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Hoover PowerDash vs SmartWash what’s the difference?

Both the Hoover PowerDash and SmartWash are carpet cleaners, but there are big difference between them. Below we will list some major ones that may affect your buying decision:

images from Hoover infomercials

  • Size
    The PowerDash is a compact size carpet extractor, it is smaller than the SmartWash which is a full size cleaner. For small homes and spaces, you may want to consider the PowerDash, otherwise, go for the SmartWash.
    ExtractorDimensions(inches)WeightCleaning Path WidthCord LengthClean Tank CapacityAmps
    PowerDash43.5x10.125x15.25less than 13 lbs10-inch20-foot0.5 gallons7 amps
    SmartWash43.5x13x18.9about 20 lbs12-inch22-foot1 gallon10 amps
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  • How They Work
    Both of them are easy to use. However, the operation is a bit different.
    When using the PowerDash, you fill the clean water tank with warm water to the
    Water fill line, then add solution to the Solution fill line mark on the clean water tank. And then press the Water/Solution trigger for a slow forward and backward wet stroke, release the trigger for a slow
    forward and backward dry stroke.
    When using the SmartWash, the process is different. First, the SmartWash has a separate solution tank for holding formula. So you fill clean water tank with warm water, and fill solution bottle with solution. No need to mix them manually, the machine will dispense them automatically when cleaning the carpet. Second, the SmartWash has No trigger to press. You turn on the SmartWash, move it forward slowly, it will automatically dispense the optimal amount of water and cleaning solution. Then pull backward slowly, it will extract the water to dry your carpet. There’s also a Dry Only mode that just extracts residue without dispensing water or solution to dry the carpets faster.
  • Attachment
    The PowerDash has no accessories while the SmartWash comes with tool for cleaning carpeted stairs and upholstery. So, if you have stairs, sofa stains, or other similar spots to clean, the SmartWash is a better option.

    images from Hoover infomercials, tools may vary

  • Brushroll
    The PowerDash has one brushroll whereas the SmartWash has two rollers.
  • Maintenance
    This is another important factor to consider.
    * Brush
    These carpet/rug washing machines have removable brush rollers.
    The PowerDash requires much work to clean the brushroll. You have to flip the machine on its side, use screwdriver to remove a few screws, then remove the belt cover, finally, pull out the brushroll.
    As for the SmartWash, you don’t have to flip the cleaner, there is also no screws to remove. You just lift up on the Nozzle release then pull the Nozzle forward to remove the nozzle, then you can reach the brush rollers and pull them out to clean.
    * Dirty Water Tank
    The dirty water tank on the PowerDash is hard to clean up completely, it has only one small side hole, really takes some work to get all of the dirty water out. There might be gunk sitting in the bottom which is difficult to clean out.
    As for the SmartWash, the collection tank has a removable top which makes it easier to empty.
    To sum up, the SmartWash takes much less work for maintenance.
  • Warranty
    The PowerDash carries one year limited warranty versus five year limited warranty on the SmartWash. For what is covered by the warranty, you can visit to download the manuals to learn more. Or just go to the end of this text to get the download links of Download Product Manual the user guide pdf files directly.
  • Price
    The PowerDash is much cheaper than the SmartWash.

Check Hoover PowerDash Price at Amazon

    More information:

