • It bumps stuff gently without damaging anything.
  • It does not take a long time to charge.
  • It does not tangle up in cords and carpet strings.
  • Has no problem picking up pet hair, debris, crumbs, food particles, dust, and dirt.
  • The virtual wall works as it’s supposed to.
  • When it gets stuck, it speaks, tells you clearly what is the problem so you can help it out easily.
  • It can dock itself automatically for recharging.
  • Emptying the AeroVac bin is a breeze.
  • It does detect dirty spots and spend more time vacuuming there.
  • It can self-adjust between different types of floors.

    Cons of iRobot Roomba 630:

  • iRobot Roomba 630 scheduling? No, this Roomba 630 can’t be scheduled, it doesn’t have the schedule option like the 550. And iRobot doesn’t states this in the product description. If you want one with the scheduling ability, have a look at the 650 model.
  • Though it can get to areas that you usually don’t while using the regular vacuum, there are still some areas it cannot reach.
  • It just moves randomly and slowly, seems not that efficient.
  • Sometimes it gets trouble in getting out of tight areas.
  • The docking station is a bit lighter, needs to be weightier to avoid being pushed by the Roomba 630.
  • Sometimes it might miss an area.
  • Still too noisy to run it while sleeping.
  • This roomba 630 does not support lighthouses. (More about Virtual Wall and Virtual Wall Lighthouses – click here)
  • It might get lost in odd shape areas.
  • Not as strong as a conventional vacuum.

  • Only includes one virtual wall.
  • The dust bin not big, fills up fast.
  • Not as strong as a conventional vacuum.

iRobot Roomba 630 Specs and Features:
Weight: 7.9 pounds.
Dimensions: diameter is 13.39″, height is 3.62″.
Features 3-Stage Cleaning with AeroVac to pick up more mess; Dirt Detect technology to detect dirty spots; iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology to clean your floors more thoroughly; Virtual Wall to get it clean where you need it and blocks it from entering restricted areas; vacuum carries a 1 year limited warranty and the battery has a 6 month limited warranty.

To sum up, this little robotic vacuum has its goods and bads, but it is NOT a toy, it does clean the floors, good for daily cleaning, and is a good complement to conventional vacuum cleaner. But you still need a full size vac for periodic deep cleaning.

More info:

How much does it cost?
At http://www.irobot.com, it is priced at $349.99

Where to download the iRobot Roomba 630 manual?
Here is the download link: http://www.irobot.com/images/homesupport/manuals/Roomba600.Manual.EN.pdf
If it does not work, you can visit irobot.com to find it.

Miele S7210 Review: a Miele Vacuum for Hardwood Floors, Carpet, Pet Hair

Miele Twist S7210 Upright Vacuum for Hardwood Floors, Carpets, Pet Hair
This Miele S7210 upright bagged vacuum is built for hard floors, carpets, as well as area rugs. It also has the ability of picking up pet hair and works well. For detail info, read review of Miele Twist S7210 below.

    Pros of Miele S7210:

  • Plenty of suction.
  • Power cord is pretty long – 39 feet. You can vacuum a large area without changing outlets.
  • Noise level is low, for a vacuum, you can say it is quiet.
  • Well built and high quality.
  • Low profile, lays flat for getting under table and chair.
  • Bag is easy to change.
  • Filter is rinsable and also easy to change.
  • Twist feature is great, makes it very maneuverable.
  • It has a 2-motor system, one motor for rotating brush, one for suction. You can use only suction by turning off the rotating brush.
  • Though it is on the heavy side, its carry handle locates in the middle on the back, makes it convenient to carry.
  • Easy to push.
  • Attachments stored onboard.
  • On/Off button and carpet/bare floor control are easy to reach.
  • It has an indicator to tell when to change bag.
  • It can use both standard filter and HEPA filter. (HEPA filter not included, you have to pay extra money to buy.)

    Cons of Miele S7210:

  • It just picks up stuff underneath, no side suction to clean baseboards.
  • The hose is a bit short.
  • It is hard to use it on stairs since it is heavy and because of its twist feature.
  • When you unwind the cord, it falls from the holder easily. If you don’t need to use the whole cord, it still keeps falling. You will find it hard to unwind only part of the power cord. So every time you use it, you end up winding the whole cord which is 39 feet long. And it does not have the automatic cord recoil system.
  • Replacement bag is relatively expensive as compare with other brand vac bags.
  • It can lay flat, but still cannot get under some low furniture.

