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Hoover PowerDash vs SmartWash what’s the difference?

Both the Hoover PowerDash and SmartWash are carpet cleaners, but there are big difference between them. Below we will list some major ones that may affect your buying decision:

images from Hoover infomercials

  • Size
    The PowerDash is a compact size carpet extractor, it is smaller than the SmartWash which is a full size cleaner. For small homes and spaces, you may want to consider the PowerDash, otherwise, go for the SmartWash.
    ExtractorDimensions(inches)WeightCleaning Path WidthCord LengthClean Tank CapacityAmps
    PowerDash43.5x10.125x15.25less than 13 lbs10-inch20-foot0.5 gallons7 amps
    SmartWash43.5x13x18.9about 20 lbs12-inch22-foot1 gallon10 amps
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  • How They Work
    Both of them are easy to use. However, the operation is a bit different.
    When using the PowerDash, you fill the clean water tank with warm water to the
    Water fill line, then add solution to the Solution fill line mark on the clean water tank. And then press the Water/Solution trigger for a slow forward and backward wet stroke, release the trigger for a slow
    forward and backward dry stroke.
    When using the SmartWash, the process is different. First, the SmartWash has a separate solution tank for holding formula. So you fill clean water tank with warm water, and fill solution bottle with solution. No need to mix them manually, the machine will dispense them automatically when cleaning the carpet. Second, the SmartWash has No trigger to press. You turn on the SmartWash, move it forward slowly, it will automatically dispense the optimal amount of water and cleaning solution. Then pull backward slowly, it will extract the water to dry your carpet. There’s also a Dry Only mode that just extracts residue without dispensing water or solution to dry the carpets faster.
  • Attachment
    The PowerDash has no accessories while the SmartWash comes with tool for cleaning carpeted stairs and upholstery. So, if you have stairs, sofa stains, or other similar spots to clean, the SmartWash is a better option.

    images from Hoover infomercials, tools may vary

  • Brushroll
    The PowerDash has one brushroll whereas the SmartWash has two rollers.
  • Maintenance
    This is another important factor to consider.
    * Brush
    These carpet/rug washing machines have removable brush rollers.
    The PowerDash requires much work to clean the brushroll. You have to flip the machine on its side, use screwdriver to remove a few screws, then remove the belt cover, finally, pull out the brushroll.
    As for the SmartWash, you don’t have to flip the cleaner, there is also no screws to remove. You just lift up on the Nozzle release then pull the Nozzle forward to remove the nozzle, then you can reach the brush rollers and pull them out to clean.
    * Dirty Water Tank
    The dirty water tank on the PowerDash is hard to clean up completely, it has only one small side hole, really takes some work to get all of the dirty water out. There might be gunk sitting in the bottom which is difficult to clean out.
    As for the SmartWash, the collection tank has a removable top which makes it easier to empty.
    To sum up, the SmartWash takes much less work for maintenance.
  • Warranty
    The PowerDash carries one year limited warranty versus five year limited warranty on the SmartWash. For what is covered by the warranty, you can visit to download the manuals to learn more. Or just go to the end of this text to get the download links of Download Product Manual the user guide pdf files directly.
  • Price
    The PowerDash is much cheaper than the SmartWash.

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    More information:

  • Both of them have clean water tank and dirty water tank to keep clean and dirty water separately.
  • Featuring Heat Force technology, applies heat generated by the motor, to blow hot air to quicken the drying.
  • Have no heater to maintain or hot up the water. It’s recommended to use warm water.
  • To keep the warranty, use only Hoover cleaning solutions, they do not allow you to use your own formula or solution from other brands. But if you do not care about the warranty, just go ahead.
  • They are not intended for dry vacuuming, always using your traditional vacuum to do the dry vacuuming before using these carpet shampooers.
  • To rinse only, just do not fill formula to the tank.
  • They have no brush off option.
  • Can you use these machines on wool rugs/carpets? It is not recommended to use them to clean wool rugs/carpets. If you want to use them to clean anything that you are not sure if it is safe to clean, or anything that is luxury or you care about, you should always ask the rug/carpet manufacturers first. Some rugs/carpets cannot be cleaned by a carpet shampooer, not only cannot be washed by these machines but also other carpet extractors.
  • These extractors are designed for cleaning carpet/rugs, they cannot be used to clean hard floors like hardwood and ceramic floors. Using them on hard floors may damage the floor.
  • Do not store the machines with water or formula in tanks. If you do not use up all the solution, it is recommended to empty the tanks before storing. If you do not want to throw out the solution, you should detach the tanks and put them in a place where leakage is not an issue.
  • The SmartWash has two versions, the Pet Complete version has a detachable wand for pre-treating dirty spots, you can read the comparison of the SmartWash models here.