  • Both of them have clean water tank and dirty water tank to keep clean and dirty water separately.
  • Featuring Heat Force technology, applies heat generated by the motor, to blow hot air to quicken the drying.
  • Have no heater to maintain or hot up the water. It’s recommended to use warm water.
  • To keep the warranty, use only Hoover cleaning solutions, they do not allow you to use your own formula or solution from other brands. But if you do not care about the warranty, just go ahead.
  • They are not intended for dry vacuuming, always using your traditional vacuum to do the dry vacuuming before using these carpet shampooers.
  • To rinse only, just do not fill formula to the tank.
  • They have no brush off option.
  • Can you use these machines on wool rugs/carpets? It is not recommended to use them to clean wool rugs/carpets. If you want to use them to clean anything that you are not sure if it is safe to clean, or anything that is luxury or you care about, you should always ask the rug/carpet manufacturers first. Some rugs/carpets cannot be cleaned by a carpet shampooer, not only cannot be washed by these machines but also other carpet extractors.
  • These extractors are designed for cleaning carpet/rugs, they cannot be used to clean hard floors like hardwood and ceramic floors. Using them on hard floors may damage the floor.
  • Do not store the machines with water or formula in tanks. If you do not use up all the solution, it is recommended to empty the tanks before storing. If you do not want to throw out the solution, you should detach the tanks and put them in a place where leakage is not an issue.
  • The SmartWash has two versions, the Pet Complete version has a detachable wand for pre-treating dirty spots, you can read the comparison of the SmartWash models here.

Overall, the Hoover SmartWash is a bigger size carpet washing machine with automatic cleaning technology, it comes with attachment for above floor cleaning, and takes less time and effort to clean up after use. The PowerDash is smaller, designed for small space and high traffic area cleaning jobs, and it is much cheaper than the SmartWash. So, just buy the one that fits your cleaning needs.

Check Hoover SmartWash Pet Complete Price at Amazon

Manual PDF download links:
PowerDash manual:
SmartWash manual:
SmartWash Pet Complete manual:

Compare Hoover FH50700 vs FH50710 PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaners what’s the difference?

The Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaners FH50700 and FH50710 models have the same function and very similar appearance, there’s little cosmetic difference between them, such as the printed “POWERDASH PET” moved to the middle part under the logo text from the bottom.

image from Hoover infomercial

Some questions and answers you may want to know before buying:

  • Can you use the PowerDash to clean carpeted stairs? If not, does it come with tools for cleaning upholstery and stairs?
    No. It is not intended for stair cleaning, it is too bulky to use on stairs. And it does not come with any attachments. If you need a carpet extractor with tool for stairs, couch, and upholstered furniture, you can check out the Hoover SmartWash FH52000 and SmartWash Pet FH53000 series, if you need a smaller one for spot stains removal, have a look at the Hoover Spotless FH11300PC spot cleaner.
  • Does the PowerDash vacuum carpet?
    It’s not for regular vacuuming, it is recommended to vacuum before using it to wash the carpet.
  • Can the PowerDash be used to clean hard floors like tile, vinyl, or wood?
    No. It’s not intended for using on hard surfaces.
  • Can you use it to shampoo a wall to wall carpet?
    This carpet shampooer is small, it has small tanks. If you want to use it to clean wall to wall carpet, you will need to fill and empty the tanks frequently.
  • Can you turn off the spinning brush roller?
  • Is there a brushroll height adjustment?
  • Can you remove the brushroll to clean?
    Yes. However, it’s not something that you can easily pull out without tools, you will need to use Philips screwdriver to remove like 6 screws to access it.
  • Does the PowerDash have a heater?
    No. There is no built-in heater to heat the water. You can use hot tap water.
  • Does it steam?
  • Does it pick up pet hair?
    It picks up some pet hair, but not it’s intended for.You’d better do regular vacuuming first.
  • Does it remove pet urine stains and odor?
    You will need to pre-treat the pet accident areas with solution.
  • Where can I buy replacement parts for the PowerDash, such as belt, brushroll, tanks and tank cap?
    The best place to get the replacement parts is the Hoover official website:
  • Can you use formula from other brands?
    If you want to keep your warranty, you have to use only Hoover cleaning solutions.
  • Is this dual voltage?
    No. In US, it’s 120V.

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These are small and lightweight carpet and rug shampooers for apartments and small homes, not meant for large areas. For anyone who have physical limitations, these are also good machines to consider. But for heavy duty works, you probably want to buy a more powerful one.

