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Comparison info on vacuum cleaners, floor steamers, carpet extractors, and other floor care items.

Shark Rotator Pro Upright Vacuum ZU780 vs ZU782 vs ZU785 what’s the difference?

Shark zu780,zu782 and zu785

images from Shark official site

The Shark Rotator Pro Upright Vacuum Cleaner ZU780, ZU782 and ZU785 are from the same series, they feature Lift-Away pod, DuoClean nozzle and Self-Cleaning Brushroll. They are almost the same except for the color and included accessories.
Below we will list these difference between them:

The ZU780 is Burgundy in color, comes with a 12″ Crevice Tool, and an Upholstery Tool.

The ZU782 is Sage Green, comes with a 12″ Crevice Tool, an Upholstery Tool and a Pet Power Brush.

The ZU785 is Purple, comes with a 12″ Crevice Tool, an Upholstery Tool, a Pet Power Brush and an Under-Appliance Wand.

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The 12-inch Crevice Tool can be used to clean tight corners, baseboards,ceiling,etc.

The Upholstery Tool can be used to pick up pet hair and debris from delicate fabrics like curtains and lampshades.

images from Shark official site

The Pet Power Brush is an air driven brush tool for picking up pet hair, dander, and loose debris from upholstery and other surfaces.

The Under-Appliance Wand is an adjustable tool that can be extended to 36-inch, it is good for getting under and behind appliances and furniture.

Main Features:
The Lift-Away feature allows you to detach the pod from the vacuum, and lift the pod to clean around using the wand or other tools.

The DuoClean means there are two brushrollers inside the nozzle: one bristle brush and one soft brush to handle both carpets and hard floors.

The Self-Cleaning Brushroll reduces brushroller hair wrapping problem.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Long cable: 30-foot power cord.
  • Bright headlight to help clean dark spots.
  • Adequate suction.
  • Washable filters to save money.
  • Featuring HEPA filter and Sealed system for trapping dust and debris inside the vacuum.
  • Suction control collar allows you to lower suction power for cleaning door mats, area rugs and curtains.
  • The lift-Away feature is good for portable cleaning such as cleaing stairs,furniture, ceiling,and cars.

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  • This vacuum allows you to store up to 2 accessories onboard, any other tools need to be stored elsewhere.
  • A bit heavy, weighs 17.7 pounds.
  • Power button is not placed on the handle.
  • Cannot turn off the brush rollers.

Some Questions and Answers:

  • Does it have headlight?
    Yes. There is led headlight on the floor nozzle, but no lights on the handle.
  • Does it have HEPA filter?
    It features a HEPA filter and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology to Trap Dust and Debris inside the vacuum and expels clean air.
  • Can you lift away the pod and use the nozzle with the wand to get under bed and other furniture?
    No. It’s NOT Powered Lift-Away, so it does not allow you to use the wand with the powered nozzle.
  • Does it have auto cord retraction?
  • How much does it weigh?
    The vacuum weighs about 17.7 lbs, the Lift-Away pod weighs about 9.8 pounds.
  • What are the dimensions?
    12.10 x 12.20 x 45.70 inches(L x W x H)
  • What’s the cleaning path width?
  • Does it have a brushroller On/Off control?
    No. You cannot turn off the brushrollers.
  • Does it have a height adjustment for different carpet thickness?
    No height adjustment.
    There is one setting for cleaning bare floors, the brushrollers spin slowly in this mode; and one setting for cleaning carpets, the brushrollers spin fast in this mode.
  • What is the bin size?
    It holds up to 1.3 dry quarts(to the Max fill line).
  • How long is the cable?
    The vacuum has a 30-foot cord.
  • Can you adjust the suction?
    There is a suction control collar that allows you to release suction.
  • What’s the warranty?
    It carries 5 year limited warranty.
  • Does the nozzle swivel?
    Yes. It features Swivel Steering.

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Download Shark Rotator Pro manual to learn more:

Shark ZS360/ZS362 vs LZ601/LZ602/LZ600 what’s the difference?

images from Shark official site

Are you deciding between the Shark APEX UpLight Lift-Away Vacuum LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 and Shark APEX DuoClean with Zero-M stick vacuum ZS360/ZS362? If yes, then the following comparision info may be helpful to you.
(Read the difference between Uplight models LZ600,LZ601 and LZ602 here; Apex Duoclean with Zero-M Stick models ZS360,ZS362 comparison here.)

