Miele SEB 236 vs SEB 217-3 which is better to fit your needs?

Miele SEB 217-3 and SEB 236 are 2 motorized floor tools. They have differences and similarities.

Some difference between SEB 217 and SEB 236:
SEB 217-3 vs SEB 236
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1, Motor
The SEB 236 is powered by a 1.3 amp motor whereas the SEB 217-3 uses a 0.5 amp motor.
The SEB 236 is for low to high-pile and plush carpeting cleaning whereas the SEB 217-3 is designed for low to medium height carpets.

2, Headlight
The SEB 236 has LED headlights that help you clean low light spots and let you see what you missed whereas the SEB 228 has no head lamps.

3, Size
The SEB 236 is Full Size floor tool with 13-5/8 inch cleaning path while the SEB 217-3 is a Mid Size tool with 10.5 inch cleaning path.

4, Weight
The SEB 236 is over 3 pounds heavier than the SEB 217-3.

5, Carpet Height Adjustment
The SEB 236 has 5 height settings while the SEB 217-3 has no manual adjustment, it has a floating head design that self adjusts to the carpet height automatically.

6, Auto Shut Off in Parking Position
The SEB 236 will shut off automatically when in parking position whereas the SEB 217-3 does not have this feature.

They are motorized carpet tool with direct connect and swivel neck design, has indicator light to tell if the brush roller is in use or blocked.

If you own these Miele tools, please share your reviews or anything helpful below to help others buy the better one that fits their home cleaning needs.

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