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Looking for the best shop vac for the money? Try these.

When buying a wet dry vac, you are choosing a versatile cleaning machine for a wider range of applications than a general home vacuum.

Unlike a standard vacuum we use at home which can only pick up dry materials, a wet dry vacuum, some people call it shop vac, has the ability to tackle dry as well as wet messes.
Shop vacs commonly are more sturdier, heavy duty, they generate powerful suction, some can pick up shark items that might damage a standard vacuum, such as a nail. And they feature larger capacity. You can easily find 6,8,10,12,16 gallon shop vac on the market, even vacuums with capacity of over 20 gallons. But a standard dry vacuum usually holds less than 1 gallon.

There are different types of wet dry vacuum cleaners, some are corded, some are cordless; some are handheld, some are upright, some can be wall mounted; some are for home use while some are commercial, industrial shop vacs for plumbers and workers;some are for woodworking,dust collection,and some are good for water removal.
And there are also many brands to choose from. For people who have no personal preference, you can have a look at the products from DeWalt,Stanley,Craftsman,Shop-Vac,Ridgid,Milwaukee,Festool,Vacmaster,etc., these are the top rated brands.

If you don’t have the time to do the research, below are some of the best selling items you can take into consideration. They are relatively good quality vacs on the market.
And of course, you should always know your cleaning needs first to choose the best one that fits your needs.

Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 - a large capacity shop vac for garage, shop and on the jobsite.

Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 Shop Vac Red/Black

The Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 is a 16 gallon 6.5 peak horse power heavy-duty wet dry vacuum which is designed for garage, shop and on the jobsite, best for home projects and renovations.
It has 2-1/2-in diameter cleaning tools, 7 ft. hose, built-in drain for emptying liquids, built-in blower port, onboard attachments storage, comes with 2 extension wands, 1 utility nozzle, car nozzle, wet nozzle, dust collection bag.
It is rated at 190.8 CFM and 12 amps. For the noise level, it is rated 71.8 decibels with the hose attached.
The retail price usually is less than $100, this is inexpensive when compared to a standard vac.
You can use it for multi surface – gutters,carpet or hard floors such as concrete, tile floors,hardwood,etc.


  • Plenty of suction power.
  • Wheels roll nicely without tipping.
  • Can be used as bagless or bagged for dry messes.
  • Great for picking up dog hair and fur like husky fur.


  • Does not come with a muffler.

For those who are looking for the most powerful shop vac with the best suction power, you may want to consider this high cfm item. It could handle almost any jobs you want it to do, from car detailing, dust collection, picking up yard waste to removing water flooding from basement, it also has a blower function to use for leaves.
Overall, a strong large shop vac for the money.
If you want a larger job site shop vac that are mainly for large projects, you can also consider the 20 gallon model CMXEVBE17596.

2 DeWalt DXV10P - perfect size vac for most cleaning jobs.

DeWalt DXV10P Shop Vac in Yellow/Black

If you think a 16 or 20 gallon shop vac is too big and too loud, but still want one that can handle both small and serious work,you can consider a smaller one, such as a 10 gallon vac.

The DeWalt DXV10P 10 gallon shop-vac has a 5.5 peak horse power motor, 20 ft. power cord, built-in blower port, built-in drain,built-in storage bag,built-in hose wrap,features aluminum casters, rubber wheels, waterproof power switch. Comes with 1-7/8″x7′ hose, 2 extension wands, 1 cartridge filter, dust bag, floor nozzle, utility nozzle, crevice nozzle.


  • Quiet for its size. Maybe it’s not the quietest shop vac for its size, but quieter than many others.
  • Great suction,pick up ashes,sawdust,drywall dust,sanding, and other construction debris with no problem.
  • Built-in tank drain for easy liquid emptying.
  • Bag is optional.
  • Smooth casters,rubber wheels, easy to move around.


  • Extension wands could be longer.
  • Lack of a brush attachment.

Overall, this DeWalt DXV10P is a powerful yet fairly quiet wet dry vacuum. It can remove imbedded messes in the carpet such as ground in dirt and dog fur, car cleaning, and provides enough suction for water extraction.

3 Vacmaster VF408 - a compact size shop vac with HEPA filter for house use.

Vacmaster VF408 Wet Dry Vac in Blue/Black

Not every time you need a large wet dry vacuum, sometimes, a compact one is a better choice to get the small jobs done, such as the Vacmaster VF408.
The VF408 is under $100, if you are looking for an affordable wet dry vacuum, this one is a good choice. It has a 4 gallon tank, can be used with or without a bag, comes with tools for different jobs. If you want a wet dry vac with HEPA filter to prevent spreading dust in the house, then this vac might meet your needs, because it uses a HEPA exhaust filter.


