Carpet Rake for Pet Hair

If you are a pet owner and looking for a carpet rake for pulling up pet hair from rugs and carpets, then you can consider this carpet rake: The Universal Rug Rake.
Carpet Rake for Pet Hair - The Universal Rug Rake
It is a handy tool for picking up the imbedded pet hair from deep in the carpets and at the same time restore the carpet surface. It is light and convenient to use and store.
Cons: The rake head jumps while you using it to pull pet and human hair from rugs and carpet, to resolve this small problem, you need to adjust the angle, or put a little pressure on the rake, this should work.
And there is No foam cushion on the handle.
If you are interested in this rake, you can get detail info, price, and customer reviews at Amazon.

If you don’t like the above one, or you need a rake that is not only for carpets/rugs, but also for hard floors, you can check out the Everholder FURemover Broom. It has soft rubber bristles that are able to pull pet hair, dirt, and lint from multiple surfaces such as carpets, tile floor, and upholstery. And it can also be used to clean windows, wet or dry surfaces.

You have to press hard to remove pet hair.
It is not that effective on carpets.
The handle is not sturdy when extended, neither is the head.

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