Compare Bissell Spotlifter 1716b vs Bissell Spot Lifter 2X 1719 Difference

Bissell Spotlifter 2x vs Spotlifter
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Bissell Spotlifter 1716b and Bissell Spot Lifter 2X 1719 are small portable spot & stain cleaning machines. You can use them to clean up small spots on carpet, stairs, upholstery, etc.
They have some noticeable differences that can affect your buying decision.

Corded vs Cordless
The Spotlifter is corded, it has 18 foot cord. It uses 2 amps motor.
Whereas the Spotlifter 2X is powered by 9.6 volt battery, it runs up to 15 minutes, full charge takes 12 hours.
With the cord, you don’t have to worry about the running time; with the battery, you can clean any spots you want to.
So, just get the one that meets your needs better.

Motorized Brush vs Stationary Brush
The Spotlifter uses motorized dual brush roll whereas the Spotlifter 2x uses stationary brush.

Collection Tank Location
The Spotlifter has the collection tank at the back whereas the the Spotlifter 2x has the collection tank at the front.
Both of them have small tank capacity – 8 oz solution tank and 12 oz collection tank.

They have no hose, do not come with any tools, but includes a bottle of trial size formula.
You can download the user guide to learn more about these 2 Bissell spot cleaners.
Spotlifter 1716 series manual
Spotlifter 2x 1719 series manual

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