Eureka NEN110A vs NEN110B what’s the difference?

The only difference between the Eureka NEN110A and NEN110B Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaners is the NEN110B comes with an extra washable filter. Otherwise, they are the same.

  • The Eureka NEN110A and NEN110B are corded canister vacuum cleaner with automatic cord rewind. With the auto retractor, you do not have to wind the power cord manually. Just step the pedal and the 16-foot long cable retracts automatically into the vacuum.
  • The weight is less than 8 pounds, pretty light for carrying up and down stairs and around your home.
  • They are bagless, have a dust cup that holds up to 2.5L.
  • The filters are washable. They have two filters, one is the sponge filter, and the other one is not addressed anywhere in the manual, many users believe that it is a paper filter which cannot be washed. However, according to Eureka customer support, it is made of cotton material and is washable. The filter frame and sponge filter’s part number is NEN0101.
  • These Eureka Whirlwind come with a floor nozzle which has no motorized brush, but with bristles that can be extended for hard floor cleaning and retracts for carpet cleaning, the control switch located on the floor nozzle can be stepped with your foot.
    They also come with a telescoping metal wand, a hose and 2-in-1 combination integrated tool in the hose handle that allows you to switch between a crevice tool and a dusting brush.
    According to customer support, the inner diameter of the wand is approximately 1 3/8″ and the outer diameter is 1 1/2″.
  • They have suction control on the hose handle that allows you to adjust the suction power to clean different surfaces: carpets, hard floors and upholstery.
  • Carry one year limited warranty.

Some questions and answers:

  • Do they have brush On/Off control?
    No. The floor nozzle does not have a rotating brush.
  • Do they come with filters?
    Yes. Both have the filters inside the machine, the Nen11 comes with an extra one.
  • Do the Eureka Whirlwind canister vacuums have a HEPA filter?
    No, they don’t come with a HEPA filter.
  • Where can you buy replacement filters for Eureka Whirlwind NEN110A/NEN110B?
    You can try this one:

    If not available, you can try to use other filters just like Denis did, Denis is a user of the NEN110, read his share at Amazon

  • What’s the power specifications?
    120V, 60Hz, 8 amps, 960W
  • How long is the wand?
    According to customer support, its length is approximately 21-inch long, and 31-inch at full length when extended.
  • How long is the hose?
    Approximately 5-foot long.
  • Do they have a finger tip power control on the handle?
    No. The On/Off control is located at the top of the canister, above the wheels.
  • Does the Whirlwind have a blower port?
    No. If you want a Eureka canister vacuum with blower port, you can have a look at the Eureka Mighty Mite, this one has a blow port, but it does not have the auto cord rewind.
  • How does the wand connect to the hose?
    It clicks in, not friction.
  • What’s the noise level of the Whirlwind?
    According to customer support, the noise level is approximately 80 DBA.
  • Does the nozzle have wheels?
    Yes. Two larger wheels to the back and two smaller wheels to the front.

Download Eureka Whirlwind NEN110 series manual to learn more:

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