What’s the Best Portable Carpet Cleaner for Stairs, Upholstery, Auto Seat Stains Removal?

When trying to remove spots and stains from carpeted staircase, upholstered furniture, car interior, etc. , one of the most suitable machines to use is a carpet cleaner.
You can use a full size carpet extractor with a hose and a hand attachment to tackle those messes, or use a much smaller and lighter portable one to get the job done.

Generally speaking, a big size carpet washing machine, such as the Bissell Big Green BG10, is much more powerful and suitable for whole room carpet cleaning while the portable lightweight machine is a better option for removing small stains and spots.
Tough some big carpet extractors come with attachments, such as a stair tool and a stain scrubber, to tackle different cleaning jobs, you probably would not like to drag a bulky machine which weighs over 40 pounds to clean the few stains on the sofa, let alone carry the big guy up and down stairs to clean the steps and landing.

If you are are interested in buying a portable spot and stain removal shampooer for rugs, rv interior, upholstered surfaces, you can take a look at the Bissell SpotClean Pro 3624, it is one of the best selling and top rated portable carpet spot removers on the market.

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If you do not like to use a machine, but prefer to clean by hand, you can consider carpet spot remover kits such as the Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover Kit.

About the Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner Machine 3624:

  • This is a 13-pound portable spot and stain cleaner for carpets, area rugs, stairs, upholstery, car interiors, and more.

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  • It is corded, has a 5.7 amps motor and a 20-foot power cable.
  • For removing pet urine, poo, puke and other stains, embedded messes, it features a 5-foot hose, comes with a 6-inch Stair Tool designed specifically for cleaning stairs, a 3-inch Tough Stain Tool for scrubbing and suctioning away the stubborn messes.

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  • And it also includes a trial-size (8-ounce) bottle of detergent to help remove ground-in stains. Its tanks can hold up to 96 ounces.

How to Use the Bissell SpotClean Pro:

  1. Pretreat the soiled spots if needed.
  2. Filled the clean tank with water and formula.
  3. Attach a hand tool to the hose.
  4. Use the hand tool to spray, scrub, and lift away the stains.
  5. Empty tanks and clean tools before storing.


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Some Questions and Answers:

  • Does this SpotClean Pro heat up the water?
    No. It does not have a heater. You fill it with hot water.
  • Does it steam?
    No, it is not a steamer.
  • Can you use it as a dry vacuum?
  • Is it as powerful as a vacuum?
    The suction power is weaker than a vacuum.
  • Does it pick up pet hair?
    It is not a vacuum, and you should vacuum to remove loose dirt from spots to be cleaned before using this machine.
  • Does it have a powered rotating brush?
    The two tools included have stationary brush. And there is no motorized brush tool available for this machine. However, there is optional turbo brush that fits this machine.
  • Can you use it to get rid of stains on car seats?
    Yes. Definitely.

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  • Can you use it to clean couch?

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  • Can you use it with water only to remove stains?
    You will not get good result without adding formula.
  • Do you have to use formula from Bissell?
    Using non Bissell formula will void the warranty.
  • Can you use it to clean an entire loveseat?
    It will take a lot more effort than spot cleaning.
  • Can you leave the clean water in the tank after use if you do not use up the cleaning solution?
    This may cause mold, leakage, even damage the machine. And if you use the remaining solution to clean the next time, it will be at room temperature, you will not get good performance.
  • Can it clean the spots by itself?
    No. You can check out the Bissell SpotBot which has a hands free cleaning mode.
  • Is the hose detachable for cleaning up?
    No. Try to suction up some clean water only to clean it. Or buy the HydroRinse Self Cleaning Tool to clean the hose. The HydroRinse Self Cleaning Tool is designed specifically for cleaning the hose after each use.
  • Does it suction up liquid?

Bissell 3624 SpotClean Pro instructions:



Bissell SpotClean Pro 3624 Specifications

Spot CleanerBissell SpotClean Pro 3624
UsageCarpet,Rug,Auto Interior,Stair,Upholstery Stain Removal
Corded or Cordless Corded
Power Specs5.7 amps
Cord Length20-foot
Retractable CordNo
HoseYes. 5-foot.
Dual TanksYes. Separate dirty and clean water tanks.
Tank Capacity96 ounces
Powered BrushNo
Attachmentsa 6-inch Stair Tool,
a 3-inch Tough Stain Tool
Formulaincludes an 8 oz. trial-size bottle of formula
Weight13.25 lbs
Warranty2-year limited warranty

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