Specifications and features:

  • PowerSpin Pet Brush Roll with antimicrobial protection
  • HeatForce technology to blow hot air onto the carpet for faster drying
  • Lightweight – weigh less than 13 pounds
  • Compact design for easy storage – dimensions are 10.125 x 15.25 x 43.5 inches(W x D x H)
  • 0.5 gallons clean water tank capacity.
  • Dual Tank System to keep clean water and dirty water separately.
  • 10-inch cleaning path.
  • Removable Nozzle for easy cleanup.
  • 7 amps motor.
  • Carry 1 year limited warranty.
  • Both of them comes with a sample bottle of cleaning solution.

You can download the PowerDash manual to learn more:


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Simple to use.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Small enough, take less space to store than most carpet cleaners on the market.
  • Does a fairly good job cleaning carpets and rugs.
  • Leaves the floor relatively dry if you go slowly with suction only to get up the residue.

Check Price at Amazon


  • Small tanks require frequent emptying and refilling.
  • Inconvenient to clean the brushroll and brushroll compartment. You have to flip the shampooer on its side to expose the bottom, then use a Philips driver to unscrew a few screws to remove belt cover, and then pull out the brushroll to clean up everything. Such design should be improved.
  • Hard to empty the dirty water tank completely.
  • Some users reported leaking problems. If the leakage is the one that mentioned within this user review at Amazon, they can be fixed.

P. S.
If you have an expensive carpet or area rug, please always read the instructions, and consult the manufacturer to make sure if it’s safe to use a carpet shampooer to clean it.

Compare Hoover SmartWash Plus vs SmartWash vs SmartWash PET Complete what’s the difference?

We will discuss the difference between Hoover SmartWash,SmartWash Plus, and SmartWash Pet Complete below.
It seems the Hoover SmartWash and SmartWash+ are the same, some retailers call it SmartWash while some name it SmartWash+.
The SmartWash Pet and The SmartWash Pet Complete are also the same.

The SmartWash Pet Complete FH53000 series is the upgrade version of the original SmartWash FH52000 series. For the appearance and function, there’s no significant modifications. According to user reviews, the SmartWash Pet Complete pulls up water better.

images from Hoover infomercial

The obvious difference between them is the SmartWash Pet FH53000 series equipped with a detachable Spot Chaser PreTreat Wand which can be used to help loosen and remove stains. The SmartWash FH52000 series do not have such pretreat kit.

images from Hoover infomercials

The Spot Chaser PreTreat Wand can be detached from the shampooer, it does not use the solution from the carpet washer tank, it has its own solution tank. You need to fill it with formula before using.
And it requires 2 AAA batteries to work. You also need to use a phillips head screwdriver to install or remove the batteries.
For pretreating stains, you press the wand release button to pull it out. Then use it to dispense solution over the stains. In fact, it works like a spray bottle that stored on the machine for quick reach. Yes, it is convenient. But nothing magical. You can use a spray bottle to get the same things done.
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Other differences are the color and included tools.
For more details about the SmartWash FH52000 series, you can read the SmartWash FH52000 series models comparison here.
As for the SmartWash Pet FH53000 series,
FH53000PC is in purple color, comes with (1) Antimicrobial Pet Tool, (1) trial size Spot Chaser pretreat stain solution, (1) trial size Paws & Claws carpet cleaner shampoo, (1) 8-foot attachment hose, (1) accessory storage bag.
The Antimicrobial Pet Tool (Antimicrobial Rubber Nub Tool) included in the SmartWash Pet package is a bit different from the one (2-in-1 Antimicrobial Bristle Brush and Rubber Nub Tool) that the original SmartWash come with, a bit more bulkier and better suction power.

