Miele SEB 236 vs SEB 228 which one is better to buy?

These are Miele Direct Connect powerbrushes.
They have some similar features.
Both of them are driven by a small independent motor that can be turned on/off seperately.
They feature 5 level height adjustment via foot control, can be used to clean low to high carpets as well as hard floors.
And they have the swivel neck for maximum maneuverability.

However, there are also differences between SEB 228 and SEB 236, here are some major ones.
SEB 228 vs SEB 236
images from manufacturer

1, Motor
The SEB 228 is driven by a 1.4 amp motor whereas the SEB 236 uses a 1.3 amp motor.

2, Wheel
The wheels on the SEB 228 is larger than the ones on the SEB 236.

3, Headlight
The SEB 236 features LED headlights that help you clean low light spots and let you see what you missed whereas the SEB 228 has no head lamps.

4, Size
The SEB 228 is a bit bulkier, higher, has wider cleaning path which is 14 inch versus 13-5/8 inch on the SEB 236.

5, Lock Release for Intake Socket
The lock release pedal on the SEB 236 features On/Off switch function.
If you step on the lock release pedal and release the intake socket, the powerbrush is turned on.
If you return the intake socket back to the vertical start position while vacuuming, the powerbrush will be shut off.
The SEB 228 does not have this feature, you have to use the switch on the handle to turn on/off the powerbrush.

6, Multifunction Indicator
The SEB 236 has a multifunction indicator on top to tell you if the roller brush is working or being blocked and needs to be reset.
Whereas the SEB 228 does not have this indicator light.

Some users said that the SEB 228 works better than the SEB 236 while others prefer the SEB 236.
However, considering the price difference, the SEB 236 is about $50 more expensive than the SEB 228, the SEB 228 might be a better try while deciding between these 2 Miele motorized head.

If you find anything incorrect with the above info, or have any experience on the Miele SEB 236 Electro Premium and/or SEB 228 Electro Plus, please share your knowledge and reviews below to help other people purchase the right one.

3 thoughts on “Miele SEB 236 vs SEB 228 which one is better to buy?

  1. RC

    This is exactly what I was looking for, when comparing the 228 and the 236. I just strap a flashlight on the 228 and be happy with that. The 228 seems to be the best choice for durability too.

  2. Tseg

    Nice comparison. I’m thinking of ‘upgrading’ my suction only C3 Alize by buying power wand, hose and vacuum head… just because. I’ve read lots of reviews that imply the SEB228 may have a slight edge on performance while the SEB236 may be slightly more temperamental durability-wise, and cost more. With that said, I prefer the SEB236 all-around slimmer profile and really like the headlight functionality. My home has limited carpeting and tight spaces with some challenging lighting situations at floor level so am leaning towards the SEB236.


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