These Shark vacuum cleaners are slim and verstile. They are similar, but there are some differences.

Why choose the ZS360/ZS362 Stick over the Uplight LZ600/LZ601/LZ602:

Do you care about the headlights?

images from Shark official site

The ZS360/ZS362 have LED lights on both the nozzle and hand unit whereas the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 have lights only on nozzle. If you usually use the vacuum as a hand vacuum, maybe you want the lights on the hand unit, they are helpful when cleaning dark spots. In this case, you should choose the ZS360/ZS362.

Surface Settings

images from Shark official site

The ZS360/ZS362 have two settings, one for bare floors and small area rugs, brushrolls spin slowly in this mode; one for cleaning carpets, brushrolls spin fast in this mode; while the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 have only one speed, and it’s relatively fast.
If you have delicate hard surfaces, you may want to choose the ZS360/ZS362, since the fast speeding brushrolls may casue some damage to the floors.

Using Nozzle without Wand

images from Shark official site

The ZS360/ZS362 allow you to connect the handheld portion directly to the floor nozzle whereas the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 floor nozzle cannot be connected directly to the handheld unit without the wand. So, if you want to shorten the vacuum to vacuum carpeted stairs, or do any other vacuuming jobs with the floor nozzle attached but without the wand, the ZS360/ZS362 is the one you should buy.

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Why choose the Uplight LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 over the Stick ZS360/ZS362:

HEPA Filter
The LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 feature Anti-Allergen Complete Seal with a HEPA Filter to capture and trap more tiny dust, dirt, and allergens whereas the ZS360/ZS362 do not feature. If you or any of your family member is an asthma or allergy sufferer, the HEPA filter is an important feature to you, then you should buy the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602.

Self Standing

images from Shark official site

Commonly,a stick vacuum cannot stand upright on its own, just like the ZS360/ZS362, you have to lay it down or lean it against a wall or some other objects. Sometimes, this is inconvenient when you want to pause in your vacuuming process, such as picking up or moving things during vacuuming. But the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 are different, they are something between an upright and a stick, they have retractable wheels at the rear that make them able to stand on their own. So, if you want the self standing feature, go for LZ600/LZ601/LZ602.

The LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 is more versatile, it features the Lift-Away pod which is detachable, with the 4.2-foot integrated extendable hose and other accessories, you can carry the pod with one hand and use the tools with the other hand to clean tight spaces and reach more areas. Whereas the ZS360/ZS362 neither have the lift away feature nor the hose. However,there is flexible hose available for purchase to use with the ZS360/ZS362. If you like the lift away feature, then choose the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602.

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More Differences:

Power Specs
The ZS360/ZS362: 120 volts, 60hz, 600 watts, 5 amps
The LZ600/LZ601/LZ602: 120 volts, 60hz, 700 watts, 5.8 amps

Bin Capacity
Since they are stick vacuum cleanes, they have much smaller bins than the uprights. The ZS360/ZS362 hold up to 0.74 dry quarts whereas the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 have a dust cup capacity of 0.68 quarts.

Emptying the Dust Cup
When emptying the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602, you have to detach the dust cup from the lift away pod. When emptying the ZS360/ZS362, you can remove the dust cup from the hand unit or just leave it attached, it is up to you.

As the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 can stand by its own, you can put it anywhere you want, and just leave it there.
As for the ZS360/ZS362, the handheld portion can be stored on a hook located on the bottom front of the wand. This may be annoying for some people, because you have to detach the handheld portion from the wan every time you finish the vacuuming jobs. If you hate doing this,you can also store the vacuum with a wall mount which is sold separately.

Cleaning Path Width
The ZS360/ZS362 cleaning path width is 8.5-inch versus 9-inch on the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602.

The ZS360/ZS362 weighs 10 lbs whereas the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 weighs 10.7 lbs.