images from Hoover infomercials

According to the specifications of these carpet shampooers, the original SmartWash solution tank capacity is 20 ounces versus 16 ounces on the SmartWash Pet (Complete) FH53000 series.
And the original SmartWash is about 1.5 pounds lighter.
ExtractorSmartWash FH52000 SeriesSmartWash Pet FH53000 Series
Spot Chaser Pretreat WandNoYes
Weight18.9 lbs20.5 lbs
Amps10 amps10 amps
Cleaning Path Width12-inch12-inch
Clean Water Tank Capacity1 gallon1 gallon
Detergent Tank Capacity20 ounces16 ounces
Hose Length8-foot8-foot
Cord Length22-foot22-foot
Dimensions18.9 x 43.5 x 13 (inches)18.9 x 43.5 x 13 (inches)

These carpet washers are pretty light compared to Rug Doctor and Bissell Big Green. They have separate clean water tank and dirty water tank. Just like many other carpet shampooers on the market, they also have a separate formula tank.

How do you use a Hoover SmartWash?
They are simple to use, as easy as using a vacuum cleaner. You fill in the clean water tank with water, solution tanks with formula, push the machine forward to wash and pull back to dry. You can also choose the dry only mode to extract residue and blow heated air onto the carpet to speed up the drying. That’s all. There’s nothing else you need to do for cleaning carpets.
You do not need to mix water with formula before cleaning, you do not need to press button to dispense solution, because the machines mix them and spray them automatically while you push forward to clean carpet. Though this makes it easy to use, some people do not like it. Because you cannot control how much solution to apply, especially when cleaning those heavy traffic areas or similar spots that need to be treated with more formula.
Check Hoover SmartWash Price at Amazon
Some questions and answers about SmartWash Pet Complete FH53000 series you may want to know before buying:

  • Is the Hoover Smartwash Pet any good?
    It can help remove embeded dirt, juice, wine, coffee spill, pet urine stains, odors, etc. from carpet, rugs, upholstered couches,etc.
  • Can the SmartWash Pet be used to clean hardwood, ceramic, tile or other hard floors?
    No. It’s designed mainly for carpet and rug cleaning.
  • Is this a vacuum and carpet shampooer 2-in-1machine?
    No. It does not work as a regular vacuum. It’s recommended to vacuum before using this machine.
  • Can you set it to rinse only?
    To rinse only, you can remove the the solution tank or fill the solution tank with clean water.
  • Does it steam?
  • Does it have a heater to heat the water?
    It does not have a heater. You can use warm tap water.
  • Can you remove the brushes to clean?
    Yes. Brushes are easy to reach and detach without tool.
  • Can you use it to clean carpeted stairs?
    You can use the Antimicrobial Pet Tool to clean carpeted stairs.
  • Can you use it to clean upholstery, couches,etc.? 
    Yes, attachment required.
  • Where is the SmartWash Pet manufactured?
    It’s made in China.
  • Does it have a manual mode that allows you to decide when and how much solution to dispense?
    The machine does not allow you to control that by yourself.
  • Can you turn off the brushes in dry only mode?
    No. The brushes keep spinning. Brushes will stop rotating when in upright position.
  • How many amps is this carpet extractor?
    10 amps.
  • Does it have dual voltage?
    No. 120V only.
  • Is the handle foldable for storage?
    The handle is not foldable. However, it’s easy to remove.
  • What is the warranty?
    It carries 5 year limited warranty.

Check Hoover SmartWash Pet Complete Price at Amazon
If you are looking for the best lightweight, simple to use, easy to move around domestic carpet washer, then this Hoover SmartWash Pet Complete FH53000 series is a good choice. If you need something that deeply clean carpet well, you may also consider the Bissell Big Green carpet extraction machine. For spot stains removal, take a look at the Bissell SpotBot.

3 of the Best Carpet Shampooers for Pets You Can Consider

If you are looking for the best carpet shampooer for pets, here are 3 of the highest rated products you can take into consideration. They are:
1,Bissell Big Green 86T3 Professional Carpet Shampooer
2,Bissell 1986 ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Extractor,under $300
3,Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Scrubber,under $200

If you prefer an inexpensive carpet cleaner under $100, you could also consider Hoover FH50700 PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner.