Overall, the Hoover SmartWash is a bigger size carpet washing machine with automatic cleaning technology, it comes with attachment for above floor cleaning, and takes less time and effort to clean up after use. The PowerDash is smaller, designed for small space and high traffic area cleaning jobs, and it is much cheaper than the SmartWash. So, just buy the one that fits your cleaning needs.

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Manual PDF download links:
PowerDash manual:
SmartWash manual:
SmartWash Pet Complete manual:

Compare Hoover FH50700 vs FH50710 PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaners what’s the difference?

The Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaners FH50700 and FH50710 models have the same function and very similar appearance, there’s little cosmetic difference between them, such as the printed “POWERDASH PET” moved to the middle part under the logo text from the bottom.

image from Hoover infomercial

Some questions and answers you may want to know before buying:

  • Can you use the PowerDash to clean carpeted stairs? If not, does it come with tools for cleaning upholstery and stairs?
    No. It is not intended for stair cleaning, it is too bulky to use on stairs. And it does not come with any attachments. If you need a carpet extractor with tool for stairs, couch, and upholstered furniture, you can check out the Hoover SmartWash FH52000 and SmartWash Pet FH53000 series, if you need a smaller one for spot stains removal, have a look at the Hoover Spotless FH11300PC spot cleaner.
  • Does the PowerDash vacuum carpet?
    It’s not for regular vacuuming, it is recommended to vacuum before using it to wash the carpet.
  • Can the PowerDash be used to clean hard floors like tile, vinyl, or wood?
    No. It’s not intended for using on hard surfaces.
  • Can you use it to shampoo a wall to wall carpet?
    This carpet shampooer is small, it has small tanks. If you want to use it to clean wall to wall carpet, you will need to fill and empty the tanks frequently.
  • Can you turn off the spinning brush roller?
  • Is there a brushroll height adjustment?
  • Can you remove the brushroll to clean?
    Yes. However, it’s not something that you can easily pull out without tools, you will need to use Philips screwdriver to remove like 6 screws to access it.
  • Does the PowerDash have a heater?
    No. There is no built-in heater to heat the water. You can use hot tap water.
  • Does it steam?
  • Does it pick up pet hair?
    It picks up some pet hair, but not it’s intended for.You’d better do regular vacuuming first.
  • Does it remove pet urine stains and odor?
    You will need to pre-treat the pet accident areas with solution.
  • Where can I buy replacement parts for the PowerDash, such as belt, brushroll, tanks and tank cap?
    The best place to get the replacement parts is the Hoover official website:
  • Can you use formula from other brands?
    If you want to keep your warranty, you have to use only Hoover cleaning solutions.
  • Is this dual voltage?
    No. In US, it’s 120V.

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These are small and lightweight carpet and rug shampooers for apartments and small homes, not meant for large areas. For anyone who have physical limitations, these are also good machines to consider. But for heavy duty works, you probably want to buy a more powerful one.

Specifications and features:

  • PowerSpin Pet Brush Roll with antimicrobial protection
  • HeatForce technology to blow hot air onto the carpet for faster drying
  • Lightweight – weigh less than 13 pounds
  • Compact design for easy storage – dimensions are 10.125 x 15.25 x 43.5 inches(W x D x H)
  • 0.5 gallons clean water tank capacity.
  • Dual Tank System to keep clean water and dirty water separately.
  • 10-inch cleaning path.
  • Removable Nozzle for easy cleanup.
  • 7 amps motor.
  • Carry 1 year limited warranty.
  • Both of them comes with a sample bottle of cleaning solution.

You can download the PowerDash manual to learn more:


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Simple to use.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Small enough, take less space to store than most carpet cleaners on the market.
  • Does a fairly good job cleaning carpets and rugs.
  • Leaves the floor relatively dry if you go slowly with suction only to get up the residue.