  • Corded and bagless.
  • Dual brushrolls for cleaning various types of surfaces.
  • Features swivel steering.
  • Can be a stick vacuum, can also be converted to a handheld vacuum for cleaning furniture,stairs,above floor quick cleaning,etc.
  • They have a low profile which allows them to get under most low furniture like a table and bed.
  • Self-Cleaning Brushroll to reduce pet hair and long hair wrap problems.
  • Motorized brushroll cannot be turned off.
  • There is no suction control to help clean area rugs or those delicate things.
  • 30 foot power cord.
  • Has a 5 year limited warranty.

Download manuals to learn more:
Shark ZS360/ZS362 manual:
Shark LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 manual:

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Shark Apex DuoClean Zero-M Corded Stick Vacuum ZS360 vs ZS362 what’s the difference?

The Shark ZS360 and ZS362 are almost the same, the difference between them are just the color and included tools.

product images from shark official site

The ZS360 is in Sage Green, sold at, comes with a 5-inch Crevice Tool and Pet Multi-Tool.
The ZS362 is in Forest Mist Blue,sold at,,,etc., comes with a 5-inch Crevice Tool, Pet Multi-Tool, and one more tool – Precision Duster.

tool images from shark official site

The 5-inch crevice tool is a short tool that can be used to clean tight spots,corners,baseboards,etc.
The Pet Multi-Tool can be used to help clean stubborn pet hair and debris from upholstery.
The Precision Duster can be used to clean very tight space or clean delicate things, such as cleaning keyboards and car interior detailing.

Shark Apex DuoClean Zero-M ZS360/ZS362 are stick and handheld 2 in 1 vacuum cleaners, features dual brush rollers to clean both bare floors and carpet, no hair wrap design requires less maintenance. They are corded, have 30-foot power cord. Features a 0.74 dry quart dust cup to collect debris. Swivel Steering for easy maneuvering and LED headlights to help clean dark spots.


  • Good suction,does a good job picking up pet hair.
  • The Zero-M brushroll design does its job, much less hair tangled problem than common vacuum, requires far less maintenance.
  • Floor nozzle can be attached with the wand or without the wand to provide flexibility.
  • Easy to access the brush rollers.
  • Fingertip control for conveniently switching between hard floor and carpeted surfaces.
  • Versatile, easy to switch between stick mode and handheld mode.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Headlights on both nozzle and handheld portion to help clean all low light spots.
  • Has a reasonable length power cord.
  • Low profile design allows it to get under couches,tables,chairs,and other furniture.
  • It is light, weighs less than 10 pounds, easy to carry around, or up and down stairs.
  • There is a hook on the bottom front of the wand, the handheld portion can be stored on there. So, no top heavy problem while storing. The vacuum can also be stored on a wall if you purchase the wall mount.


  • Most of the weight is in the handle, your arm and wrist will get sore and tired if you vacuum for a long period of time, such as vacuum several rooms.
  • Does not stand on its own. You have to lay it down or lean it against something while pausing during cleaning process. But this is a problem most stick vacuum cleaners have.
  • Wall mount sold separately.
  • Just like other stick vacuum, the dust cup is small, fills up quickly.
  • The exhaust on the vacuum is at the back of the handheld portion, so it blows air onto your body during the course of vacuuming.

Some Questions and Answers:

  • Can you turn off the ZS360/ZS362 brushrolls to clean bare floors?
  • No.
  • Can you remove the brushrolls?
  • There are 2 brushrolls, the bristle brushroll cannot be removed whereas the soft roller is removable.
  • Can you adjust the height of the brushrolls?
  • No. However, the vacuum has 2 speeds for cleaning different surfaces.
  • Can you adjust the suction power?
  • No. There is no suction control.
  • Do the ZS360/ZS362 stand on its own like the uplight model?
  • No. You have to lean it against something.
  • Is the brushroll powered or air driven?
  • It is motorized.
  • How heavy?
  • The whole vacuum weighs about 10 lbs, the handheld unit weighs less than 4 lbs, the wand weight is about 1 lbs.
  • Do you have to keep pressing the button to power it?
  • No. There is a on/off switch.
  • Is it battery powered or corded?
  • It is corded.
  • Is it bagless or bagged?
  • It uses a dust cup.
  • Does it feature automatic cord rewind?
  • No, it doesn’t.
  • Does it have HEPA filter?
  • No.
  • Can you use the floor nozzle without the wand?
  • Yes.