  • A budget wet dry vacuum.
  • Power cord is retractable.
  • HEPA filter for good air quality.
  • Good choice of tools,onboard tool storage.
  • Compact size.


  • The 18 ft. cord could be longer.
  • Build quality could be better.
  • The hose is a bit stiff.
  • The wand and hose diameter is narrow.
  • Storage for tools is not sufficient, tools do not stay securely, could fall off.

Overall, a good wet dry vacuum for the money. Suction power is ok. A good choice for home cleaning works when you don’t want to lug out the big shop vac. To learn more, you can download the manual –

4 DEWALT DCV581H - a small size and portable wet dry vacuum


If what you need is not only a small one, but also a portable one that you can move it around freely without being limited by the cord, you can consider a cordless, such as the little DEWALT DCV581H or the Milwaukee 0880-20.
The DEWALT DCV581H can be used as a corded with an AC outlet, or a cord free with an 18v or 20v MAX battery.
It has a 5 ft. hose, a crevice tool, wide nozzle tool,HEPA filter, and 31 cfm.
It is a little shop vac, holds only 2 gallons. Its suction is so so. But it is convenient for quick pick ups such as removing drywall dust without dragging out your bulky full size machine.
You can use it to vacuum saw dust, sand dust, car interiors, boat cleaning, floor mats, general home use, etc.
This one can also be used as a blower.


  • So compact and convenient.
  • Tools stay securely onboard.
  • 3 year limited warranty.
  • Accepts 1 1/4 inch diameter regular accessories.
  • Can be battery powered or corded. If you run out of battery, you can still run it with the cord and an outlet.


  • Exhaust port blows air right out of the side.
  • With the battery pack, it is expensive. More expensive than a large shop vac.
  • Some users complained that they got defective items, the vacuum stopped working with the battery, but worked with the cord only after a few months usage.

Overall, a portable and light duty wet dry vacuum for quick clean ups and small jobs like picking up sand in a car and boat cleaning. Suction power and noise level is average.

If you need a smaller vac, there are mini items on the market, such as the DeWalt DCV517 which holds only 0.5 gallons, this mini handheld wet dry vac is convenient for small jobs when it is a pain to drag out the bulky shop vac.

If you need one for removing spills, pet urine odor and stains from carpet, then a wet dry vacuum does not fit, what you need is a carpet washer, such as a the Bissell Big Green or the Hoover Carpet Cleaner FH50251.

Compare Bissell CrossWave Models

If you are going to buy a Bissell CrossWave Wet & Dry cleaner, you may get confused with the models and wondering what’s the difference between them.
If yes, then you might be interested in reading the comparison.
We will discuss the difference between these Bissell CrossWave models 1785, 1785a, 1785w, 1785b, 1785f, 1785g, and 17859.

In fact, these machines are almost the same except for the Color, Accessories, and where sold, for example, the 1785a is sold on, the 1785w is sold on, the 1785 is sold on other retailer website like and

Here is the detail about the accessories.

The 1785, 1785a, 1785w come with a Multi-Surface Brush Roll, a Parking Tray, a 8oz. bottle of Multi-Surface Cleaner.

The 17859 sold on BBB comes with 2 Multi-Surface Brush Rolls, a Wood Floor Brush Roll, a Parking Tray, a 8oz. bottle of Multi-Surface Cleaner, a 8oz. bottle of Wood Floor Cleaner.

The CrossWave Deluxe 1785b comes with a Multi-Surface Brush Roll, a Parking Tray, a 8oz. bottle of Multi-Surface Cleaner, and the Wood Floor Cleaning Kit (1 Wood Brush Roll, a 8oz. Bottle & a 32oz. Bottle of Wood Floor Formula, and an Additional 32oz. Bottle of Multi-Surface Cleaning formula).

The CrossWave Upgrade 1785f comes with a Multi-Surface Brush Roll, an Area Rug Brush Roll, a Wood Floor Brush Roll, a Parking Tray, a 8oz. Multi-Surface Cleaning Formula, a 8oz. Area Rug Cleaning Formula, a 8oz. Wood Floor Formula.

The CrossWave Exclusive 1785g comes with a Multi-Surface Brush Roll, a Parking Tray, a 32oz. Multi-Surface formula.

About the color.
The 1785, 1785a, 1785b, 1785f, 1785g are lime green,
the 1785w is teal,
the 17859 is blue.

The 1785f carries a 4 year limited warranty while the others are backed by a 2 year limited warranty.

If you find any info above is incorrect, please point it out below, thank you.

Bissell Garage Pro or Hoover Guv which is better for your needs?