Check Price at Amazon


  • Small tanks require frequent emptying and refilling.
  • Inconvenient to clean the brushroll and brushroll compartment. You have to flip the shampooer on its side to expose the bottom, then use a Philips driver to unscrew a few screws to remove belt cover, and then pull out the brushroll to clean up everything. Such design should be improved.
  • Hard to empty the dirty water tank completely.
  • Some users reported leaking problems. If the leakage is the one that mentioned within this user review at Amazon, they can be fixed.

P. S.
If you have an expensive carpet or area rug, please always read the instructions, and consult the manufacturer to make sure if it’s safe to use a carpet shampooer to clean it.

Compare Hoover SmartWash Plus vs SmartWash vs SmartWash PET Complete what’s the difference?

We will discuss the difference between Hoover SmartWash,SmartWash Plus, and SmartWash Pet Complete below.
It seems the Hoover SmartWash and SmartWash+ are the same, some retailers call it SmartWash while some name it SmartWash+.
The SmartWash Pet and The SmartWash Pet Complete are also the same.

The SmartWash Pet Complete FH53000 series is the upgrade version of the original SmartWash FH52000 series. For the appearance and function, there’s no significant modifications. According to user reviews, the SmartWash Pet Complete pulls up water better.

images from Hoover infomercial

The obvious difference between them is the SmartWash Pet FH53000 series equipped with a detachable Spot Chaser PreTreat Wand which can be used to help loosen and remove stains. The SmartWash FH52000 series do not have such pretreat kit.

images from Hoover infomercials

The Spot Chaser PreTreat Wand can be detached from the shampooer, it does not use the solution from the carpet washer tank, it has its own solution tank. You need to fill it with formula before using.
And it requires 2 AAA batteries to work. You also need to use a phillips head screwdriver to install or remove the batteries.
For pretreating stains, you press the wand release button to pull it out. Then use it to dispense solution over the stains. In fact, it works like a spray bottle that stored on the machine for quick reach. Yes, it is convenient. But nothing magical. You can use a spray bottle to get the same things done.
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Other differences are the color and included tools.
For more details about the SmartWash FH52000 series, you can read the SmartWash FH52000 series models comparison here.
As for the SmartWash Pet FH53000 series,
FH53000PC is in purple color, comes with (1) Antimicrobial Pet Tool, (1) trial size Spot Chaser pretreat stain solution, (1) trial size Paws & Claws carpet cleaner shampoo, (1) 8-foot attachment hose, (1) accessory storage bag.
The Antimicrobial Pet Tool (Antimicrobial Rubber Nub Tool) included in the SmartWash Pet package is a bit different from the one (2-in-1 Antimicrobial Bristle Brush and Rubber Nub Tool) that the original SmartWash come with, a bit more bulkier and better suction power.

images from Hoover infomercials

According to the specifications of these carpet shampooers, the original SmartWash solution tank capacity is 20 ounces versus 16 ounces on the SmartWash Pet (Complete) FH53000 series.
And the original SmartWash is about 1.5 pounds lighter.
ExtractorSmartWash FH52000 SeriesSmartWash Pet FH53000 Series
Spot Chaser Pretreat WandNoYes
Weight18.9 lbs20.5 lbs
Amps10 amps10 amps
Cleaning Path Width12-inch12-inch
Clean Water Tank Capacity1 gallon1 gallon
Detergent Tank Capacity20 ounces16 ounces
Hose Length8-foot8-foot
Cord Length22-foot22-foot
Dimensions18.9 x 43.5 x 13 (inches)18.9 x 43.5 x 13 (inches)

These carpet washers are pretty light compared to Rug Doctor and Bissell Big Green. They have separate clean water tank and dirty water tank. Just like many other carpet shampooers on the market, they also have a separate formula tank.

How do you use a Hoover SmartWash?
They are simple to use, as easy as using a vacuum cleaner. You fill in the clean water tank with water, solution tanks with formula, push the machine forward to wash and pull back to dry. You can also choose the dry only mode to extract residue and blow heated air onto the carpet to speed up the drying. That’s all. There’s nothing else you need to do for cleaning carpets.
You do not need to mix water with formula before cleaning, you do not need to press button to dispense solution, because the machines mix them and spray them automatically while you push forward to clean carpet. Though this makes it easy to use, some people do not like it. Because you cannot control how much solution to apply, especially when cleaning those heavy traffic areas or similar spots that need to be treated with more formula.
Check Hoover SmartWash Price at Amazon
Some questions and answers about SmartWash Pet Complete FH53000 series you may want to know before buying:

