Compare Bissell Spotbot Portable Carpet Spot and Stain Cleaner Machine Models (updated in Sept. 2020)

Their design seems to be identical, but are they exactly the same? If not, what is the difference between these Bissell Spotbot models?

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There used to be an original Spotbot such as model 78R5. But it is no longer available anymore.
At this moment, there seems only Spotbot Pet versions on the market, such as 33N8, 33N8A, 2114, 2117A.
According to the customer service, there is no mechanical difference between Bissell Spotbot original model 78R5 and the pet models, they are the same thing except for the color and the formula they include. The spotbot 78R5 is white, includes a trial size Little Green Formula. The pet versions come with trial-size Bissell Pet Stain & Odor formula and trial-size Bissell Pet Oxy Boost formula for pet stain removal.

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The difference between the Bissell Spotbot Pet models 33N8, 33N8A, 2114, and 2117 is the color and brushes.
Some people mentioned the control panel. Per my research, the 2114 and 2117A are newer models, they have a control panel that is different from the early versions of 33N8 and 33N8A. However, it seems that the new versions of 33N8 and 33N8A now have the same control panel as 2114 and 2117A.

images from Bissell infomercials

The 33n8 and 33n8a are in silver. They have brushes that have one bristle brush section and one rubber brush section, have the feature of a deep reach technology that delivers cleaning formula deep into carpet fibers to remove pet stains and odors.
The 2114 and 2117A brushes are all bristle brushes.

images from Bissell infomercials

The 2114 is in purple whereas the 2117A is in blue.

These BISSELL Spotbot Pet carpet cleaners are small portable machines for spots and stains removal, but not for cleaning an entire carpet. With the help of appropriate detergent, they are able to remove odor and spot stains such as pet poo, pee,vomit smell and stains out of carpets, area rugs, stairs, etc. . If you have dogs and cats in your house, then you probably would be interested in such spot and stain removal machines.

They have hands free cleaning mode and manual cleaning mode.

When selecting hands free mode, the machines automatically spray, brush and remove both surface and tough stains and odors. The hands free mode has 2 preset options: a Quick Clean mode and a Deep Clean mode.
The Quick Clean mode is designed for stains that are on the surface of the carpets and rugs, this cycle will run for approximately 3 minutes.
The Deep Clean mode is designed for those hard to remove set-in and old stains, this cycle will run for approximately 6 minutes.
Cleaning time is preseted, users cannot change it.

When selecting manual Hose/Tool mode, you use the hose
and hand tool to manually clean anywhere that you cannot or hard to use the automatic mode, such as cleaning upholstery, and auto interiors.

All of them come with trial size formula, have a 5-foot hose and a16-foot cord, 3 amps motor, and carry 2 year limited warranty.

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  • Easy to set up, no assembly required.
  • Ease of use, handsfee feature, you set it and walk away, save you time and effort on cleaning small spots.
  • Weighs about 12.5 pounds, not heavy to carry around.
  • Easy to refill solution tank.
  • Using with the appropriate formula, they can remove dog and cat urine and poo odors and stains without any problem, even old stains.


  • Tanks are small, require frequent refilling and dumping.
  • Leave the carpet a little wet. To get the carpet and rug dry faster, you can manually use the hose and hand tool to suck up more liquid.
  • Dirty tank opening is small, you can hardly get inside it, not easy to clean up completely. However, some users offer a tip to keep the tank clean and odor free: rinse it after using it each time. If there’s anything build up in the tank, fill the dirty tank with water, drop in a generic denture tablet. Rinse and empty it, and then air dry. This should work.
  • When setting to hands free mode, it’s likely to leave crop circle mark on carpets and rugs, especially when your carpets are not clean. However, you can use the hand tool to go over those spot to eliminate the marks. And vacuum after they dry, the circle should go away.
  • Internal hose part quality should be improved.
  • Not allow you to use other brand formulas.

Overall, they have some cons but do a good job for what they are supposed to do.

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Questions and Answers you may want to know:

  • Can I use cleaners of other brands?
    Bissell does not allow you to use non Bissell cleaning solutions, or youli may void the warranty.
  • How large a spot can it cover?
    Like 6 inches in diameter.
  • How many spots can you clean for one full tank?
    Commonly 2 to 4 spots.
  • Can I use it to clean hard floors such as tile?
    No. They are not intended for cleaning hard floors.
  • Does it steam?
    No, it is not a steamer.
  • Does it have a heater to heat up the water and keep the water hot in the clean water tank?
    No. You use warm water instead.
  • Can I use the machine to clean upholstery?
    Yes. You can use the hose with hand tool to clean upholstery manually, but not the hands free modes.
  • Can you use it to clean carpeted stairs?
    Yes. If your steps are large enough for placing the machine, you can use both the hands free mode and manual mode. If there is not enough room to place the Spotbot, you have to use the manual mode only. When cleaning spots that are hard to reach, you also have to use the hand tool.
  • Can you use it to clean car interior?
    Yes, use the hand tool with hose.
  • Can I use only water without adding detergent?
    Yes. But it probably would not clean well.
  • Does it work on old dried pet urine,stool stains?
    Yes. However, pre-treating is required.
  • Can it tackle stains other pet stains?
  • Does it have a rinse only mode?
    If you want to rinse only, just do not add formula to the clean water tank.
  • Can you use it to clean stains on long shag carpet?
    Not recommended.
  • Can you use it to clean an entire carpet?
    This is not what it’s intended for. It only covers a small spot at a time. If you use it to clean a whole carpet, it will cost you lots of time and effort. And the cleaning results would not be good. You’d better buy a bigger one, such as the Bissell Big Green which is one of the best upright carpet shampooers, or a small upright for small spaces such as the Bissell TurboClean.

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