Shark AI Robot Vacuum Comparison

The Shark AI Robot is a new Shark robot vacuum series. When I write this post, it includes 2 subseries:

  • AI Robot R201 and R211;
  • AI Robot Vacmop R200WD and Vacmop Pro R201WD.

The RV2001 is the model number of R201;
the RV2011 is the model number of R211;
the RV2000WD is the model number of R200WD;
the RV2001WD is the model number of R201WD.

The AI Robot R201/RV2001 and R211/RV2011 have the same features, the difference between them is where sold and the accessories included.
The AI Robot R201/RV2001 may comes with:
(2)Filters, (2)Sets of Side Brushes, or (1)Filter, (1)Set of Side Brushes.
The AI Robot R211/RV2011 comes with:
(2)Filters, (2)Sets of Side Brushes.
Always check the INCLUDES content printed on the carton to make sure what are included.

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The AI Robot Vacmop R200WD/RV2000WD and AI Robot Vacmop Pro R201WD/RV2001WD are basically the same, except for that the Pro comes with extra accessories.
The AI Robot Vacmop R200WD/RV2000WD comes with:
(1)Filter, (1)Set of Side Brushes (2)Reuseable Mopping Pads, (1)Set of Side Brushes, (1)Fluid Reservoir, (1)12-Oz. VACMOP Multi-Surface Starter Solution.
The AI Robot Vacmop Pro R201WD/RV2001WD comes with:
(1)Filter, (2)Sets of Side Brushes, (4)Reuseable Mopping Pads, (1)Fluid Reservoir, (1)12-Oz. VACMOP Multi-Surface Starter Solution.

Shark AV2001WD vs RV2001WD
According to Shark customer support, the difference between the Shark RV2001WD and AV2001WD is where the unit is sold, and what accessories are included.

The main difference between the AI Robot and AI Robot Vacmop/Vacmop Pro is:

images from Shark official site infomercials

the Vacmop and Vacmop Pro feature sonic mopping function to mop hard floors whereas the basic AI Robot does not have this feature.
You cannot buy the AI Robot R201/RV2001 and R211/RV2011, then add the fluid reservoir later. Because the AI Robot is not compatible with fluid reservoir.
The Vacmop can only wet mop hard floors, but cannot wet clean carpets.
The robot has the ability to detect carpets and rugs.
You can activate the Carpet Detection in the app when it mops to stop it from moving onto carpets and rugs, or set up no-go zones in the app.

According to product specifications on Shark official site, the AI Robot dust bin capacity is 0.33 quarts versus 0.27 on the vacmop and vacmop pro.
And the AI robot weighs 7 lbs versus 7.6 lbs on the vacmop and vacmop pro.
AI Robot dimensions (in.): 12.52″ X 12.83″ X 3.48″ (LxWxH)
Vacmop dimensions (in.): 12.52″ X 13.52″ X 3.48″ (LxWxH)

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RobotShark AI Robot R201,R211Shark AI Robot AV2001Shark AI Robot Vacmop/Pro R200WD,R201WD
Shark AI Robot Vacmop AV2001WDShark AI Robot Vacuum with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base AV2501AE (Black/Bronze)Shark AI Robot Vacuum with XL HEPA Self-Empty Base AV2502AE (Black/Silver)
Model NumberRV2001,RV2011AV2001DRUSRV2000WD,RV2001WDAV2001WRUSAV2501AEAV2502AE
AI Laser VisionYesYesYesYesYesYes
Sonic MoppingNoNoYesYesNoNo
Self Empty BaseNoNoNoNoYesYes
No-Go Zone Setting in AppYesYesYesYesYesYes
Bin Capacity0.33 quarts0.33 quarts0.27 quarts0.27 quarts
Weight7 lbs7.6 lbs
12.52" X 12.83" X 3.48" 12.52" X 12.83" X 3.48" 12.52" X 13.52" X 3.48" 12.52" X 13.52" X 3.48" 13.7" X 13.7" X 4.1" 13.7" X 13.7" X 4.1"

What’s new on these Shark AI robots?
The Shark AI robots adds the new AI Laser Vision which claimed to be Shark’s most advanced vision module. It enables the robot to detect and avoid obstacles, and respond to no-go zone you set up in the app. Unlike the previous robot versions, it does not require the physical boundary strip to keep the robot out of certain areas. The Vacmop models also feature sonic mopping which scrubs hard floors 100 times per minute. You can not schedule the vacmop robot to dry vacuum first then wet mop. It vacuums and mops simultaneously when the fluid reservoir and mop pad attached. To vacuum only, the fluid reservoir must NOT be attached to the robot. And it does not mop only.
And according to Shark, the AI Laser Vision is not dependent on ambient lighting and can navigate your home at night or in low lighting conditions. Previous series robots needs light to know where they are going, if clean in dark areas, they cannot clean properly in a row by row way.

Some questions and answers:

  • Do they clean randomly or methodically?
    They clean row by row methodically.
  • Do these Shark AI robots have the self empty feature like the IQ self empty robot?
    No. The Shark AI robots is not compatible with the self empty base.
  • Can you use it to clean a multiple story house?
    It can only map one floor. You would need to manually move it to another floor. When the Robot is low in battery, you would need to manually put the Robot on the charging dock to recharge.
  • Do they return to charge automatically and resume cleaning?
    Yes. As long as you use them on one level, and follow the user guide, these things should be done automatically.
  • Do they include boundary strip so that you can stop them from entering no go zone?
    No. These AI robots now support virtual no go zone, so they do not need the boundary strip anymore.
  • Do they work without internet connection?
    Yes. But any features that require Wi-Fi will not work.
  • How tall are these vacuum robots?
    They are 3.48-inch in height.
  • With the AI robot vacmop, can you set it to vacuum only?
    It will not mop hard floors unless you attach the fluid reservoir.

Download manuals to learn more:
AI Robot user guide pdf:
Ai Robot Vacmop instructions:

The only difference between Av2501ae and Av2502AE:
AV2501AE is Black with Bronze,
Av2502AE is Black with Silver.

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