  • Is the Hoover Smartwash Pet any good?
    It can help remove embeded dirt, juice, wine, coffee spill, pet urine stains, odors, etc. from carpet, rugs, upholstered couches,etc.
  • Can the SmartWash Pet be used to clean hardwood, ceramic, tile or other hard floors?
    No. It’s designed mainly for carpet and rug cleaning.
  • Is this a vacuum and carpet shampooer 2-in-1machine?
    No. It does not work as a regular vacuum. It’s recommended to vacuum before using this machine.
  • Can you set it to rinse only?
    To rinse only, you can remove the the solution tank or fill the solution tank with clean water.
  • Does it steam?
  • Does it have a heater to heat the water?
    It does not have a heater. You can use warm tap water.
  • Can you remove the brushes to clean?
    Yes. Brushes are easy to reach and detach without tool.
  • Can you use it to clean carpeted stairs?
    You can use the Antimicrobial Pet Tool to clean carpeted stairs.
  • Can you use it to clean upholstery, couches,etc.? 
    Yes, attachment required.
  • Where is the SmartWash Pet manufactured?
    It’s made in China.
  • Does it have a manual mode that allows you to decide when and how much solution to dispense?
    The machine does not allow you to control that by yourself.
  • Can you turn off the brushes in dry only mode?
    No. The brushes keep spinning. Brushes will stop rotating when in upright position.
  • How many amps is this carpet extractor?
    10 amps.
  • Does it have dual voltage?
    No. 120V only.
  • Is the handle foldable for storage?
    The handle is not foldable. However, it’s easy to remove.
  • What is the warranty?
    It carries 5 year limited warranty.

Check Hoover SmartWash Pet Complete Price at Amazon
If you are looking for the best lightweight, simple to use, easy to move around domestic carpet washer, then this Hoover SmartWash Pet Complete FH53000 series is a good choice. If you need something that deeply clean carpet well, you may also consider the Bissell Big Green carpet extraction machine. For spot stains removal, take a look at the Bissell SpotBot.

Compare Bissell Crosswave Cordless Models

Bissell produces battery powered Crosswave wet dry vacuums as well as corded Crosswave models.

images from Bissell infomercials

Just like the corded series, there are also several cordless models available. Below we will discuss the main difference between these Bissell Crosswave Cordless, Cordless Max, Cordless Max Deluxe models.

    There are:

  • Bissell Crosswave Cordless 2551
  • Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max 2554, 2554A, 2590(exclusive to Walmart), 2596(exclusive to Bissell)
  • Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max Deluxe 2593

It seems that the Crosswave Cordless Max models (2554,2554A,2590,2596) and Deluxe (2593) are the same machine except for what are included and the color. The 2596 is exclusive to Bissell, it offers some limited time free bonus and one extra year warranty.
The Crosswave Cordless(2551) is a bit different from the Max models. Besides some cosmetic differences, such as the tanks, upper handle and carry handle, there are some other differences that might affect your buying decisions.

