Bissell Garage Pro or Hoover Guv which is better for your needs?

There are some differences between Bissell Garage Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum 18P03 and Hoover GUV ProGrade Garage Utility Vacuum L2310 that may affect your buying decision.
We will compare them below and help you buy the right one.
Hoover GUV vs Bissell Garage Pro

Do you need a wet dry vacuum or a dry only vacuum?
Both of them can be wall-mounted to save floor space, they are designed for garage cleaning needs, but they belong to different types.
The Bissell Garage Pro 18P03 can pick up both wet and dry messes whereas the Hoover GUV L2310 is Not a vacuum cleaner for liquids, it is only for vacuum up dry messes.
So, if you need a wet dry vacuum, then you should buy the Bissell Garage Pro.

Need Blower Option? Buy the Bissell.
The Bissell Garage Pro has blower option for keeping your work area free of debris whereas the Hoover GUV cannot be used as a blower.

The Bissell Garage Pro uses 12 amp motor while the Hoover GUV uses a 10 amp motor.

Tank Capacity
The Bissell has a 4 gallon semi-translucent tank whereas the tank on Hoover GUV can hold 5 gallon and it is not translucent.

Full Indicator
The Bissell has LED full tank indicators that let you know when the tank needs emptying. While the Hoover does not have such full tank indicating light.

Hose Length
The Bissell has a 32 ft. power cord whereas the cord on the Hoover is 30 ft. long.

The Bissell Garage Pro carries 2 year limited warranty whereas the Hoover is backed by 3 year limited warranty.

The Hoover is bulkier.
The dimensions of Bissell are 11″ x 11″ x 26″ versus 16″ x 16″ x 39″ on the Hoover.

To learn details, you can download the manuals.
Bissell Garage Pro Manual –
Hoover GUV Manual –

Please share your reviews on BISSELL Garage Pro Wet/Dry Vacuum 18P03 or Hoover GUV ProGrade Garage Utility Vacuum L2310 if you own any of these garage vacuum cleaners.

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