Bissell Big Green Commercial vs Professional (10N2 vs BG10 vs 86T3) what’s the difference?

I think many people are confused about them as I was. In fact, these Bissell carpet cleaners are very similar.

Bissell BG10 and 10N2 seem to be the same thing. So, below we will only compare the BG10 and 86T3.
Bissell 86T3 Carpet CleanerBissell 86T3 vs BG10Bissell BG10 Carpet Cleaner
images from manufacturer These 2 carpet cleaners are listed on 2 different websites: and
Obviously, the BG10 that is listed on is a commercial model while the 86T3 is considered a pro home version.
According to our research online, there are only some small difference between Bissell Big Green Commercial and Professional, such as the build quality, cord, attachment, warranty, and price.

Build Quality:
According to Bissell Commercial customer service, the Commercial BG10 uses thicker and more durable plastic which is designed to withstand tougher commercial cleaning requirements, and features tougher brushes and belt. So the build quality is slightly better. You can also read the comment by Bob below. .

The cord on BG10 is consist of 2 parts: pigtail cord attached to the machine and a 25-foot extension cord which is detachable while the 86T3 has a cord that is not removable.
Cord color of BG10 is yellow while the one on 86T3 is black.

According to users’ reviews, the 86T3 comes with a 9-foot hose and 6-inch stain tool for cleaning upholstery and stairs while the BG10 does not include these tools commonly, you must buy the attachments separately if you buy the BG10. There is a part called 30G3 that includes the hose and the hand tool.

BG10 carries a 1 year limited warranty for commercial use while the 86T3 is backed by a 5 year limited warranty for home use.

86T3 Price: $399.99 at
BG10 Price: at, the BG10 retail price there is $549.95.
(Prices checked on 2019-12-15.)
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Big Green Commercial BG10 or Professional 86T3, Which one to Buy?

Reasons to Buy 86T3:
  • Cheaper. For those who have limited budget, the Professional 86T3 is a better option because it is commonly over $100 cheaper than the Commercial BG10.
  • Extra Tools. The 86T3 includes a hose and a stain tool designed for removing spots and stains from carpeted stairs,upholstery,and similar surfaces. This should save you about $40 dollars.
  • Longer warranty period.
Reasons to buy BG10:
  • Sturdier.
  • Bissell commercial has top notch customer service.
  • If you need a hotel carpet cleaner, a motel carpet shampooer, hospital carpet extractor, or any other commercial carpet washing machine, go for BG10.

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Same Features and Specs:
  • Both of them have 2 motors, one for suction and one for rotating brush.
  • Feature adjustable and foldable handle for easy operation and compact storage.
  • 2 row rotating brush for removing embedded dirt.
  • Cleans on the forward and backward pass.
  • Separate and removable clean and dirty water tank with 1.75 gallon tank capacity
  • No heater.
  • Flow indicator monitors water and solution, it stops spinning to let you know when you need to add more water and detergent.
  • 26 psi pump pressure.
  • 12 amps motor.
  • Dimensions:42x11x20.5 inch (HxWxD)

If you own Bissell BG10/10N2/86T3, please share your experience below to help other people decide between these carpet cleaners, thank you.


*Are Bissell carpet cleaners good?
The sale says it all.
*Which is a better carpet cleaner, the Bissell or Rug Doctor?
This is about personal preference, some people like Rug Doctor while some like Bissell.
The best option is renting one to try before you buy.
*How much does it cost to rent a carpet cleaner?
For renting a Rug Doctor X3 upright carpet cleaner, it costs about $30 per day;for renting a Bissell Big Green, the cost is also about 30 dollars per 24 hours.

8 thoughts on “Bissell Big Green Commercial vs Professional (10N2 vs BG10 vs 86T3) what’s the difference?

  1. Tito Garza

    I noticed that when visiting the website and viewing the 86T3 model, the warranty for 5 years reads that it is limited to home and commercial service. I have not contacted bissell but would assume that if I purchase this product for my cleaning business, the warranty would apply. I too wa confused about the different models and truely appreciate this article. Thank you.

  2. Tom S.

    Is there a switch, or convenient technique, to run the cleaner in vacuum mode only without running the rotating brush? My research online has run the gamut from a “hidden” switch to “the electrical wires of both motors join at the main switch internally.” Any help?

  3. Bob

    I just spoke with a Bissell Commercial representative on the phone today. The differences she highlighted are basically that the 10N2 has to meet OSHA requirements, and therefore the case is made of a different, thicker plastic that allows it to be fireproof and more durable (just the case). The brushes and belt are slightly tougher as well in the commercial unit, and as mentioned before, it has a detachable cord. The floor/carpet cleaning accessory that is bought with the 10N2 is apparently now made of metal instead of plastic, but she made it sound like that was a more recent change, so they may not all be.

    They both have 2 motors, they both work in forward and reverse. Someone had stated the 10N2 uses thicker wiring, but the first rep I spoke with didn’t seem to think so (but did not confirm), and I forgot to ask the second one (but she didn’t name it while listing the differences either, it sounds like she gets this question enough and therefore had all the differences on a single document to list off).

    Bottom line: If you’re not a commercial carpet cleaner, hotel, restaurant, or whatever, you probably only need the 86T3, from the sounds of it. However, it does sound like Bissell Commercial’s customer service is pretty top notch, which might be a benefit to owning the commercial unit. It’s slightly more durable, but I don’t get the impression the average person would notice a real difference.

  4. Jeanne

    I have had the BG10 for over 5 years now. My daughter and I take it between our houses (she has 3 cats, 3 dogs and I have one of each, but white carpets) This machine is amazing, I have never seen anything like it. The suction is so good, the rug is dry after you are finished (tiny teeny weenie little bit of moisture) You certainly could have guests 20 minutes after using. This commercial machine is so sturdy, With all the transporting for all these years there is not one sign of damage or cracking, etc. (And a few friends borrowing .. don’t do that. Mine did fine but just hide it when you get it home) This is a very valuable tool, it does a ton of work in a very short time. the price hardly matters once you have started using it and see what it does, it is worth it’s weight in gold .. and so efficiently. I am buying another one, we are both sick of transporting (it folds up nicely) but weighs about 50 pounds. (And all the animals are getting older .. ugh) It seems we are going back and forth weekly.

    1. jwith

      Kindly thank you for sharing. I just bought this version. We need a tough product that is going to last us 5+ years. Tired of cheaper models that leave the floor wet, and don’t suck everything up. Had mixed experiences renting them from the store.

  5. Curtis Conley

    I just recently purchased the Big Green I believe it is the 10n2? Either that or they simply have an additional SKU for a BG10 at Lowes which includes the upholstery attachment saving you money.
    I mainly wanted the BG10 for sturdier construction and detachable cord, mehcanically all models are very similar and perform the same.

    doing so will warp the soapy water dispenser /regulator and cause it to leak and fail. ALSO HOT WATER IS VERY BAD FOR CARPETS!! Use warm tap water ONLY.



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