There are some differences between Bissell Garage Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum 18P03 and Hoover GUV ProGrade Garage Utility Vacuum L2310 that may affect your buying decision.
We will compare them below and help you buy the right one.
Hoover GUV vs Bissell Garage Pro

Do you need a wet dry vacuum or a dry only vacuum?
Both of them can be wall-mounted to save floor space, they are designed for garage cleaning needs, but they belong to different types.
The Bissell Garage Pro 18P03 can pick up both wet and dry messes whereas the Hoover GUV L2310 is Not a vacuum cleaner for liquids, it is only for vacuum up dry messes.
So, if you need a wet dry vacuum, then you should buy the Bissell Garage Pro.

Need Blower Option? Buy the Bissell.
The Bissell Garage Pro has blower option for keeping your work area free of debris whereas the Hoover GUV cannot be used as a blower.

The Bissell Garage Pro uses 12 amp motor while the Hoover GUV uses a 10 amp motor.

Tank Capacity
The Bissell has a 4 gallon semi-translucent tank whereas the tank on Hoover GUV can hold 5 gallon and it is not translucent.

Full Indicator
The Bissell has LED full tank indicators that let you know when the tank needs emptying. While the Hoover does not have such full tank indicating light.

Hose Length
The Bissell has a 32 ft. power cord whereas the cord on the Hoover is 30 ft. long.

The Bissell Garage Pro carries 2 year limited warranty whereas the Hoover is backed by 3 year limited warranty.

The Hoover is bulkier.
The dimensions of Bissell are 11″ x 11″ x 26″ versus 16″ x 16″ x 39″ on the Hoover.

To learn details, you can download the manuals.
Bissell Garage Pro Manual –
Hoover GUV Manual –

Please share your reviews on BISSELL Garage Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum 18P03 or Hoover GUV ProGrade Garage Utility Vacuum L2310 if you own any of these garage vacuum cleaners.

Compare DeWalt DC500 vs DCV581H difference

DeWalt DCV581H vs DC500

The DCV581H wet dry vacuum is designed to operate on a DEWALT 18V NiCd/NiHiD/Li-Ion battery pack, 20V Max Li-Ion battery pack, or a 120V AC input.
Whereas the DC500 is designed to run off of a 12.0, 14.4, or 18V DEWALT battery pack, or 120V AC input.

The DC500 has a drain port on the tank for quick, spill-free disposal of liquids.
It seems that the DCV581H does not have the drain port.

If you know other difference between DCV581H and DC500, please share below.

Pages to download manuals to learn more.
DC500 Manual –
DCV581H Manual –

DeWalt DC500 vs DC515K vs DC515B which is better to fit your needs?

DeWalt DC515 vs DC500
Here are some differences between DeWalt DC500 and DC515K/DC515B that may affect your buying decision.
The DeWalt DC515B and DC515K are the same vacuum, the only difference is that the DC515B is bare tool which means it does not come with battery nor charger whereas the DeWalt DC515K includes a 18-volt XRP Ni-Cad battery and one-hour Ni-Cad charger.

There are some big differences between DeWalt DC500 and DC515, such as power options, tank size, and cleaning modes.

Power Source
The DC500 can be corded or cordless, it can run off 12V, 14.4V or 18V battery packs (not included) or 120V AC input whereas the DC515 can only be powered by 18V battery.

Tank Capacity
The DC515 holds 1/2-gallon whereas the DC500 has a much larger tank that can hold up to 2 gallons.

Cleaning Modes
The DC500 works like a canister vacuum, it picks up via hose whereas the DC515 works like a handheld vacuum, it has 2 cleaning modes, its front utility nozzle allows you to hold it to vacuum with one hand. With the DC500, you are unable to carry it to do one hand cleaning. However, you can buy a shoulder strap for the DC500, it has hoops for shoulder strap.

Hose Length
The DC500 has a 5 ft. flexible rubber hose whereas the hose length on the DC515 is only 2.5 ft.

The DC500 can be used as a blower whereas the DC515 does not support.

Included Tools
The DC500 comes with a crevice tool and wide mouth nozzle whereas the DC515 does not include any tools. However, it has a built-in utility nozzle.

The DC500 is heavier.

Some similarities. Both of them are wet dry vacuum cleaners that are suitable for picking up both wet and dry messes; backed by 90 day money back guarantee, 1 year free service contract, 3 year limited warranty; feature washable Gore HEPA wet/dry filter.
If you own these DeWalt wet dry vacuums, please share your unbiased reviews below, thanks.

For those who are interested in these items, you can download manuals to learn more.
DeWalt DC515 Manual –,DC515.pdf
DeWalt DC500 Manual –,DC500.pdf

If the above links not work, please visit the following pages to get the manual yourself.