Shark Apex DuoClean Zero-M ZS360/ZS362 features and specifications:

Vacuum Name Shark Apex DuoClean Zero-M Corded Stick Vacuum
Type Stick and handheld 2 in 1
Power Source Corded
Cord Length 30 foot
On/Off Switch Yes
Dust Collection Type Bagless/Dust Cup
Dust Cup Size 0.74 dry quarts
Dual Brushrolls Yes
No Hair Wrap Technology Yes
Brush On/Off No
Height Adjustment No. But has 2 speeds to choose from.
Cleaning Path Width 8.5-inch
Headlight Yes,on nozzle and handheld portion.
Lift Away No
Suction Control No
Swivel Steering Yes
Washable Filter Yes
HEPA Filter No
Wall Mount Not included, available to purchase separately.
Voltage 120V
Amperage 5 amps
Wattage 600W
Weight 10 lbs
Warranty 5 year limited warranty
Dimensions 10.2 x 9.8 x 46.4 inches

You can download manual to learn more:

What’s the difference between Shark Apex Uplight LZ600 vs LZ601 vs LZ602?

The Shark LZ600 APEX UpLight Lift-Away DuoClean vacuum cleaner,the LZ601, and the LZ602 are basically the same except for some small differences:
the color and included tools.

The LZ600 is in Magenta,comes with a 8-inch Crevice Tool, Pet Multi-Tool, and an accessory holder which can be attached onto the wand to store the two tools for easy reach.

The Shark LZ601 APEX UpLight Lift-Away DuoClean Vacuum is in Forest Mist Blue, comes with a Pet Multi-Tool, Duster Crevice Tool, and Accessory Holder.

images from

Pet Multi-Tool:
This is a convertible tool for tackling pet messes:
first, you use its stiff bristle brush for cleaning stuck-on debris; and then you can remove the bristles to use it as an upholstery tool for removing pet hair.

Duster Crevice Tool:
It is a 2 in 1 cleaning tool. You can use it as a soft brush to dust delicate surfaces, or use it as a crevice tool to clean tight areas.

Accessory Holder:
This attachment is designed for keeping accessories onboard for easy reach and compact storage. It can hold 2 accessories.

The Shark LZ602 is in Terra-cotta, includes a Self-Cleaning Pet Power Brush,an 8″ Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, and Accessory Holder.

images from

Self-Cleaning Pet Power Brush:
This is air driven tool which is designed for above floor cleaning like removing pet hair and ground-in dirt from couches,upholstery,carpeted stairs, and it also has relatively less hair wrap problem compared to other tool.

8-inch Crevice Tool:
It is a tool that can be used for cleaning corners, baseboards, tight spaces, and ceilings.

Dusting Brush:
This tool allows you to adjust the angle of the head for dusting shelves, around appliances, window, etc.

Same specifications and features:

  • DuoClean technology – has two brushrolls, a bristle brush and a soft brushroll, in one nozzle to clean both carpet and hard surfaces.
  • Features a detachable Lift Away pod which has a built-in extendable hose for cleaning tight spaces, above floor areas like countertops and sofa, auto detailing and more.
  • Self-cleaning brush roll which claimed to be able to remove hair by itself to minimize hair wrapping problems.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter trap most dust,dirt and allergens inside the vacuum,emits clean air.
  • Washable HEPA & foam filters.
  • A retractable wheels enable the stick vacuum to stand on its own.
  • LED lights on the nozzle to illuminate dark spots.
  • Hypervelocity suction speeds up airflow through a direct path.
  • 120V, 60Hz, 700 Watts,5.8 Amps
  • 30-foot power cord.
  • Weighs 10.7 pounds.
  • 0.68 qts. dust bin capacity.
  • 9-inch cleaning path width.
  • 4.2-foot hose.
  • Weighs 10.7 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 10.44 x 11.38 x 46.19 (LxWxH)
  • Carries 5 year limited warranty.

