Shark ZU632 vs NV752 vs LA555 vs LA702 vs LA502 vs AZ2002 what’s the difference?

Some differences between Shark ZU632, NV752, LA555, LA702, LA502 and AZ2002:

  • Brushroll Design
    The NV752 has a traditional brushroll,
    the ZU632 has a self-cleaning brushroll,
    whereas the LA502,LA702,LA555 and AZ2002 have one soft roller and one Powerfin roller with self-cleaning feature.
  • Brushroll On/Off Control
    The LA555,LA702,LA502, AZ2002 and ZU632 do NOT have a brush off setting, the rollers keep spinning in all floor settings.
    While the NV752 is the only one that you can turn off the brushroll when setting to Hard Floor.
    So, if you want one with a brush on/off button that will not make you worry about scratching your hard floor, have a look at the NV752.
  • Lift Away Type
    The NV752, AZ2002 and ZU632 feature Powered Lift Away whereas the LA555, LA702 and LA502 features Lift-Away.
    The difference between Powered Lift-Away and Lift-Away:
    Powered Lift-Away allows you to lift the pod and use the handle/wand with a motorized nozzle/tool whereas the Lift-Away only allows you to use non motorized nozzles/tools when detaching the pod.
    Obviously, the Powered Lift-Away models are more versatile. Especially when you want to use the powered nozzle to clean under furniture or use motorized tool to clean upholstered surface.
  • Power Control Location
    The NV752, AZ2002 and ZU632 have the power control and surface selector on the handle for easy reach whereas the LA555, LA502 and LA702 have the control on the top of the pod.
    Control on the handle is more convenient when you want to turn on/off the vacuum and switch between surface settings.
  • Headlights
    The LA555, LA502, LA702, AZ2002 and ZU632 have headlights on the floor nozzle whereas the NV752 is the only one that has lights on both floor nozzle and handle.
    Headlight on the handle can help you clean low light spots such as nooks and crannies with handle and tools.
  • Cord Length
    The LA502, LA702, NV752 and ZU632 have a 25-foot cord whereas the LA555 and AZ632 have a longer power cable which is 30-foot in length.
  • Suction Control Slider
    The NV752, AZ2002 and ZU632 do not have a Suction Control Slider to allow you to adjust suction to clean different surfaces.
    Whereas the LA555, LA502 and LA702 have a suction control slider located on the handle
    allows you to adjust the suction depending on your cleaning needs.
    If you are one of those who want to adjust the suction little by little, you may want to consider the LA555, LA502 and LA702.
  • Dust Cup Capacity
    The AZ2002 has a dust cup that holds more than the other models.
  • Odor Neutralizer Technology
    The LA702 and LA555 feature Odor Neutralizer Technology that helps guard against bad odors inside the vacuum for a better smelling home.
    Whereas the others do not have the ordor neutralizer cartridge.

Suction Power
Want one that will get you impressed by the suction power? Try the AZ2002, it has powerful suction.

VacuumShark LA502 Rotator Lift-Away ADV DuoClean PowerFins Zero-M Upright Vacuum CleanerShark LA702 Rotator Pet Lift-Away ADV Upright Vacuum with DuoClean PowerFins HairPro™ and Odor Neutralizer TechnologyShark LA555 Rotator Pet Pro Lift-Away ADV Upright Vacuum with DuoClean PowerFins HairPro™ and Odor Neutralizer TechnologyShark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum CleanerShark ZU632 Rotator Powered Lift-Away with Self-Cleaning Brushroll Upright Vacuum CleanerShark AZ2002 Vertex Powered Lift-Away, DuoClean PowerFins, Self Brushroll Upright Vacuum Cleaner
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Power SourceCordedCordedCordedCordedCordedCorded
Power Specs120V, 60Hz,960W,8A120V, 60Hz,960W,8A120V, 60Hz,960W,8A120V, 60Hz,1150W,9.5A120V, 60Hz,1150W,9.5A120V, 60Hz,1400W,11.8A
Cord Length
(old model has 30-foot cord)
Auto Cord RewindNoNoNoNoNoNo
Suction Control SliderYesYesYesNoNoNo
Pile Height AdjustmentOne Carpet SettingOne Carpet SettingOne Carpet SettingHigh,LowHigh,LowHigh,Low
Fingertip Power ControlNoNoNoYesYesYes
Lift AwayYesYesYesYesYesYes
Powered Lift AwayNoNoNoYesYesYes
Swivel SteeringYesYesYesYesYesYes
Brushroll On/Off ControlNoNoNoYesNoNo
Self Cleaning BrushrollYesYesYesNoYesYes
Led Headlightson the nozzleon the nozzle on the nozzle on nozzle and handleon nozzleon nozzle
Odor Neutralizer TechnologyNoYesYesNoNoNo
Anti-Allergen Complete SealYesYesYesYesYesYes
HEPA FilterYesYesYesYesYesYes
Dust Collection TypeBaglessBaglessBaglessBaglessBaglessBagless
Bin Capacity0.89 dry quarts0.8 dry quarts0.8 dry quarts0.88 dry quarts0.88 dry quarts1 dry quart
Hose Length6-foot1.97-foot1.97-foot6-foot6-foot5.5-foot
AttachmentsCrevice Tool, Pet Multi-Tool, Self-Cleaning Pet Power BrushCrevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, Anti-Allergen Dust Brush Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, Pet Power Brush, and Precision Duster.Upholstery Tool, Pet Power Brush, Crevice Tool
(old model has more tools)
Pet Crevice Tool, Pet Multi-ToolPet Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush,
Self-Cleaning Pet Power Brush
Weight12.3lbs14.35 lbs14.48 lbs15.4lbs16.2 lbs16.38lbs
ColorMetallic GreyWine PurpleGreyBordeauxBlueSilver/Rose Gold
Dimensions(inch)12 x 10 x 46.513 x 12 x 45.5 13 x 12 x 45.5 13.2 x 11.9 x 4515.5 x 12 x 46.212 x 15.09 x 46.25
Warranty5-Year Limited Warranty5-Year Limited Warranty5-Year Limited Warranty5-Year Limited Warranty5-Year Limited Warranty5-Year Limited Warranty

They have some similarities too:

  • Corded and Bagless.
  • Anti-allergen complete seal system with HEPA filter to trap allergen and dust, and expels fresh air.
  • No automatic cord rewind.
  • Swivel Steering for moving around smoothly.
  • Lift away pod allows you to clean high and low areas more conveniently.
  • Come with tools for different cleaning jobs.
  • Carry 5-year limited warranty.

Some questions and answers:

  • Which Shark vacuum is the highest rated?
    You can have a look at the Shark NV360, HV322 and NV752.
  • Which brand is better Shark or Bissell?
    Both have hot selling items, which is better depends on your needs.
  • Are Shark vacuum cleaners made in China?
    Yes. Shark vacuum cleaners at this moment are mainly made in China.
  • Is Bissell a Chinese company?
    No, it is an American company.
  • Why are Shark vacuums so popular?
    This may be because of Shark keep produce various vacuum cleaners that meet customers’ cleaning needs. And they also have good marketing strategy.
  • How long do shark vacuums last?
    It is hard to give an answer. Each vacuum has different build quality. Commonly, if there are no defective parts, they should last for a few years. If it is a cordless one, the battery usually will not have that long lifespan. Battery usually carry one or two year limited warranty.

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