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Miele S2181 Titan Specs and QnA

Miele S2181 Titan Canister Vacuum Cleaner Red
image from manufacturer

Does Miele S2181 Titan come with a HEPA filter?
Yes, it includes the Active HEPA Filter.

What vacuum bag does Miele S2181 use?
It uses the 4.76 quart, Type G/N, AirClean dust bag.

Does it have suction control?
Yes, you can control the suction via the rotary dial, it has 6 different settings.

Does it have motorized brush? If yes, does its beater brush have On/Off switch?
Yes, the powerbrush is motorized, not air driven, and you can shut off the brush.

Does the S2181 have carpet height settings?
There is no manual control, the powerbrush floor tool self adjusts for carpet height.

Does the floor tool have wheels?
The SBB-3 Parquet Floor Brush has 2 rollers and the SEB 217-3 motorized powerbrush tool has

What onboard tools do it come with?
A crevice nozzle, dusting brush, and upholstery tool.

What about its noise level, is it loud?
It has sound insulation layer that ensures it is a quiet vacuum cleaner.

What is it made of?
ABS Plastic

Does the Miele S2181 feature auto cable rewind?
Yes, easily step on the button to rewind the cord fast.

What color does the Miele S2181 Titan comes in?
It is in Mango Red.

What is its weight?
The canister body weighs about 11 pounds.

What are its dimensions?
8.5″ x 11.25″ x 18″ (HxWxL)

Miele S2181 Manual Download Link:

Miele S2181 vs S2180 Titan what is the difference?
Compared their specs and found no difference between them. They have the same 29.5-foot operating radius, feature change bag indicator, 6 variable power settings, include HEPA filter, floor tools: SEB217-3 Electro Comfort brush and SBB-3 Parquet Floor brush, SES116 electric hose, SET220 Electric telescopic wand, crevice nozzle, dusting brush, upholstery tool.

Miele S5211 vs S8310

S8310 Power Plus vs S5211 Power Plus
images from manufacturer

Let’s compare the Miele S5211 Power Plus and S8310 Power Plus below.
Both of these two Miele S5 canister vacuum cleaners come with the standard floor tool SBD 285-3 for cleaning floors, and they both features automatic cord rewind.

Here are some difference between them.

Operating Radius:
The S8310 has a wider operating radius, its operating radius is 11m while the S5211 has a 10m cleaning radius.

Rotary Controls:
The S5211 features rotary dial controls to vary the power levels for cleaning different surfaces while the S8310 does not have the rotary controls.

SUB 20 Universal Brush:
The S5211 comes with a SUB 20 universal brush for dusting while the S8310 does not have.

The S8310 is lighter.
The S8310 weighs 7.1 kg while the S5211 weighs 7.9 kg.

Miele S5211 is in deep black while the S8310 is in obsidian black.

The S8310 is more expensive than the S5211.

If you own these 2 Miele vacuum cleaners and know other difference between them, please share with others by commenting below.

Miele S5211 vs S5261

S5211 Power Plus vs S5261 Cat and Dog
images from manufacturer

Here is the simple comparison info on Miele S5211 Power Plus and S5261 Cat & Dog bagged canister vacuum cleaners.

They have the same dimensions and weight, the S5261 Cat & Dog is designed specifically for pet owners.

Turbobrush and Mini Turbobrush:
The S5261 comes with a air driven Turbobrush for cleaning cut pile carpeting, and a mini turbobrush for removing pet hair and dust from upholstery and carpeted stairs.
The S5211 does not have these tools.

Mattress Nozzle:
The S5261 comes with a Mattress Nozzle for cleaning between the mattress and the beds while the S5211 does not have.

Universal Brush:
The S5211 has a universal brush for dusting places like book shelves while the S5261 does not have this tool.

Floor Tool Cleaning Width:
The main floor tool of S5211 has a cleaning width of 280mm while the S5261 has a cleaning width of 275mm.
The height of the main floor tool of S5211 is 60mm while it is 80mm on S5261.