Bissell Big Green 86T3

Bissel 86t3l Big Green

Check Price at Amazon

The BISSELL 86T3 Big Green is a deep carpet shampooer that is able to wash and dry carpet at a professional grade. You can expect it to get dog, cat, and other pet stains and odors out of carpet, make carpet look like new and smell nice.This machine has a large rotating brush for carpet and rug cleaning; it comes with a 9 foot hose and 6-inch stain tool to help clean upholstery, stairs, etc.; it includes removable large capacity tanks; has a flow indicator to monitor fluid levels and tell when to check tanks; it also features adjustable handle to fit user heights. Other specs you may want to know – 12 amps,10.5-inch cleaning path width,5 year limited warranty.
If you search online, you will find that it receives great customer satisfaction. Here are some of the goods and bads of this carpet cleaning machine.


  • No assembly required.
  • Large tanks that have a capacity of 1.75 gallons, easy to fill and empty.
  • Powerful motor delivers a lot of suction, lifts up dirty water great, almost the amount that you put into the carpet.
  • Simple to use.
  • Almost no clog problem.
  • Easy to clean up.
  • Great performance, remove carpet stains, make your carpets smell good and look new.
  • Has a heavy duty power cord which is 25 feet in length. Not super long, but long enough to reach areas without keeping plug and unplug.
  • Well balanced.



Overall, if you are looking for a carpet cleaner that works, then this Bissell 86T3 Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine deserves a look. Though it is heavy to push, pricey, and a little problem with the flow indicator, it does its job well, removes pet accident stains and odor, even gets old stains out of carpet, make carpet look new, smell fresh. Definitely one of the best carpet spot and odor remover machine to buy on the market.

Bissell 86t3 manual download

Bissell 1986 ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Extractor

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Washer 1986

Check Price at Amazon

The Bissell 1986 is engineered with pet owners in mind, for homes with cleaning needs like eliminating dog and cat accident stains, odors, cleaning dog diarrhea from carpet, etc.
It has separate 1 gallon clean water tank and dirty water tank, but no detergent tank. You have to mix the clean water with detergent before cleaning. There are lines on the tank to help you pour into the right amount of formula. It has 2 buttons for spraying, a hand control one for general cleaning and a foot control one for pretreating stains. And it features 2 cleaning modes – a Deep Cleaning Mode and an Express Cleaning Mode. To get best cleaning performance, it is recommended to clean in Deep Clean Mode, but not for delicate carpet or area rugs. To regularly and quickly clean the surfaces, select the Express Cleaning Mode, it gets carpet dry faster. But you should always check with your carpet/rug manufacturer for their recommended cleaning method before selecting the cleaning mode.
This Bissell carpet shampooer can also be used to clean hard floors. However, it is not designed for hard floor cleaning, and it requires a Bare Floor Tool which is sold separately to clean hard floor.
This machine comes with a 2-in-1 Pet Upholstery Tool for dry vacuuming and wet washing, including removing pet hair, stains and odors off couches,upholstered chairs,sofa,etc..
There is also a nozzle clean out tool included which is helpful for removing dog hair or lint inside the nozzle and brush roll.
6.8 amps,11-inch cleaning path width,8 foot hose,25 foot cord.


  • Very simple to put together.
  • Easy to fill in water and formula. Has indicator lines to tell you how much solution to pour into.
  • Transparent tanks let you see water level and dirt it pulls up.
  • Easy to empty water tank.
  • It does a good job getting carpet cleaned.
  • 2 cleaning modes for different needs.
  • The nozzle and brush roll cover is easy to remove for cleaning up.
  • Comes with 2 bottles of trial size of formula.


