Shark NV680,NV682,NV683,NV681 vs NV501,NV500,NV502,NV500CO what’s the difference?

There are some big differences between the Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away Speed NV680 series and Rotator Professional Lift Away NV500 series. If you are deciding between these vacuums, maybe you would be interested in reading the information below.

Powered Lift Away vs Lift Away
This difference could be an important buying factor for some potential customers. The NV680 series feature Powered lift away whereas the NV500 series only have lift away function. With Powered lift away, you can lift away the pod and still can use the Powered nozzle or some other powered tools, whereas the Lift Away NV500 series only allows you to use suction powered attachments when in lift away mode. If you want to vacuum low profile furniture with the motorized brush, then the NV680 series should be a better choice.

The Professional NV500 series look bulkier. They have larger dust container, bigger nozzle, and are heavier. Whereas the Rotator Powered Lift Away Speed NV680 series are compact, have a 0.9 dry quart dirt bin, weigh about 13.3 pounds that is roughly 2 pounds lighter than the Professional. If you want a slim look and lighter upright, then you may want to consider the Powered Lift Away Speed.

The power specifications of the Rotator Powered Lift Away Speed are 120V, 60Hz, 800W, 6.7A versus 120V, 60Hz, 1200W, 10A on the Professional series.

Surface Selector
The Speed have a surface selector on the handle that allows you to choose between Hard Floor and Carpet setting, when setting to Hard Floor, the brushroll will not spin, when setting to Carpet, the brushroll will spin.
Whereas the Professional does not have the surface selector, instead, it has a brush on/off button located on the top on the vacuum pod.
Both of them have a suction control slider on the handle.
If you like a more convenient control, then the Speed should be better, if you like a traditional control, then you may want to choose the Professional.

The Speed is backed by a 7 year limited warranty versus 5 year limited warranty on the Professional.

You can download manuals from to learn more about these Rotator vacuums.
Shark NV681 Manual –
Shark NV501 Manual –

The Shark NV500, NV502, NV500CO, and NUV560 are identical to NV501 except for the color and accessories.
The Shark NV680, NV682, NV683 are the same as NV681 except for the color and the tools they come with.

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