Included Filter:
The S5211 comes with Air Clean Filter while the S5261 comes with Active Air Clean Filter
You can find the difference between Air Clean Filter and Active Air Clean Filter by reading detail info at Miele’s website
Air Clean Filter:
Active Air Clean Filter:

Miele S5211 Power Plus comes in deep black while the S5261 Cat & Dog is in tayberry red.

The S5261 is more expensive than the S5211.

Miele S5981 Capricorn Specs, QnA

Miele S5981 Capricorn Canister Vacuum Cleaner Purple
image from manufacturer

Where to download the Miele S5981 Manual?
Here is the download link from mieleusa.com:

Miele S5981 Price?
You can find it is $1,099.00 or $1,199.00 at some online stores (prices checked on May 28, 2013). The price difference is because of the optional floor tools.

Does Miele S5981 have a beater brush?
This Miele canister vacuum might come with the Miele SEB 236 Full Size Illuminated Powerbrush or the SEB 217-3 Mid Size Powerbrush. They are electrically driven. The SEB 236 is wider than the SEB 217-3, it is recommended for cleaning medium and thick carpets while the SEB 217-3 is recommended for low cut carpets and low to medium height berbers.

Does it have height adjustment? If yes, is it automatic or manual?
The SEB 236 power brush tool has 5 adjustable height settings.

Does it have suction control function?

Does Miele S5981 have the automatic cord rewind?

Does Miele S5981 have a HEPA filter? If yes, how often should you change the HEPA filter?
Yes, it comes with Active HEPA Filter. The HEPA filter costs about $50, pretty expensive, however, it does a good job capturing tiny particles.
After about 50 hours of use, the filter should be changed. If not replaced, its suction power will drop.
By the way, it has an indicator light that tells you when to replace the HEPA filter.

What accessories does it include?
It comes with a Parquet Twister Floor Brush, Powerbrush, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Upholstery Nozzle, Telescopic Wands, Electric Hose.

Is it safe for hardwood floors?
It has the Parquet Twister floor tool which has a mixture of polyamide and natural hair that makes it gentle for cleaning wooden floors and other hard floors thoroughly.

What bags fits Miele S5981?
This Miele canister vac uses the Type G/N bags.

What is warranty on the S5981?
It carries a 7-Year Warranty on the motor and 1-Year Warranty on parts and labor.

What color does this vacuum come in?
Midnight Purple Pearl Finish

What is max capacity for its dust bag?
4.76 quart.

How heavy is Miele S5981?
About 13.5 lbs.

Is this Miele canister vacuum good on berber carpet?

How wide is its cleaning path?
The SEB 236 powerbrush has a 13 3/8″ wide brush roll, the SEB 217-3 powerbrush has a 10 1/2″ wide brush roll.
The SBB 300 Parquet Floor Tool is 12.5″ wide.

What are the dimensions of S5981?
Height x Width x Length: 8.25″ x 10″ x 19″

Miele S5981 vs S5981, what is the difference?
There is no difference between them. The only difference might be the optional floor tool.

Miele S5281 vs S5211 what’s the difference?

S5211 Ariel vs S5281 Callisto
images from manufacturer

The difference between Miele S5281 Callisto and S5211 Ariel are:

Included Filter:
S5281 comes with Active HEPA Filter
S5211 comes with Air Clean Filter
The HEPA filter does a better job capturing tiny particles.

Floor Tools:
The S5281 comes with SBB300-3 Parquet Twister and Electro Plus (SEB 228) ElectroPlus floor tools.
The SBB300-3 Parquet Twister rotates 180-degrees and is agile when cleaning around obstacles such as chair legs.
Miele claim that the SEB 228 ElectroPlus electrically-driven power head is for vacuuming medium to high pile and plush carpets.
The S5211 comes with the SBD285 Combination carpet/smooth floor tool that is for cleaning bare floors and low-pile carpeting. With the foot switch, you can easily switch between bare floors and carpets.

S5281: SET220 Electric, Stainless steel telescopic wand
S5211: Stainless steel telescopic wand

S5281: SES119 electric hose
S5211: non-electric hose

S5281 is in Deep Black while the S5211 is in Polar Ice.

The S5281 is $350+ more expensive than the S5211 (prices checked on 05-14-2013).

If you know more difference between S5281 and S5211 S5 models, please share your comparison below.