Compare Bissell CrossWave vs Symphony

The main difference between Bissell Symphony and CrossWave is how they clean the floors.
The Symphony is a vacuum & steam mop 2-in-1 machine, it is more like a steamer mop, it can pick up mess, or steam, or vacuum and steam at the same time. It has mop pad to wipe your floor. And it has no rotating brush roll.
While the CrossWave is a wet/dry vacuum, it can vacuum & wash your hard floors and area rugs. It can pick up dry debris, it has a rotating brush roll to clean surfaces and it can also extract water from surfaces.
The Symphony is designed for hard floor cleaning. Though it has an optional Carpet Glider, this kit is not intended to enable the Symphony to be used as a carpet cleaner, it just functions as a carpet refresher/deodorizer. When you want to use the Symphony on carpets/rugs, you have to put on this kit, and when you switch back to hard floor cleaning, you have to pull it off. This carpet refreshing kit needs to be purchased separately.
The Symphony nozzle does not swivel, its regular model has an adjustable handle (the pet version does not).
The CrossWave is designed to clean from hard floors to area rugs. With the multi surface brush roll and finger tip control, you can switch between the surfaces effortlessly. However, you also shouldn’t expect it to works as well as a carpet cleaner.
The CrossWave has a swivel head that allows you to maneuver easily across your floors. Its handle is not adjustable.
The CrossWave has larger tank, wider cleaning path, and weighs heavier.
The CrossWave power ratin g is 4.4 amps while the Symphony has 3.3 vacuum amps.
Commonly, when using the CrossWave, you should use warm tap water mixed with formula to clean the surfaces, while you use only water which is at room temperature with the Symphony.
The CrossWave is much more expensive than the Symphony.
Both of them are corded, they have 25 foot cord.

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