Oreck Orbiter ORB600MW vs Orbiter Ultra ORB700MB vs Oreck Orbiter Commercial ORB550MC Multi Purpose Floor Machine what’s the difference?

The Orbiter Multi-Floor Machines can be used to tackle almost any floor surfaces with the appropriate attachments.
We will compare the Oreck Orbiter ORB600MW, Ultra ORB700MB and Oreck Orbiter Commercial ORB550MC, and list the main difference between them below to help you make an informed decision.

images from Oreck.com and OreckCommercial.com

These 3 versatile floor tools look very similar, the attachments are universal, but these machines are not exactly the same, here are some differences:

  • Use
    Th Orbiter ORB600MW and Ultra ORB700MB is intended for Household Use whereas the Orbiter ORB550MC is intended for Commercial Use.
  • Warranty
    Th Orbiter ORB600MW carries 5-year limited warranty on motor, 1-year limited warranty on all other components, Ultra ORB700MB carries 10-year limited warranty with free annual tuneups included while the Orbiter commercial ORB550MC is backed by 1-year limited warranty.
  • Motor
    The Orbiter ORB600MW has a 1/3 hp motor, the Ultra ORB700MB has a 1/2 hp motor, while the commercial ORB550MC has a 3/4 hp motor.
  • Cord
    The cord on the Orbiter ORB600MW and Ultra ORB700MB are black and 30-foot long, while the cord on ORB550MC is orange and 50-foot long.
  • Finish
    The Orbiter ORB600MW is white with blue highlights, Ultra ORB700MB is black with chrome highlights while the commercial ORB550MC is with metallic finish and orange highlights.
  • Weight
    The Orbiter ORB600MW and Ultra ORB700MB weigh 22.2 pounds while the ORB550MC weighs about 24 pounds.
  • Price (prices checked in November 2020):
    On Oreck official site Oreck.com, the list price of Orbiter ORB600MW is $439.99 whereas Ultra ORB700MB is priced at $549.99. The commercial ORB550MC is unpriced on oreckcommercial.com, there is a “Call for Quote” button.

More information:
Some retailers sell the machines with no attachments included. The packages include the floor machines only, they do not come with any attachments to clean the floor. So you have to buy the attachments separately.
However, some sellers may include the accessories.
So always check what are included before placing an order.

Oreck offers a variety of different accessories for cleaning carpets and hard floors.
Here is information provided in the manual:

  • Bonnets
    Bonnets are designed to surface clean most surfaces. They are washable and can be reused.
    White Terrycloth Bonnet: cleans the traffic lane and spots in the carpet without wetting the entire carpet.
    Lamb’s Wool Bonnet: for everyday buffing to remove scuff marks on wood, tile and vinyl floors.
  • Pads
    Pads are designed to be porous and open-weave (except the beige pad) so that when it loosens dirt it can pick it up. The dirt goes inside the pad. All pads can be double sided used before cleaning or disposing. Pads may be hosed off in some instances and re-used.
    The pads are color coded depending on how aggressive
    they are (except for the beige marble pad):
    White Polish Pad:
    the least aggressive and softest, apply paste wax, clean and polish wood (coated & uncoated),linoleum, and laminate.
    Cleans all surfaces except stone.
    Blue Scrub Pad:
    medium aggressive, used for scrubbing, cleans tile and concrete.
    Brown Strip Pad:
    most aggressive, strips linoleum, vinyl, laminate and tile floors, cleans and scrubs tile and grout, wood decks, can be used on commercial vinyl, smooth concrete.
  • Beige Marble Pad:
    for restoring and cleaning marble floors only.
  • Brushes
    Brushes are designed to get into grooves and recesses on non-flat surfaces. Brushes lift and remove ground-in dirt and grime.
    Black Carpet Brush:
    the least aggressive, use with Oreck Dry Shampoo, safe, soft action needed for carpet cleaning.
    Can be used on textured linoleum, cleaning delicate, glazed ceramic, porcelain tile.
    Tan Polish Brush (Union Mix):
    medium aggressive, polish wood floors, get inside cracks of a wood floor, also used for marble, stone, and delicate tile floors.
    Orange Scrub Brush:
    the most aggressive, used to clean ceramic tile or concrete and many tough stains.

If you want to learn more details, you can download the user guide:

Oreck Orbiter Floor Machines Comparison

Floor MachineOreck OrbiterOreck Orbiter UltraOreck Orbiter Commercial
Power SourceCordedCordedCorded
Motor HP1/3 hp1/2 hp3/4 hp
On/Off Switchin the handlein the handlein the handle
CordBlack, 30-footBlack, 30-footOrange, 50-foot
Weight22.2 pounds22.2 poundsabout 24 pounds
Cleaning Path13-inch13-inch13-inch
SurfaceCarpet, Hard FloorsCarpet, Hard FloorsCarpet, Hard Floors
Above Floor CleaningNoNoNo
Warranty5-year limited warranty on motor, 1-year limited warranty on all other components10-year limited warranty with annual tuneups included 1-year limited warranty

If you find anything incorrect within the above info, please point it out below.
If you own any of these Oreck floor cleaning machines, please share your experience to help others make an informed purchase. Thank you.

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