What’s the Difference Between Shark Apex Upright Vacuum AZ1000 vs AZ1000W vs AZ1002?

The Shark APEX Upright Vacuum AZ1000,AZ1000W,AZ1002,AZ1002C,and AZ1002BRN are the vacuum except for the color and included attachments.

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The AZ1000 is in sage, includes a 12″ Crevice Tool and Upholstery Tool.

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The AZ1000W includes a 12″ Crevice Tool and Upholstery Tool.
(And there may be bonus accessories like a MultiFLEX Under Appliance Wand, the bonus accessories may vary from time to time.) This one seems to be only available on Shark official site.
There is also an AZ1000W True Pet upgrade version with more attachments but priced about $120 higher.

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The AZ1002 is in espresso,includes a 12″ Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, and a Pet Power Brush.
This one is available on shopping websites like Amazon.com,Walmart.com,BestBuy.com,kohls.com,etc.
Please note that this AZ1002 NO LONGER comes with the Motorized Pet Tool. The one that is included is the Pet Power Brush which is powered by air. The motorized pet tool must be purchased separately now.


The AZ1002C includes a 12″ Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, and a Pet Power Brush.

from shark az1002c manual

The AZ1002BRN includes a 12″ Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, and a Pet Power Brush.

APEX Upright Vacuum Features and Specifications:
  • DuoClean Technology to clean both hard floors and carpets.
  • Powered Lift-Away allows you to lift the pod and you still can use the powered nozzle,this is convenient for cleaning under furniture, and is also useful for cleaning stairs, above floor cleaning like vacuuming countertops.
  • Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology with HEPA filter to trap most messes,expel clean air.
  • Washable HEPA and foam filters.
  • The Zero-M self-cleaning brushroll reduces the hair wrap problem.
  • Noise Reduction Technology reduces noise level.
  • LED lights on floor nozzle and handle to help clean dark spots.
  • Active-Glide Technology provides smooth maneuverability.
  • 1.5 quart dust cup capacity.
  • 11-inch cleaning path width.
  • 11.3 amps,1350 wattage,120v,60Hz
  • 30-foot cord length.
  • 5.5-foot hose length.
  • Dimensions:11.2×12.2×46 inch (DxWxH).
  • Weighs 17.1 lbs, lift away pod weighs approximately 9 pounds.
  • Carries 5-year limited warranty.

Which is the best one to buy AZ1000,AZ1000W,AZ1002,AZ1002C,or AZ1002BRN?
Because the vacuums have the same functions, just buy the one with the lowest price, or the one with accessories you want. For accessories, you can also buy them separately.


Sometimes they may change the accessory package. So, always contact the seller to make sure what are included before placing an order.

Does the Apex Upright use bags or is it bagless?
It uses dust bin.

Does it have suction control?
There is no separate control to adjust the suction power only. But the 3 different surface settings provides different levels of suction.

Does the Apex upright have a brush on/off switch?
No. There is no way to turn off the rollers and use suction only when using the floor nozzle.
When in Hard Floor mode, the two brushrolls spin slowly.

Does it have cord reel?
No automatic cord retraction.

Can you remove the brush rollers to clean?
The bristle brush is not removable while the soft roller is detachable.

7 thoughts on “What’s the Difference Between Shark Apex Upright Vacuum AZ1000 vs AZ1000W vs AZ1002?

  1. David Ramirez

    The SHARK APEX DuoClean with Zero-M is by far the best vacuum I’ve bought. It does everything with such ease. I love it and would recommend it to everyone. Once you feel the power it has and the smoothest mobility you would tell everyone to buy one.

  2. Jeffry H

    Could you comment on the difference between these models (AZ1000s) and the AZ2002? I believe it is the newer model, but cannot find anything else about it anywhere? Thanks!

  3. Dave

    Please create a soft brush attachment. This could be used to clean cobwebs, etc at the ceilings/walls. This tool could be used to clean stairwells, bannisters, etc.

    1. Bruce W Bura

      if you’re talking about a round dusting brush for use on baseboards and getting in wall corners without scratching the paint i agree, they need a dusting brush. most other manufacturers have an dusting brush as standard equipment with their vacuums.


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