Shark ZS360/ZS362 vs LZ601/LZ602/LZ600 vs HZ2002 what’s the difference? (updated in Feb.2021)

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Are you deciding between the Shark APEX UpLight Lift-Away Vacuum LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 and Shark APEX DuoClean with Zero-M stick vacuum ZS360/ZS362? If yes, then the following comparision info may be helpful to you.
(Read the difference between Uplight models LZ600,LZ601 and LZ602 here; Apex Duoclean with Zero-M Stick models ZS360,ZS362 comparison here.)

These Shark vacuum cleaners are slim and versatile. They are similar, but there are some differences.

Why choose the ZS360/ZS362 & HZ2002 Stick over the Uplight LZ600/LZ601/LZ602:

Do you care about the headlights?

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The ZS360/ZS362 have LED lights on both the nozzle and hand unit whereas the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 and HZ2002 have lights only on nozzle. If you usually use the vacuum as a hand vacuum, maybe you want the lights on the hand unit, they are helpful when cleaning dark spots. In this case, you should choose the ZS360/ZS362.

Surface Settings

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The ZS360/ZS362 and HZ2002 have two settings, one for bare floors and small area rugs, brushrolls spin slowly in this mode; one for cleaning carpets, brushrolls spin faster in this mode; while the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 have only one speed, and it’s relatively fast.
If you have delicate hard surfaces or are afraid of the fast speeding brushrolls may cause some damage to your hard floors, you may want to choose the ZS360/ZS362 or HZ2002.

Using Nozzle without Wand

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The ZS360/ZS362 and HZ2002 allow you to connect the handheld portion directly to the floor nozzle to clean stairs or other narrow spaces, whereas the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 floor nozzle cannot be connected directly to the handheld unit without the wand. So, if you want to shorten the vacuum to vacuum carpeted stairs, or do any other vacuuming jobs with the floor nozzle attached but without the wand, the ZS360/ZS362 and HZ2002 meet your needs.

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Why choose the Uplight LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 over the Stick ZS360/ZS362 and Vertex Ultralight HZ2002:

HEPA Filter
The LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 feature Anti-Allergen Complete Seal with a HEPA Filter to capture and trap more tiny dust, dirt, and allergens whereas the ZS360/ZS362 and HZ2002 do not feature. If you or any of your family member is an asthma or allergy sufferer, the HEPA filter is an important feature to you, then you should buy the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602.

Self Standing

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Commonly, a stick vacuum cannot stand upright on its own, just like the ZS360/ZS362 and HZ2002, you have to lay it down or lean it against a wall or some other objects. Sometimes, this is inconvenient when you want to pause in your vacuuming process, such as picking up or moving things during vacuuming. But the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 are different, they are something between an upright and a stick, they have retractable wheels at the rear that make them able to stand on their own. So, if you want the self standing feature, go for LZ600/LZ601/LZ602.

The LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 is more versatile, it features the Lift-Away pod which is detachable, with the 4.2-foot integrated extendable hose and other accessories, you can carry the pod with one hand and use the tools with the other hand to clean tight spaces and reach more areas. Whereas the ZS360/ZS362 and HZ2002 neither have the lift away feature nor the hose. However, there is flexible hose available for purchase to use with the ZS360/ZS362 and HZ2002. If you like the lift away feature, then choose the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602.

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More Differences:

Roller Design
All feature DuoClean (dual rollers) technology is to clean both carpets and floors. However, the ZS360/ZS362 and LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 have one soft roller and one bristle brush roller (original DuoClean design) whereas the HZ2002 has one soft roller and one PowerFins roller which has flexible silicone fins. According to Shark, the fins dig deep into carpet and directly engage floor, provide non stop contact, help pick up more dirt, debris and hair in every pass. (versus original DuoClean)

Power Specs
The ZS360/ZS362: 120 volts, 60hz, 600 watts, 5 amps
The HZ2002: 120 volts, 60hz, 680 watts, 5.7 amps
The LZ600/LZ601/LZ602: 120 volts, 60hz, 700 watts, 5.8 amps

Bin Capacity
Since they are stick vacuum cleaners, they have much smaller bins than the uprights. The HZ2002 holds up to 0.32 dry quarts, the ZS360/ZS362 hold up to 0.74 dry q1/LZ602 have a dust cup capacity of 0.68 quarts.

Emptying the Dust Cup
When emptying the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602, you have to detach the dust cup from the lift away pod. When emptying the ZS360/ZS362, you can remove the dust cup from the hand unit or just leave it attached, it is up to you. To empty the HZ2002, you have to remove the dust cup from the hand unit.

As the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 can stand by its own, you can put it anywhere you want, and just leave it there.
As for the ZS360/ZS362 and HZ2002, the handheld portion can be stored on a storage hook located on the front of the wand. This may be annoying for some people, because you have to detach the handheld portion from the wand every time you finish the vacuuming jobs. If you hate doing this, you can also store the vacuum with a wall mount (for ZS360/ZS362) which is sold separately. There’s no wall mount for HZ2002 at this moment.

Cleaning Path Width
The ZS360/ZS362 cleaning path width is 8.5-inch, the HZ2002 cleaning path width is 8.11-inch, whereas the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 cleaning path width is 9-inch.

The HZ2002 weighs 9.05 lbs, the ZS360/ZS362 weighs 10 lbs whereas the LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 weighs 10.7 lbs.


  • Corded and bagless.
  • Dual rollers for cleaning various types of surfaces.
  • Features swivel steering.
  • Can be a stick vacuum, can also be converted to a handheld vacuum for cleaning furniture,stairs,above floor quick cleaning,etc.
  • They have a low profile which allows them to get under most low furniture like a table and bed.
  • Self-Cleaning Brushroll to reduce pet hair and long hair wrap problems.
  • Motorized brushroll cannot be turned off.
  • There is no separate suction control to help clean area rugs or those delicate things.
  • 30 foot power cord.
  • Carry a 5-year limited warranty.

Download manuals to learn more:
Shark ZS360/ZS362 manual:
Shark LZ600/LZ601/LZ602 manual:
Shark HZ2002 manual:

4 thoughts on “Shark ZS360/ZS362 vs LZ601/LZ602/LZ600 vs HZ2002 what’s the difference? (updated in Feb.2021)

  1. Aimee

    Hello, I would like to replace the brush on my Shark LZ602, but cannot find it anywhere (out of stock on Shark’s website) any ideas where to find it? I see many options for other shark vac brushes on Amazon, etc. but nothing for this model… (though I do love this vac, not being able to find parts might be a consideration in purchasing for others)

    1. bpvac Post author

      Hi Aimee, you’re right. I just visited their website, and they have no replacement roller available; also tried to search at Google, Amazon, eBay, but with no luck.
      Maybe you could roll the dice on contacting Shark customer service, or search eBay to see if there is any cheap used nozzle that includes the brush. Good luck and have a good day.


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