Bissell SpotClean vs Little Green vs SpotBot vs Pet Stain Eraser which is the Best Spot and Stain Cleaner Machine for Car Interior, Upholstery, Couch, Carpet Cleaning?

All of these machines are mini carpet shampooers for spot and stain removal in area rugs, carpets, upholstery, etc. If you are a Bissell fan and deciding between these stain extractors, the following info may help you make an informed choice.

Bissell SpotClean vs Little Green vs Spotbot vs Pet Stain Eraser what’s the difference and which is the best to buy?

Based on thousands of users reviews, the Bissell Little Green, Spotbot, and SpotClean have higher rating than the Pet Stain Eraser. However, each one has its pros and cons. Just pick the one that fits your needs and preferences.

Pet Stain Eraser
Among these different mini stain removal machines, the Pet Stain Eraser is a bit different from the others.
The other 3 have hose and hand tool to clean messes while the Pet Stain Eraser does not include these accessories, the Pet Stain Eraser machine itself is a handheld tool. It is much lighter than the other series machines. And the tank is much smaller, holds only 8-ounce of liquid.
The biggest difference between this one and the other three series is the power source. The Pet Stain Eraser is battery powered while the others have no cordless models available at this moment. Depending on which model you buy, charging will take about 4, 4.5, or 8 hours, running time will be approximately 15, 20, or 30 minutes. The old models use stationary brush while the new Pet Stain Eraser PowerBrush version can use powered rotating brush or stationary brush.
The biggest Pro of this handheld carpet extractor definitely is the cordless feature, especially for those who prefer a no cord portable machine. However, many users report that this one is easy to have leaking issues and has weak suction to pull up all the liquid. Some leakage problem may be caused by using it at a incorrect position. To prevent leaking, you should ensure the machine is always in a horizontal or in an upright position. This makes it not as easy to control as using a hose with a scrubbing hand tool, since you have to keep it at the right angles, the weight is much heavier than using the hose with hand tool.
The old version is proved that it is not a good choice by users experience, if you still want a cordless, you could have a look at the new version Pet Stain Eraser PowerBrush which was released in 2020 to see if it works better.
However, unless you prefer a battery powered one, you will want to consider the other three.
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This is the only series that have 2 cleaning modes: Manual cleaning and Hands Free cleaning.
Its automatic cleaning cycle has two options: Quick Clean or Deep Clean. When sellecting the automatic cleaning mode, you get the jobs done hands free. You do not have to use the hand tool to scrub the stains, instead, you press a button to select which cleaning cycle, Quick Clean
or Deep Clean, you would like to use. The machine will automatically spray, brush and suction the soiled area.
When selecting the manual mode, you use the hose with a stain removal hand tool to spray, scrub, and suck up the solution manually.
If you are tired of scrubbing on your hands and knees, then you will be interested in this Bissell SpotBot. With the hands free mode, you just place it over the stain, set it and walk away, and then let it clean the stain for you. However, when using the hands free mode, it can not be used to clean upholstery or auto seats or similar surfaces. You have to use it on a level surface.
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Little Green and SpotClean
The Little Green series and SpotClean series have some similar models. For the similar models, you can pick the one with color you like, or one with lower price from the two series.
Both of these two series have different models such as the ProHeat model and Pro model.
Based on users reviews, the SpotClean Pro is one that deserves a close look. It is more powerful than most other models, has a 5.7 amps motor while most others have a 3 amps motor. And it has a 0.75-gallon tank, much larger than some other models which only have a 37-ounce or 48-ounce tank.
If you want to remove liquid spills, blood, pet urine, and other stains and spot from car seats, sofa, carpeted staircase, and similar soft surfaces without washing the whole things, the Bissell SpotClean Pro 3624 portable carpet cleaner machine plus proper shampoo is a good option.
For those who looking for a smaller one that works well, you can have a look at the original Little Green.
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Overall, a portable carpet cleaner machine is a better choice than a full size machine when cleaning stains and spots, it is cheaper, lighter, more convenient, and takes less effort to tackle small jobs effectively.
If you are deciding between the above Bissell small carpet & rug shampooers, you can:

  • consider the Pet Stain Eraser PowerBrush if you like a cordless cleaner;
  • check out the SpotBot if you hate scrubbing on your hands and knees;
  • take a look at the SpotClean Pro if you want a small but relatively powerful carpet shampooer that works;
  • choose the original Little Green if you want one of the best selling and rated little rug stain remover machines.

More info on these small spot cleaner machines:

  • All of the above available models have no heater to heat up water, including those ProHeat models. To get satisfied cleaning performance, it is recommended to use hot water rather than water at room temperature.
  • They are not steamer so they do not steam or sanitize the surfaces.
  • The manual states using any Non-BISSELL cleaning solutions, any cleaning formulas which contain lemon, pine oil or vinegar harm the cleaner and void the warranty.

For whole room wall to wall carpet cleaning, you need a full size carpetcarpet. If you have no idea which one to buy, have a look at the Bissell Big Green BG10.

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