  • Digital Display
    The Max models have some lighted icons that make cleaning more intuitive:
    modes indicator to tell you which mode you select – Hard Floor or Area Rug;
    dirty water tank full indicator will blink orange when tank is full.
    wifi connection status icon.
    The Crosswave cordless does not have these indicators.
  • WIFI supported
    The Max supports wifi connection, you will need to use your smart phone to install the Bissell Connect App to connect the machine, and it will provide helpful alerts, maintenance tracking and usage tips. However, you can use the vacuum without the App.
    The Crosswave cordless does not support wifi.
  • Self Cleaning
    Both feature Clean Out Cycle to flush clean water through the machine for quick and simple clean out. However, there is difference between this process. The Max models use solution from the clean water tank whereas the Crosswave cordless models use water from the docking tray.
  • Control Buttons
    The Max has a power button to turn on/off the vacuum and a mode button to switch between two modes.
    The Crosswave cordless has a HARD FLOOR button and a RUG button, you press one of them to turn on the vacuum, press the button again will turn it off.
  • Edge Cleaning
    According to Bissell, the Max has improved edge cleaning to pick up dust, pet hair, debris that gathers along baseboards and in corners.
  • Cleaning Path Width
    The Max cleaning path width is approximately 10.5-inch versus 12-inch on the Crosswave cordless.
  • Roller
    It seems that the Max has a thicker roller than the Crosswave cordless.
ModelIncluded BrushrollIncluded FormulaWarrantyColor
Crosswave Cordless 2551(1) Multi-Surface Brush Roll(2) 8 oz. Multi-Surface Formulas
(2) 8 oz. PET Multi- Surface Formulas
2 year limited warrantyTitanium with Saphire Blue Accents
Crosswave Cordless Max 2554(2) Multi-Surface Brush Rolls(2) 8-oz. Hard Floor Tough Mess + Odor Eliminator Trial Formulas
(2) 8-oz. Multi-Surface Trial Formulas
2 year limited warrantyBlack/Pearl White with Electric Blue Accents
Crosswave Cordless Max 2554A(2) Multi-Surface Brush Rolls(2) 8-oz. Hard Floor Tough Mess + Odor Eliminator Trial Formulas
(2) 8-oz. Multi-Surface Trial Formulas
2 year limited warrantyBlack/Pearl White with Electric Blue Accents
Crosswave Cordless Max 2590(1) Multi-Surface Brush Roll(1) 8-oz. Hard Floor Tough Mess + Odor Eliminator Trial Formula
(1) 8-oz. Multi-Surface Trial Formula
2 year limited warrantyBlack/Pearl White with Electric Blue Accents
Crosswave Cordless Max Deluxe 2593(2) Multi-Surface Brush Rolls
(1) Wood Floor Brush Roll
(1) 8-oz. Hard Floor Tough Mess + Odor Eliminator Trial Formula
(1) 8-oz. Multi-Surface Trial Formula
(1) 8 oz. Wood Floor Trial Formula
2 year limited warrantyBlack/Pearl White with Blue
Crosswave Cordless Max 2596(2) Multi-Surface Brush Rolls
(1) Wood Floor Brush Roll
(1) Pet Multi-Surface Brush Roll
(2) 8 oz. bottles of Multi-Surface Formulas
(2) 8 oz. Hard Floor Tough Mess + Odor Eliminator Formulas
(1) 8 oz. bottle of our Wood Floor Formula
(1) 8 oz. bottle of our Pet Multi-Surface Formula
3 year limited warrantyBlack/Pearl White with Electric Blue Accents

The Max 2596 also include an extra filter.

    Some questions and answers:

  • What do these machines do?
    They are wet dry vacuums, they vacuum and wash the floor at the same time. They can handle sealed hard floors, such as sealed wood, laminate and tile floors, and low pile area rugs.
  • Can you control when to dispense solution?
    Yes. There’s a spray trigger located on the handle.
  • Can the Crosswave Cordless/Max be used to clean carpet?
    They are not designed for carpet cleaning.
  • Do they steam floors?
  • Can you use these Crosswave cordless machines without water?
    They are not intended for dry vacuuming only, will not work as well as a regular dry vacuum cleaner does.
  • Is it OK to use the Crosswave without formula?
    Yes, you can use only water.
  • Can you have one battery in use and one battery charging?
    No. These vacuums have built-in battery pack which is not detachable.
  • How long does it take to charge the battery?
    Approximately 4 hours.
  • How long does it run?
    Up to 30 minutes per charge.
  • Is the charger input AC 100 to 240v?
  • Do you have to do cleanup after each use?
    Yes. Though it has the self cleaning function, it cleans the brush and suction path, you still have to clean the dirty water tank, stainer, filter, screen, tray.
  • What’s the tank capacity?
    The clean water tank holds up to 828ml and the dirty water tank holds up to 550ml.
  • Do the Crosswave have corded models?
  • Can the brush roll be removed for clean up?

  • Cordless. Powered by 36V Lithium-Ion Battery.
  • 3-in-1 Docking Station for charging, storage and self cleaning.
  • Dual tanks to hold clean and dirty water separately to ensure you always clean floors with clean water.

Compare Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vs Turbo vs Turbo Plus vs Turbo Pro vs Lift Off vs Turbo Rewind what’s the difference?

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser upright vacuum cleaner family includes many models, some of the models are very similar while some are a bit different from the others.
At this moment, you can find the following versions on the market:

  • Bissell Pet Hair Eraser (1650A)
  • Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift Off (2087/20874)
  • Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo (2475)
  • Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus (2281,24613,24619)
  • Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Pro (22814,2281k)
  • Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Rewind (2790,2790w,27909)

Highlights of these models:

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser (1650A)

image from Bissell infomercial

Among these vacuums, only this model has manual floor adjustment knob located on the nozzle, with 5 settings available, others may have the manual control on the side or have automatic height adjustment; you need to turn a knob to switch suction to tool/hose or vacuum nozzle; it also features the largest cup which holds up to 1.5L.
There is also a Deluxe model 16501 which is the same thing as 1650A, but comes with a LED Lit Crevice Tool; a Scoop & Sweep Tool with a wide suction path to pick up messes on the floor; a Pet Hair Eraser with Funk Fresh Tool that removes hair and wipe out pet odors from upholstery and other fabrics.