  • Heavy & bulky like some other full size upright vacuum cleaners. Not convenient to carry it up and down stairs.

This product is heavy, but it’s well built. It is not a good option for cleaning stairs, but if you need an upright vacuum for bare floors and carpets, just give it a shot. If you are not sure if it meets your needs? Just visit a local store to try it out. For $400+, it is worth spending some time on researching before ordering to avoid disappointment.

Miele S7210 Twist Specs and Features
Model: S7210 Twist
Design: Upright
Color: Sprint Blue
Suction Control: Yes, 4 level
Brush On/Off Switch: Yes
Carpet Height Setting: Automatic Adjustment
Price: Vacuum under $500.00, priced at $429.00 at http://mielestore.com (on 01.28.2013)
Power Source: Corded
Cord Length: 39 Feet
Automatic Cord Rewind: No
Bagged or Bagless: Bagged, use Type U AirClean dustbag
Full Bag Indicator: Yes
Filtration: Comprised of an Auto-Seal closing FilterBag and Air Clean filter
Onboard Tools: upholstery tool, dusting brush, crevice nozzle
Motor Wattage: 1,200 watt
Cleaning Radius: 54-Foot
Weight: about 21 pounds
Warranty: 7 Year Motor Warranty & 7 Year Casing Warranty
Other details: SwivelNeck Technology, 12-foot integrated flexible hose, telescopic aluminum wand, Anti-tipping device, 2-motor system, with separate control for electrobrush, 4,800 RPM electrobrush motor, 360°front castor wheels
Miele S7210 Twist Manual: Download, if the link is not working, you can visit http://www.mieleusa.com to download it.

Bissell 47R51 Review: small powerful handheld vacuum with hose, attachments, cord

Miele S2121 Olympus Vacuuum
BISSELL 47R5 is a lightweight, only 5 lbs, hand vacuum with power cord. It is baggless and features HEPA media filter. And it comes with a few attachments: hose, crevice tool, wide-mouth attachment, this is not commonly seen in hand vacuum, to help you tackle dust and dirt on upholstery, stairs, windowsills, etc.
For more info, you can read the BISSELL 47R51 review below.

    BISSELL 47R51 Likes:

  • It has great suction, more powerful than battery driven hand vacuum cleaners.
  • Rubber contour nozzle works well on picking up stuff such as pet hair.
  • It is light, weighs 5 pounds, good balance, easy to handle.
  • It has a cord length of 18 foot, pretty long for a hand vac.
  • Comes with a velcro wrap to keep the cord tidy.
  • Comes with hose, wide mouth tool, crevice attachment to help cleaning tight areas like corners.
  • On/Off power switch is located on the end of the handle, easy to reach by the thumb.
  • Attachments are quick and easy to switch.
  • Filter is resuable.
  • Dust cup is clear, so you can see when to empty. And it is easy to pop off and put on, emptying is also a cinch.
  • It is easy to fix if it gets clogged.
  • Reasonabe price.

    BISSELL 47R51 Dislikes:

  • The biggest complaint about this BISSELL handheld vacuum 47R51 is the vents. The vents are on the sides, the exhaust comes out from both sides, and it blows dirt around, especially while cleaning something like ashes on hard surfaces. You might want to use the attached hose to solve this issue.

  • Noisy like other vac.
  • It’s a small hand vac, so it’s dirt cup fills up fast.
  • Does not comes with a wall mount to hang the unit on wall.
  • Like some vacs, it is dusty to clean the filter.

For its price tag, this Bissell hand vac is a good small vacuum for quick pick ups and pet hair. It is useful if you want an affordable, portable vacuum for cleaning windowsill, furniture, stairs, upholstery, etc.

BISSELL 47R51 Specs and Features
Model: 47R51
Design: Handheld
Color: Orange
Suction Control: No
Brush On/Off Switch: No rotating brush
Height Adjustment: No
Price: Vacuum under $40, priced at $39.99 at http://http://www.bissell.com (on 01.28.2013)
Power Source: Corded
Power Rating: 4 Amps
Cord Length: 18 Feet
Automatic Cord Rewind: No
Bagged or Bagless: Bagless
Filtration: HEPA Media
Tools: Hose Adapter Nozzle, Hose, Wide Mouth Tool, Crevice Tool
Dimensions: 10″ x 5″ x 8″
Weight: 5 lbs
Warranty: 1-year limited warranty
Other details: Curved carrying handle; Rubber contour nozzle; Clear dirt cup
BISSELL 47R51 Manual: Download, if the link is not working, you can visit http://www.bissell.com to search and download it.

