Bissell DeepClean Premier vs Proheat Pet what’s the difference?

Bissell 89108 vs 47A2

Both Bissell DeepClean Premier 47A2 and Bissell Proheat Pet 89108 are upright carpet cleaners, they cannot be used as a dry vacuum, they just extract the dirty water.
Below we will discuss some similar features and differences between these 2 Bissell carpet cleaning machines.

* Tank Design
Both of them have only one tank. But the clean water and dirty water are kept separate. So, what separates them?
It is the tank in tank design. Inside the tank, there is a bladder to hold the clean water while the collected dirty water stores outside the bladder.

* Bare Floor Cleaning Ability
Though they are designed for cleaning carpets, both of them allow you to attach a bare floor tool to the bottom for use on hard floor surfaces. The bare floor tools sold separately.

* 12 amps


* Brush System
The DeepClean Premier uses 10 Row Dual DirtLifter PowerBrush whereas the Proheat Pet uses 6 Row DirtLifter PowerBrush.

* Heatwave Technology vs Built-in Heater
The DeepClean Premier features Heatwave Technology that helps maintain consistent water temperature while the machine is in use, the heat is generated by the machine motor, it does not have a heater.
Whereas the Proheat Pet has a built-in heater which allows you to turn it on/off, when turned on, it continuously heats hot tap water up to 25 degrees hotter and the water temperature will not hotter than 180 degrees.

* Tank Capacity
The DeepClean Premier equipped with a 25% larger tank than the Proheat Pet.
The tank capacity are 1.25 gallons versus 1.00 gallon.

* Floor / Tool Cleaning Option
The DeepClean Premier is designed with an automatic diverter. To clean with hose and tools, you just lock the machine upright.
Whereas the Proheat Pet has a dial knob that allows you to switch between the cleaning modes.

* Cleaning Water and Solution Mixing
The DeepClean Premier has no separate bottle for storing solution, you have to pour the solultion into the bladder which holds the clean water.
Whereas the Proheat Pet has a separate bottle for holding solution. The clean water and solution are kept separate before cleaning. The machine has a SmartMix feature, it automatically mixes right amount of solution with water according to your setting, there are 3 options you can select from – Heavy Traffic, Normal, or Water Rinse.

* Edge Brushes
The DeepClean Premier has EdgeSweep brushes to help clean along baseboards and edges whereas the Proheat Pet does not feature.

* Surround Suction
The DeepClean Premier has Surround Suction function that provides suction along the sides and front of the nozzle to help extract water and solution on the sides.

* Flow Indicator
The Proheat Pet has a Flow Indicator which is located on the machine base.
“It spins when the trigger is pressed to indicate that the machine is applying cleaning solution to the carpet and will stop spinning when the formula tank or bladder needs to be refilled, or when the trigger is release.”
“It does not spin when spraying through the attachment hose”
While the DeepClean Premier does not have this feature.

* Cord Length
The DeepClean Premier has a cord length of 22-foot versus 25-foot on the Proheat Pet.

* Warranty
The DeepClean Premier carries 3 year warranty versus 1 year warranty on the Proheat Pet.

* Price
The Proheat Pet is about $40 cheaper.
The DeepClean Premier is priced at $199.99 whereas the Proheat Pet is priced at $158.88 at

* Weight
The DeepClean Premier weighs 24 lbs while the Proheat Pet weighs 26 lbs.

If you know other similarities and differences between Bissell DeepClean Premier and Proheat Pet, please share below.

You can also learn more about them by reading the manuals:
DeepClean Premier Carpet Cleaner 47A2 manual download link from official site –

ProHeat Pet Carpet Cleaner 89108 manual download link from official site –

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