Check Price at Amazon

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lift Off (2087/20874)

image from Bissell infomercial

The only version has the lift off feature that allows you to lift away the canister for portable cleaning; also has a telescopic wand for extended reach; headlights for revealing hidden dust and debris; the manual Floor Type Setting located on
the side of the vacuum.

Check Price at Amazon

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo (2475)

image from Bissell infomercial

Exclusive to Walmart, has no manual height adjustment but automatic adjustment; has headlights and variable suction control; has a 27-foot cord; the crevice tool included has no led lights.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus (2281,24613,24619) is very similar to the Turbo version, only differences are: longer cord length which is 30-foot; the included crevice tool is a LED Lighted Crevice Tool; models may come with a 3-in-1 Stair Tool or a Pet TurboEraser Tool.

Check Price at Amazon

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Pro (22814,2281k) is almost the same as the Plus version, the only difference is that it comes with 4 tools versus 3 on the Plus version.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Rewind (2790,27909,2790w)

image from Bissell infomercial

It is the only version that features automatic cord rewind that automatically rewinds the 27-foot power cord with the push of a button. It has a 7.5-foot hose, and comes with 3 tools.

Check Price at Amazon

Read the comparison table below for more information:

VacuumPet Hair Eraser 1650ALift Off 2087/20874Turbo 2475Turbo Plus 24613,24619Turbo Pro 2281,22814,2281kTurbo Rewind 2790,2790w,27909
Lift OffNoYesNoNoNoNo
Pile Height AdjustmentManualManualAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Brush On/OffYesYesYesYesYesYes
Auto Cord RewindNoNoNoNoNoYes
Variable Suction ControlNoNoYesYesYesYes
Cord Length (foot)302730303027
Hose Length (foot)887777. 5
Bin Capacity (liter)1.510.750.750.750.75
ToolsLED Lighted Crevice Tool,
2-in-1 Pet Dusting Brush,
Pet TurboEraser Tool,
LED Lighted Crevice Tool,
2-in-1 Pet Dusting Brush,
Pet TurboEraser Tool
Crevice Tool(no light),
2-in-1 Pet Dusting Brush,
Pet TurboEraser Tool
LED Lighted Crevice Tool,
2-in-1 Pet Dusting Brush,
Pet TurboEraser Tool or 3-in-1 Stair Tool
LED Lighted Crevice Tool,
2-in-1 Pet Dusting Brush,
Pet TurboEraser Tool,
3-in-1 Stair Tool or Pet Hair Eraser Tool
LED Lighted Crevice Tool,
2-in-1 Pet Dusting Brush,
Pet TurboEraser Tool

The Bissell pet hair eraser attachments:

Pet TurboEraser Tool

3-in-1 Stair Tool

2-in-1 Pet Brush


LED Lighted Crevice Tool

Pet Hair Eraser

Scoop & Sweep Tool

Tool(tools images from Bissell infomercial)


  • Corded and bagless.
  • Tangle-Free Brush Roll eliminates hair wrap. (Tested per tangle free protocol BTP0251-A with hair length 6 – 8 inches. )
  • Provides suction on both sides of the brush roll for edge cleaning.
  • SmartSeal Allergen System traps fine dust and allergens inside the vacuum and emit clean air.
  • Cyclonic Hair Spooling System with Hands-Free Empty means you do not need to touch the debris when dumping the bin.
  • Swivel Steering for easy maneuvering around furniture, other obstacles, corners, etc.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser or Lift Off or Turbo or Turbo Plus or Turbo Pro or Turbo Rewind which is the best one to buy?
If you need one with large dust cup size, then choose the Pet Hair Eraser, it is also the best selling one; if you like the Lift Off feature, then buy the Lift Off version; if you want one with automatic power cord rewinding, then go for the Turbo Rewind version; if you want more attachments, buy the Turbo Pro; it seems that the Turbo Plus has the best user rating.