Shark Vertex AZ2000 series vs Apex AZ1000 series Upright Vacuum Cleaners what’s the difference?

We will compare Shark Vertex and Apex upright vacuums in this post to help you make an informed purchase.

Below are some differences between Shark Vertex and Apex upright vacuum cleaners, if you are deciding between these two vacuum series, the information below may be helpful to you.

  • Brush Design
    This is the biggest difference between them. The Vertex features flexible silicone fins to replace the bristle brush on the Apex. Shark claims that the so called PowerFins dig deep into carpets and engage floors directly, it helps pick up more dirt, debris, and pet hair in every pass than the bristle brush.

    image from Shark infomercial

  • Headlights
    The Vertex has only LED headlights on the nozzle whereas the Apex has LED lights on the nozzle and handle.
    The lights on the handle is useful when you use the accessories to clean low light spots. If you are one of those who love the lights on the handle, go for the Apex.
    The Vertex headlights are at the center of the nozzle whereas the lights on the Apex are on the sides (at front).

    images from Shark infomercials

  • Bin Size
    The Vertex has a larger dust container. It holds up to one quart while the bin capacity of Apex is 0.88 quarts.
  • Size
    The Vertex is a bit larger and heavier than the Apex.
  • Power Specs
    The Apex power specifications are 1350W,11.3amps.
    The Vertex power specifications are 1344W,11.8amps.

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Except for the above differences, they are similar:

  • Powered Lift-Away: allow you to release the canister and use the motorized nozzle to clean carpets and hard floors, this is useful when you want to vacuum under furniture; the lift away feature is also convenient when doing above floor cleaning, you can detach the pod and use the hose with accessories to clean stairs, counter tops, ceiling fans, etc.
  • Dual Brush Rollers: 2 brush rollers to tackle both hard floors and carpeted surfaces.
  • Self Cleaning Brushroll: Shark claims that the self cleaning brushroll technology actively removes hair with no wrapping issues when you vacuum.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology with a HEPA filter capture 99.9 percent of dust and allergens inside the vacuum, this is good for people who suffer from allergy and asthma.
  • Active-Glide Technology: maneuver smoothly on both hard floors and carpets while maintaining powerful suction.

Comparison Chart of Shark Apex and Vertex

 Shark Apex AZ1000 SeriesShark Vertex AZ2000 Series
Power SourceCordedCorded
Power Specs1350W, 11.3A, 120V,60Hz1400W, 11.8A, 120V,60Hz
Cord Length30-foot30-foot
Path Width11-inch12-inch
Dust Collection TypeBaglessBagless
Capacity0.88 quarts1 quart
Powered Lift AwayYesYes
On/Off Controlon the handleon the handle
Surface Options3 settings: Thick Carpet/Area Rug, Carpet,Low Pile, Hard Floor3 settings: Thick Carpet/Area Rug, Carpet,Low Pile, Hard Floor
DuoCleanYes, a bristle brush roller and a soft rollerYes, a roller with flexible silicone fins and a soft roller
Self Cleaning BrushrollYesYes
Brush On/OffNoNo
Suction ControlNo separate controlNo separate control
Anti Allergen Complete SealYesYes
HEPA FilterYesYes
Pile Height AdjusterNo separate height adjustmentNo separate height adjustment
Hose5.5-foot hose5.5-foot hose
Headlightson nozzle and handleon nozzle
Weight17.1 pounds16.38 pounds
Warranty5 year limited warranty5 year limited warranty
(L x W x H)
11.2" X 12.2" X 46"12" X 15.09" X 46.25"
User Guide

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Some questions and answers:

  • Can you turn off the brush rollers when vacuuming hard floors?
    No. There’s no brush on/off control. If you turn on the machine, the brushes only stop when the vacuum cleaner is in upright position.
  • Can you adjust the suction level?
    There is no control to adjust the suction only. However, there are 3 surface settings to provide different levels of suction power.
  • Can you adjust the height of the brushrolls?
    They have 3 floor settings for hard floors and carpets, however, there is no control to adjust the height of the rollers.
  • Do they have automatic cord reel?
    No. You have to wind the cord manually.
  • Do they have HEPA filter?
  • Are the filters washable?
  • Are they dual voltage, do they work on 220 volts?
  • Can you turn off the headlights?
    No, the lights cannot be turned off.
  • Do they use bags?
    No, they are bagless.
  • Do they use belts?
    Yes. They use belts to rotate the brushrolls.
  • Where are they made?
    Made in China.
  • Shark AZ1002C vs AZ2002C

The Shark AZ1002C and AZ2002C are versions sold in Canada, otherwise, the Az1002C is the same machine as AZ1002 and the AZ2002C is the same as AZ2002.
Color and accessories may be different.

The AZ1002C is in Espresso, includes:
12″ Crevice Tool,
Upholstery Tool,
Pet Power Brush.

The AZ2002C is in Rose Gold, comes with:
Dusting brush,
Pet Crevice tool,
Self-cleaning Pet Power Brush.

For othe difference between Shark AZ1002C and AZ2002C, you can read the comparison information on the Shark Apex and Vertex within this post.

2 thoughts on “Shark Vertex AZ2000 series vs Apex AZ1000 series Upright Vacuum Cleaners what’s the difference?

  1. Larry Tasker

    Just bought Shark Vertex AZ2000. The brush roll clogs up and does not self clean by continue vacuuming as advised in owners manual maintenance section. Have to remove multiple screws to separate roller assembly to cut hair out of bearings to allow roller to work again. FIVE (5) times I did this to sweep two floors of my house. Approx. 3000 square feet of carpet. Have two dogs, Never had problem with Bissell pet sweeper. Item and free gifts not worth the trouble and or the (SALE) price paid. DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU HAVE LARGE DOGS.


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