  • One of the biggest complaints that some users have with this machine is the main unit brush can’t be turned off when using the attachment. The brushroll continues to spin while cleaning with the hose and tool, so there might be a chance it would cause damage to carpet, rugs, and other flooring if you let the brush hit the floor. So never get the machine to sit in one spot for very long to avoid any damage. But this requires you to stop the cleaning jobs with the attachment. It would be better to have a brush on/off control.
  • Multiple users complained about the belt quality, some reported that it broke on first use, some said it broke after one year. And the warranty does not cover belt.
  • A separate detergent tank would be better.


Overall, for any pet owner who have cat and dog pee and poop stains to remove from carpeted surface, you could give it a try.

Some questions and answers you may want to know before buying.

Does this Bissell carpet extractor have a heater to heat the water?
No, it doesn’t. You should use hot tap water.

Does it have a heater to help dry the carpet?

Does it have a separate formula tank?
No,it doesn’t. Formula should be pour into the clean water tank before cleaning. So, there is no way to spray formula only onto the carpet/rug.

How many belts does it have?
The Bissell 1986 has 3 belts for the brushes on the machine.

Are the brushes motorized?

Can you use it as a dry vacuum?
No. This is not a dry vacuum but a carpet washer. You should vacuum before using this machine.

Can this carpet scrubber be used on wool carpet?
Always check manufacturer’s tag before cleaning.
If no tag, it is not recommended to use the deep clean mode for cleaning delicate, silk, wool, antique or area rugs.
Do a test clean on a spot if you are not sure if it’s safe on your carpet.

What tools does it include?
It comes with a 2-in-1 pet upholstery tool and a 3-inch tough stain tool.
Also a detachable hose,accessory bag, 2 x 8oz trial size formula.

What’s the warranty?
It carries a 5 year limited warranty. Read manual for details.

It is recommended to read all the instructions in the user guide before using to reduce or avoid common problems caused by improper uses. Some leaking and worse smell problems that users complained could be avoided. But if you get a lemon,that’s another story.
This is a carpet washer, not a vacuum cleaner, so you should not move it as fast as a vacuum. You should move it slower to avoid leaving excess water on the carpet or rugs.
All parts should be dried thoroughly before storing. Some users suggest holding down the spray button to release any remaining solution inside the parts of the machine could help avoid mildew odor.
To only rinse carpet, use only water without mixing with formula.

Bissell 1986 manual download

Hoover Smartwash Carpet Washer

For Hoover Smartwash, this machine does not require you to mix solution, you do not need to press any trigger to spray solution during the cleaning process, it automatically mix water with detergent, and spray to carpet. You can learn the pros and cons of it by reading this post.

Difference Between Hoover Smartwash FH52000 vs FH52001 vs FH52002

Contacted the Hoover customer service via email, they told me that there was little difference, the FH5002 is the pet version, it has a 12-foot accessory hose, that’s it. And they told me that I could find the info on and other websites.
So I just visited the official site and multiple retailers websites to get more details. According to my research online, yes, there is only tiny difference between the Hoover carpet cleaners FH52000,FH52001,and FH52002. They are the color, included accessories, and where sold.

Hoover Smartwash Models Differences

The Hoover SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52000 is turquoise(teal), sold on,,,,,,etc., comes with a 8 ft. accessory hose, 2-in-1 antimicrobial pet tool which is an upholstery tool, 12 oz. Expert Pet sample bottle of cleaning solution, accessory storage bag.

The Hoover SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner FH52001 is blue, sold on, comes with a 8 ft. hose, 2-in-1 antimicrobial pet tool, sample bottle of cleaning solution, accessory storage bag.

The Professional Series SmartWash Advanced Automatic Upright Pet Carpet Cleaner FH52002 is red, sold exclusively on, comes with XL tools – a longer hose which is 12 ft. long and a wider head 2-in-1 stair tool, sample bottle of spot cleaning solution, sample bottle of cleaning solution, mesh storage bag.

