Black & Decker CHV1410L VS CHV1510 what’s the difference?

Black and Decker CHV1510 HandHeld VacuumCHV1510 VS CHV1410LBlack & Decker CHV1410L Lithium-ion HandHeld Vacuum

Here are some difference between Black & Decker CHV1410L and CHV1510:

  • The CHV1510 use the nickel-cadmium battery, while the CHV1410L use lithium-ion battery which charges more quickly and has no “memory effect”.
  • The CHV1510 is 15.6 voltage while the CHV1410L is 14.4 voltage.
  • The CHV1510 has a power rating of 25 air watts, while it is 23 air watts on CHV1410L.
  • The MSRP of CHV1510 is $45 while the MSRP of CHV1410L is $80.
  • The CHV1510 is white gray and gray blue while the CHV1410L is in green/white.
  • The CHV1410L has no wall mount while the CHV1510 comes with one for mounting the unit on a wall.

If you own these two Black & Decker vacuum, please share your experience to help others make a purchase decision.

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