Apex Uplight Review Research:

  • Simple to put together.
  • Strong suction for its size.
  • Cord is long.
  • The self-cleaning brushroll works well.
  • Has LED headlights.
  • Versatile. It has detachable wand and pod, allows you to tackle different cleaning jobs,including floor and above floor cleaning.
  • Low profile and can lay flat to get under furniture (requires approximately 4.5 inches of clearance). 
  • The nozzle swivels well.
  • Easy to empty bin.
  • With the help of the retractable wheels, it can stand on its own.


  • Small dust bin.
  • The power button is on the rear of the handle, not on the front. Thus it is difficult to turn it on/off with one hand.
  • Not for people with weak wrist. The lift away pod contains the motor and bin, is near the handle. When you hold the vacuum, you are holding most of the weight of the unit, so it will feel heavier than you thought. It will take you some time to get used to it.
  • Cannot turn off brush rollers.
  • Cannot adjust suction power.


  • The suction and self cleaning brushroll are pretty good, but the weight distribution might be a an issue for some people, and the lack of suction adjustment makes it not work well on shag carpets and small rugs.

You can download manual to learn more:
Visit Amazon Shark APEX UpLight product page,scroll down to product information section, you will find a link to download the user guide. Or visit to download.

*Does it have a brushroll On/Off control?
No, brushrolls cannot be turned off.
*Is the wand telescopic?
No. It is a non telescopic wand.
*Does it have manual height adjustment for carpet and hard floors?
No, there is not height settings.
*Does it allow you to adjust the suction power?
No,there is no suction control.
*Can you remove the brush rollers to clean out?
There is an Eject Roller button on the nozzle that allows you to remove the soft roller. For cleaning the bristle brush, you will need to remove the cover at the bottom of the nozzle to reach the roller to clean out hair and lint.

Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Models Comprison

Things you may want to know about before making a purchase, because many other people concern about them.

First, all of the Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners are bagless and battery powered. All of them do NOT operate while charging, which means you cannot use it to vacuum with cord attached.

Second, all of the Dyson cordless units use Trigger type On/Off design, Dyson claimed that such design can save battery power and then extend running time. However, with this design, you have to keep pressing the trigger when in use. Some people like such design while others does not like it because they feel it cause finger fatigue. So you’d better try it before buying if you never had one. Test it at local stores, or borrow one from friends or neighbors if possible.

Third, though the battery pack on the unit is replaceable, you have to use a screw driver to unscrew 2 (on V6) or 3 (on V7,V8,V10) phillips screws to remove the battery pack. So this is not a design that allows you to have a second battery pack to conveniently swap to use in your daily cleaning jobs. For those who prefer a cordless vacuum with 2 swappable batteries, please think over.

Now, if you decide to buy one but get confused by the various similar models, here are some info that may make it clear. We list major difference between them.

Dyson Cyclone V10 vs V7 vs V8

Vacuum CleanerV10 CycloneV7V8
MotorDyson digital V10 motor spins at up to 125,000rpm Dyson digital V7 motor spins at up to 107,000rpm Dyson digital V8 motor spins at up to 107,000rpm
Cyclone Technology14 concentric array cyclones2 Tier Radial cyclones with 15 cyclones. 2 Tier Radial cyclones with 15 cyclones.
Bin Size0.2 gallons (Model Motorhead has only 0.14 gallons)0.14 gallons 0.14 gallons
Cleaner HeadTorque Drive Cleaner Head (Motorhead has Direct Drive Cleaner Head ) Direct Drive Cleaner Head Direct Drive Cleaner Head
Power Modes & Suction Power3 power modes, 16AW on low, 33AW on medium, 151 AW on max 2 power modes, 21 AW on Powerful mode, 100 AW on Max mode2 power modes, 28 AW on Powerful mode, 115 AW on Max mode
Battery25.2V, 20.8A,2600mAh,66 Wh,7 cell Lithium-ion Battery, takes 3.5 hour to fully charge. Runs up to 60 minutes on low, up to 35 minutes or so on medium, about 7 minutes on high.21.6V,16.2A, 2100mAh,46Wh,6 cell Lithium-ion Battery, takes 3.5 hour to fully charge. Runs up to 30 minutes on low, 6 minutes on high.21.6V,18.5A, 2800mAh,65Wh,6 cell Lithium-ion Battery, takes 5 hour to fully charge. Runs up to 40 minutes on low, 7 minutes on high.
Filtrationone piece filter, HEPAHEPA or Standard (Absolute and Motorhead) HEPA

About V6. Though it is the lowest price one of the four. But its running time on low setting is the shortest one, bin is the smallest, tools are harder to switch.