The Hoover SmartWash carpet shampooer is one of the best rated carpet cleaner machines on, if not the best. It is designed for washing your carpeted areas.
It has separate 1 gallon clean water tank, dirty water tank, and a 0.2 ounces solution tank.
There is no solution measuring and mixing needed, it will automatically mix and dispense solution for optimal carpet cleaning without requiring you to touch a button.
It has 2 modes, a Wash & Dry mode which allows you to push the machine forward to wash and pull back to dry, and a Dry Only mode for excess water extraction for faster drying.
The machine does NOT have a heater to heat the water. It is recommended to use warm water to clean.
According to Hoover, this machine features HeatForce which applies hot air directly to the area you are cleaning, resulting in faster drying. I think the HeatForce is something similar to the Bissell HeatWave technology which utilize the hot air generated by the motor of the machine.
Another thing you should know before buying is that it is designed specifically for cleaning carpeted surfaces, not for cleaning hard floors like hardwood and tile.


  • Easy to put together and use.
  • Does a good job on carpet cleaning.
  • Smooth maneuvering with the big wheels.
  • Has side brushes.
  • Separate tanks – detergent tank,clean water tank, and dirty water tank. All tanks are clear that allows you to see the levels, all are removable for filling,emptying and cleaning.
  • No need to measure and mix detergent.
  • Automatically dries carpet while pulling backwards.
  • Easy to disassemble for maintenance, tanks,nozzle,brushes are easy to remove and clean.


  • Auto clean and solution dispensing. Some people likes the feature while others don’t. People like it because they don’t have to pressure buttons to spray detergent and water when cleaning. People do not like it because they cannot control when and how much to spray formula and water, especially when cleaning spots that need to apply extra detergent, such as removing a pet urine stain off the carpeting. So it would be better to have some control to spray shampoo on cleaning spots with stubborn pet stains. And people also think the no button control may over saturate the carpet with water.
  • Average noise level.
  • 22 ft. cord.
  • Weighs 18.9 pounds.


  • The 2-in-1 antimicrobial pet tool feels cheap and is awkward to use.
  • Build quality, multiple users reported that the roller brushes of the machine stop working after a few months’ usage.
  • Multiple users complained that they had problems in getting the carpet extractor to stay on, they reported that it would not stay on once foot lifted from the pedal, it’s so finicky and tricky to use. To solve this issue, according to Hoover customer support, it is recommended to push the pedal at the bottom left corner, then push down firmly, and release. Sometimes the scrubber does not stay on because it “thinks” the dirty water tank is full.
  • Some users also complained that the auto mixing and dispensing feature uses up the solution too quickly.

Overall, this residential carpet cleaner does a good job on cleaning. But should have better quality control and some design improvement. It’s not perfect, but is one of the best home carpet shampooers you can find on the market.

1,This machine does not have a rinse only mode. If you want to remove any solution residue off the carpet, you can remove the solution tank to rinse with only clean water.
2,Always make sure the tanks are secured before using to avoid leaking.
3,Always vacuum carpet or rug before using this washer, especially if you have dogs and cats.
4,Saw some retailers use “Smartwash+” whereas some others use “Smartwash”, so there would be no difference between Smartwash+ and Smartwash.

Some questions and answers.
Can this machine be used on hard floors?
This carpet scrubber is designed for carpet and rug cleaning, not a multi surfaces cleaner, not recommended for bare floors.

Does it have a heater?
No, it does not have any heater.

What’s the warranty?
5 year limited warranty. Download manual to learn what the warranty covers.

Can you use it to rinse only?
Yes. Just take the solution tank out.

Does it work on a shag carpet?
This will work fine on a thick carpet. According to Hoover, it was tested and designed to work on all carpet types. But longer drying time.

Can you adjust the height of the roller?
No, there is no way to adjust the brush height to fit different piles of carpeting.

Download manual to learn detail this carpet cleaning machine before buying.