Compare Bissell Powerfresh vs Symphony what’s the difference?

These 2 Bissell stick units are designed mainly for hard flooring such as sealed hardwood, tile, stone, marble, ceramic, linoleum and laminate flooring.

The difference between them are as follow.
Bissell Symphony 1132A vs Powerfresh 1940
images from manufacturer

1, Cleaning Functions.
The main difference is that the Symphony have both steam and vacuum functions, you can use it to vacuum or steam separately, or steam and vacuum at the same time whereas the Powerfresh is only a steam mop that has no vacuum, you can use it to sanitize floor only.
Because of the additional vacuum function, the Symphony has dust cup and vacuum filter that the Powerfresh does not include.

2, Side Brushes.
The Symphony has 2 small side brushes near the front of the nozzle that help brush off dirt from baseboard or edges whereas the Powerfresh has no edge brushes.

3, Power Cord Length
The Symphony has a 25 feet cord versus 23 feet on the Powerfresh.

4, Controls
The Symphony has Low, High Steam and Vac On/Off settings, the controls are located on the handle for easy reach.
Whereas the Powerfresh has the controls on the body of the unit so you have to bend down to change steam levels, there are 3 steam levels to choose from – Low for delicate floors, Medium for regular cleaning, and High for durable floors or sticky messes.
The Symphony has a trigger on the handle, it has to be held to release steam whereas the Powerfresh steams continuously.

5, Weight
The Powerfresh is lighter, the Symphony weighs about 10 lbs versus 6 lbs on the Powerfresh.

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