About Carpet Vaccum Cleaner

We all know that carpet vacuum cleaner is a good equipment that can save people a lot of time and effort when cleaning the carpet. But do you know the history of the cleaner?

In 1860, the first hand held carpet cleaner was invented in Chicago.
In the 1900s, Cecil Booth invented the first power operated vacuum cleaner.
Around the same time, an man named James Spangler invented a vacuum cleaner, might be the first Hoover vacuum cleaner, that he sold to his cousin – a woman by the name of Hoover. And yes, the name Hoover became a well known brand name of vacuum cleaner.

At first, vacuum cleaners did not have so many functions as the vacuum cleaners have today, they can just pick up dirt and dust, they are not able to steam carpets or kill germs.

And there were not so many styles, sizes, power sizes before. The previous vacuums do not likes the vacuum on the market today which can be divided into several types: canister, hand held, upright, back pack style, robotic, built in, and the wet/dry vacuums.

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