Black & Decker PHV1800CB review – a small cordless hand vacuum for stairs, cars and more

Black & Decker PHV1800CB review:
This is a small cordless hand vacuum for stairs, cars, cabinet, etc. Good for daily small messes cleaning and quick pick ups. If it is hard for you to carry a full size vacuum cleaner around, then this little vac will be helpful. However, it is only a hand vac, not strong enough to clean your whole house.
Black & Decker Cordless Hand Held Vacuum PHV1800CB

Here are the pros and cons of PHV1800CB.


  • Tons of suction power for a cordless vacuum.
  • Good for small cleaning jobs, you can use it to clean mess on stairs, vehicles, underneath furnitures, inside drawers, etc.
  • It is able to clean dust, crumbs, pet hair, debris, cat litter, and other small messes.
  • It has an extension nozzle, does a good job in crevices.
  • The nozzle rotates and can be set at different angles, helps vacuum from various angle and reach limited spaces.
  • Battery life is fine.
  • Dust bin is easy to dump when it is full.


  • It’s loud.
  • It’s a bit heavy for a handheld.
  • It is a mess to empty and clean the filters.
  • Washing the filters may be a hassle.
  • A few customers complained that it lasted less than 1 year.
  • The nose is a little narrow. Thus, more passes will be required to clean a given place.
  • For a hand vac, it is a bit bulky.
  • When you place the vacuum back into the charger, stuff just falls out because there is a hole from the end of the nose to the chamber. You have to empty it to avoid this problem.
  • You have to clean the filter often or it can lower the suction or even cause loss of suction.
  • Sometimes, there are debris and hair that don’t fall out when you dump it out, you have to pull them a bit and tap them out.

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Black & Decker Cordless Hand Vacuum PHV1800CB Features and Details
Model: PHV1800CB
Design: Hand Held
Surface Type: stairs, underneath furniture, cars
Weight: 5.6 lbs
Power Source: Battery Powered
Voltage: 18 V
Air Watts: 35 Watts
Bag Type: Bagless
Bin Capacity: 11.83 ounce
Filters: Dishwasher safe replacement filter PVF100. Should be cleaned regularly and should be replaced every six to nine months.
Three Stage Filtration: prevents dust from escaping into the air, so you get cleaner air exhaust
Color: Multicolored
Accu-Reach nozzle: It can extend to get into tight areas.
10-position Pivoting Nozzle: The nozzle pivots and can be stopped at various positions, this is helpful for cleaning hard to reach spaces.
Cyclonic action: It helps keep the filter clean so the suction power lasts longer.
Tools: Crevice tool, upholstery brush
2-Speed On/Off Switch:: High setting for maximum pickup, low setting for extended run time.
Wall Mountable Charging Base: Can be wall mounted, but it can also fold in half and sit on the charger on a counter or other horizontal surface.
Folds in Half: This feature is good for compact charging and storing.
One Step Empty: The easy to empty system makes the clean up mess-free, you don’t have to touch the dirt.
Dimensions: 17-4/5 x 6-4/5 x 7-2/7 inches
Warranty: 2 Year Warranty
Energy star approved: This vac meets the guidelines of the EPA and U.S. Department of Energy, it is environment friendly.
Black & Decker PHV1800CB Manual: Instruction Manual
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