V7 use the direct drive cleaner head, has better brush bar power than the V6 and longer running time on low setting, but suction power on low setting is down from 28 air watts to 21 air watts compared to V6.

V8 has greater suction power than the V7, 28 air watts versus 21 air watts on previous model at low setting, 115 air watts versus 100 air watts at high setting. And it provides 10 minutes longer running time on low setting. But the change on the battery also increase its charging time, the other models only require 3.5 hours to recharge while the V8 needs 5 hours to fully charge.

V10 provides the most powerful suction on the max mode, much greater than the previous models. Its design is different from the previous models, such as the hygienic point and shoot empty mechanism, adding one more power mode, the one piece filter to replace the pre-motor filter and post motor filter. It can run up to 60 minutes with a non motorized tool on low setting(16 air watts is not strong enough for most vacuuming jobs), but the running time on medium (33 air watts suction power) and high setting(151 air watts) are not better than the V8 low setting(28 air watts) and high setting(115 air watts). One more thing you should know about the Cyclone V10 — with the redesign on the unit, you have to remove the tools/wand before emptying the bin. The previous models do not require you to remove tools/wand to empty. It seems the new design is not as convenient as the older models, but for the old models, there is also chances to open the dust bin accidentally, then spill dust.

Buy the V6 if you just want to try a Dyson cordless vacuum.

V7 or V8. The V7 is a little cheaper than the V8. Buy the V7 if you want 1.5 hours shorter charging time. Choose the V8 if you want better suction power and longer running time.

Buy the V10 if you have enough budget, and need one with larger bin, and the most powerful suction for occasional intensive cleaning.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute vs Animal vs Motorhead Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

The Cyclone V10 has some redesign compared to previous models, such as adding one more power mode, hygienic “point and shoot” empty mechanism, one piece filter to replace dual filters. It provides much more suction power at max mode than the V6,V7 and V8 models.

The V10 Absolute and Animal is the same except for color and accessories. The Motorhead is different from the above versions, it has a small dust cup and it does NOT come with the new Torque drive cleaner head, instead, it includes the Direct drive cleaner head like the previous generation.

Vacuum CleanerBin CapacityWeightColorIncluded Tools
V10 Absolute0.2 gallons5.9 lbsBlue,Copper,BlackTorque drive cleaner head,Soft roller cleaner head,Mini Motorhead,Mini soft dusting brush,Combination
tool,Crevice tool,Docking station,Charger
V10 Animal0.2 gallons5.9 lbsPurpleTorque drive cleaner head,Mini Motorhead,Mini soft dusting brush,Combination tool,Crevice tool,Docking
V10 Motorhead0.14 gallons5.5 lbsRedDirect drive cleaner head,Combination tool,Crevice tool,Docking station,Charger

Dyson V7 Absolute vs Motorhead vs Animal vs HEPA Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Not all of the V7 cordless models feature HEPA filtration; the color of the cyclone part and the wand is the obvious thing that makes them different from each other; the model that comes with more tools are more expensive.

Vacuum CleanerHEPA FiltrationColorIncluded ToolsOfficial Price
V7 AbsoluteNoBlack/RedDirect drive cleaner head,soft roller cleaner head,Mini Motorhead,Mini soft dusting brush,Combination tool,Crevice tool,Docking station,Charger$349.99 (2019-02-28)
V7 MotorheadNoFuchsiaDirect drive cleaner head,Combination tool,Crevice tool,Docking station,Charger$249.99 (2019-02-28)
V7 AnimalYesIronSoft roller cleaner head,Mini Motorhead,Mini soft dusting brush,Combination tool,Crevice tool,Docking station,Charger$299.99 (2019-02-28)
V7 HEPAYesWhiteDirect drive cleaner head,Combination tool,Crevice tool,Docking station,Charger$239.29 (2019-02-28)