Shark Apex DuoClean Zero-M Corded Stick Vacuum ZS360 vs ZS362 what’s the difference?

The Shark ZS360 and ZS362 are almost the same, the difference between them are just the color and included tools.

product images from shark official site

The ZS360 is in Sage Green, sold at, comes with a 5-inch Crevice Tool and Pet Multi-Tool.
The ZS362 is in Forest Mist Blue,sold at,,,etc., comes with a 5-inch Crevice Tool, Pet Multi-Tool, and one more tool – Precision Duster.

tool images from shark official site

The 5-inch crevice tool is a short tool that can be used to clean tight spots,corners,baseboards,etc.
The Pet Multi-Tool can be used to help clean stubborn pet hair and debris from upholstery.
The Precision Duster can be used to clean very tight space or clean delicate things, such as cleaning keyboards and car interior detailing.

Shark Apex DuoClean Zero-M ZS360/ZS362 are stick and handheld 2 in 1 vacuum cleaners, features dual brush rollers to clean both bare floors and carpet, no hair wrap design requires less maintenance. They are corded, have 30-foot power cord. Features a 0.74 dry quart dust cup to collect debris. Swivel Steering for easy maneuvering and LED headlights to help clean dark spots.


  • Good suction,does a good job picking up pet hair.
  • The Zero-M brushroll design does its job, much less hair tangled problem than common vacuum, requires far less maintenance.
  • Floor nozzle can be attached with the wand or without the wand to provide flexibility.
  • Easy to access the brush rollers.
  • Fingertip control for conveniently switching between hard floor and carpeted surfaces.
  • Versatile, easy to switch between stick mode and handheld mode.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Headlights on both nozzle and handheld portion to help clean all low light spots.
  • Has a reasonable length power cord.
  • Low profile design allows it to get under couches,tables,chairs,and other furniture.
  • It is light, weighs less than 10 pounds, easy to carry around, or up and down stairs.
  • There is a hook on the bottom front of the wand, the handheld portion can be stored on there. So, no top heavy problem while storing. The vacuum can also be stored on a wall if you purchase the wall mount.


  • Most of the weight is in the handle, your arm and wrist will get sore and tired if you vacuum for a long period of time, such as vacuum several rooms.
  • Does not stand on its own. You have to lay it down or lean it against something while pausing during cleaning process. But this is a problem most stick vacuum cleaners have.
  • Wall mount sold separately.
  • Just like other stick vacuum, the dust cup is small, fills up quickly.
  • The exhaust on the vacuum is at the back of the handheld portion, so it blows air onto your body during the course of vacuuming.

Some Questions and Answers:

  • Can you turn off the ZS360/ZS362 brushrolls to clean bare floors?
  • No.
  • Can you remove the brushrolls?
  • There are 2 brushrolls, the bristle brushroll cannot be removed whereas the soft roller is removable.
  • Can you adjust the height of the brushrolls?
  • No. However, the vacuum has 2 speeds for cleaning different surfaces.
  • Can you adjust the suction power´╝č
  • No. There is no suction control.
  • Do the ZS360/ZS362 stand on its own like the uplight model?
  • No. You have to lean it against something.
  • Is the brushroll powered or air driven?
  • It is motorized.
  • How heavy?
  • The whole vacuum weighs about 10 lbs, the handheld unit weighs less than 4 lbs, the wand weight is about 1 lbs.
  • Do you have to keep pressing the button to power it?
  • No. There is a on/off switch.
  • Is it battery powered or corded?
  • It is corded.
  • Is it bagless or bagged?
  • It uses a dust cup.
  • Does it feature automatic cord rewind?
  • No, it doesn’t.
  • Does it have HEPA filter?
  • No.
  • Can you use the floor nozzle without the wand?
  • Yes.

Shark Apex DuoClean Zero-M ZS360/ZS362 features and specifications:

Vacuum Name Shark Apex DuoClean Zero-M Corded Stick Vacuum
Type Stick and handheld 2 in 1
Power Source Corded
Cord Length 30 foot
On/Off Switch Yes
Dust Collection Type Bagless/Dust Cup
Dust Cup Size 0.74 dry quarts
Dual Brushrolls Yes
No Hair Wrap Technology Yes
Brush On/Off No
Height Adjustment No. But has 2 speeds to choose from.
Cleaning Path Width 8.5-inch
Headlight Yes,on nozzle and handheld portion.
Lift Away No
Suction Control No
Swivel Steering Yes
Washable Filter Yes
HEPA Filter No
Wall Mount Not included, available to purchase separately.
Voltage 120V
Amperage 5 amps
Wattage 600W
Weight 10 lbs
Warranty 5 year limited warranty
Dimensions 10.2 x 9.8 x 46.4 inches

You can download manual to learn more:

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