Compare Miele S2181, S2121 vs Classic C1 Series what’s the difference?

The Miele Classic C1 series is the newer version of the S2000 series. From the product page, we can find that the features, specifications, and appearance look almost the same, but is there any difference between them?
According to Miele customer support,
S2121 Olympus vs Classic C1 Olympus —> no difference
S2121 Capri vs Classic C1 Capri —> no difference
S2121 Delphi vs Classic C1 Delphi —> Color changed. S2121 Delphi is in Lotus White whereas the Classic C1 Delphi is now in Sprint Blue.
S2121 HomeCare vs Classic C1 HomeCare —> no difference
S2181 Titan vs Classic C1 Titan —> no difference
S2121 Centennial Edition vs Classic C1 Centennial Edition —> no change
S2181 Exclusive vs Classic C1 Exclusive —> no change

Therefore, we can see that Miele just change the product name. And they are sold at the same price.

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