Dyson DC39 Animal Review: a dyson canister vacuum for animals

Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum Cleaner
This Dyson DC39 Animal canister vacuum cleaner is designed for home with cats, dogs, and other animals. Its cyclones help capture more pet hair, dirt, dust, etc. Dyson claim that this animal canister vac can handle all floor types such as area rugs, wood, and tile floors. Below is the review and specifications.

Likes about Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum:

  • Straightforward assembly.
  • Strong suction.
  • Relatively quiet.
  • It does a good job cleaning hard wood floors, tile floor, low pile rugs, berber.
  • It is able to get under furniture.
  • Light and easy to move around, the canister follows you around without any problem.
  • Pick up all dog, cat hair, and dust from tile and wood floors well.
  • No need to bend down to turn on/off the brush bar when switching between hard floors and rugs since you can control this on the handle.
  • Wand length is adjustable, can be adjusted for different heights.
  • The stair tool works fine on carpeted stairs.
  • The mini turbine head clean upholstered furniture great.
  • No need to manually retract the cord since it features retractable cord system.
  • Easy to empty and low maintenance, wash the filter once per month.

Dislikes about Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum:

  • The canister vac is kind of pricey.
  • The combination tool is too big to fit under things like freezer.
  • Power cord could be longer.
  • Dust bin could be larger.
  • Takes too much space to store.

Rating by Users:

Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum Specs, Features and Details
Design: Canister
Use: all floor types
Weight: 22.9 Pounds
Price: Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum Price is $499.99 at Dyson.com
Power Source: Corded
Cord Length: 21.3 Feet
Suction Power: 275 airwatts (what is air watt)
Tools: Combination Accessory Tool: debris nozzle converts to a brush tool for cleaning; Stair tool; Mini turbine head for cleaning pet hair and dirt from stairs, upholstery and confined spaces.
Triggerhead Tool: Controlled at the handle so users don’t have to bend down to turn on/off the brush bar.
Ball Technology, Central Steering Mechanism: Designed for easier control when moving around obstacles
Radial Root Cyclone Technology: It improves the air flow to better suction power.
Bag Type: Bagless
Bin: 0.53 gallons clear bin
Filter: HEPA Filter traps microscopic allergens.
Dimensions(HxWxD): 14.2 x 19.5 x 10.2 inches
Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty
Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum Manual: Download User’s Guide

Dyson DC17 vs DC25 Animal Review: what is the difference and which is better?

Want to purchase a Dyson upright pet vacuum, but cannot decide which one to buy, DC17 Animal or DC25 Animal? Let’s help you. Just read the comparison below and find some of the main differences between DC17 and DC25 Animal.

Dyson DC17 Animal versus DC25 Animal

DC17 has stiffer as well as longer bristles than the DC25. Because of this, some customers said DC17 did a better job on carpets. However, customers also said DC17 might also rip off weak carpet fibers. If you have loop fiber carpets, DC25 is better while DC17 is better for straight fiber carpets.

Bin Capacity
DC17 has a bigger bin.
The bin capacity of DC17 is 0.625 gallons while it is 0.31 gallon on DC25.

DC17 is heavier.
DC17 weighs 20.79 lbs while DC25 weighs 16.12 lbs.

Cord Length
DC17 has a longer cord.
The cord length of DC17 is 35 feet while DC25 has a cord length of 24.6 feet. 24.6 foot cord is too short to vacuum a large house.

Removing Blockage from Brush Bar
It is more difficult to remove blockage like long pet hair from the brush bar of DC17.
For DC17, you have to remove the soleplate first, then use a pair of scissors to cut away the wrapped fibers and hair, you cannot remove the brushbar to do this. For DC25, the brush bar is removable, this makes it easier to unblock the brushbar.

Clog Problem
DC17 is easier to get cloged, since its holes around the cylinder is a bit small, whereas DC25 has bigger holes.

Overall, DC17 has stiffer bristles for thick carpets and it has 35 foot long cord; DC25 is easier to use, it is lighter but has short cord, smaller dirt bin.
Which is better depends on your needs, so just choose the one that fits your needs. For more info, you can read the Dyson DC17 Animal Review and DC25 Animal Review.