Karcher FC 5 vs FC 5 Premium what’s the difference?

According to Karcher, the difference between Karcher FC 5 and FC 5 Premium hard floor cleaners is that the FC 5 Premium is the upgrade version of FC 5, it has all the features of the FC 5, but with improved debris pickup, two extra rollers, different detergent, and a white color body.
Otherwise, they are the same.

Floor CleanerKarcher FC 5Karcher FC 5 Premium
Number of Rollers Included1 set2 sets
Detergent(1)500ml RM 536 Multipurpose Floor Cleaner(1)30ml RM 534 Sealed Wood Floor Cleaner
(1)30ml RM 535 Wood Floor Oil/Wax Cleaner
(1)30ml RM 536 Multipurpose Floor Cleaner
(1)30ml RM 537 Stone Floor Cleaner

Product info and things you may want to know before buying:

  • These machines are designed for cleaning hard floors, not for use on carpet and area rugs.
  • They are corded, have a 25-foot/7m power cord.
  • They have clean water tank and waste water tank to separate clean and dirty water.
  • They use two rotating microfiber rollers to mop all standard hard floors, including hardwood, laminate, stone, tile, vinyl floors, etc.
    The rollers are automatically wetted by the clean water when the machine is ON, they spin at the speed of 500 rpm, wipe and pick up dirty water, dust, small crumbs, pet hair, etc. And the built-in vacuum motor will then suction these dirty things off the rollers, collect them into the waste water tank.
    Thus, you always clean the floors with clean water.
  • According to Karcher, the FC 5 uses up to 85% less water when compared to traditional mopping, meanwhile providing better cleaning performance. And the cleaned floors will dry in no more than two minutes.
  • They come with a clean and storage station for storing and cleaning the device.
  • The rollers can be detached and cleaned under running water or washing machine.
  • The waste water tank can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • There is no detergent tank. You will have to add detergent into clean water tank if you want to use detergent.

    Karcher customer support say that they allow you to add your own detergent, however, “Detergents containing bleach, ammonia, or other corrosive substances is
    not permitted for use in this machine. The use of non-approved detergents can damage the appliance and will void the warranty”.

    You can also use only water without adding any detergent.

  • There’s no heater. You can add cold or lukewarm tap water into the clean water tank.
  • They do not steam.
  • There is no solution release trigger, the water comes out automatically when it’s powered on.
  • The color scheme is the only difference between the grey and yellow microfiber rollers.
  • They are hard floor cleaners, not vacuum cleaners.
  • Come with clean and storage station for cleaning and storing the machines.
  • The handle does not fold for storage.
  • The FC 5 is designed in Germany and assembled in Lithuania.
  • Weighs 11.02lbs / 5kg (without cleaning liquids)
  • Dimensions are 12.60″ x 10.63″ x 48.03″ / 320mm x 270mm x 1220mm
  • Carry 3-year limited warranty.
  • Download Karcher FC 5/FC 5 premium manual to learn more:

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